• Can Can Wonderland

    Can Can Wonderland There’s an amazing and unique spot in St Paul, MN called Can Can Wonderland. It’s not a store front or easy to see from the road. In fact you have to go downstairs and through some hallways, but it’s totally worth it. What is Can Can Wonderland? It’s a wonderland of food and fun! There’s a mini… Read More

    Can Can Wonderland
  • Aquarium of the Bay

    Aquarium of the Bay I really enjoyed our trip to San Francisco with my sister. We had a great time hanging out at Pier 39. There was so much to do including the Aquarium of the Bay. As an institution of Bay Ecotarium, Aquarium of the Bay’s mission is to protect, restore, and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and… Read More

    Aquarium of the Bay
  • Crowne Plaza Aire in Minneapolis

      Crowne Plaza Aire in Minneapolis I do a lot of traveling – which I love. I love seeing and visiting new places and new countries.  However, the closest major airport to me is a little trip too. The Minneapolis airport is about 1.5 hours away.  That’s not a huge deal, but can be if I leave super early or… Read More

    Crowne Plaza Aire in Minneapolis
  • Oh Doughnuts

    Oh Doughnuts While I was in Winnipeg the locals asked me if I had visited Oh Doughnuts yet. The staff at the hotel brought up Oh Doughnuts as well as people from the tourism office. If all the locals were talking about it I knew I needed to check it out. Oh Doughnuts is a small doughnut shop in Winnipeg. … Read More

    Oh Doughnuts
  • PGI – Pyrotechnics Guild International

    PGI – Pyrotechnics Guild International Every four years Mason City, IA hosts the PGI (Pyrotechnics Guild International) Convention.  People come from all of the world.  They learn about pyrotechnics and even make fireworks. They open it up a few times a week for the public to come and watch the firework displays so my husband and I decided to check… Read More

    PGI – Pyrotechnics Guild International


Aquarium of the Bay


Can Can Wonderland


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