1. I desparately want to win a Kohl’s gift card so that I can buy clothes that FIT!! I know, sounds silly, but I had 2 kids in 3 years, and have lost all baby weight and then some, and I am SWIMMING in my clothes! Not only that, but Christmas is right around the corner, and could use (and most likely will) the money for christmas gifts as well.

  2. I’ve 8 beautiful grandchildren to buy birthday & Christmas for. I’d love the Kohl’s Gift Card from Kohl’s has great clothing and other items at decent prices with good quality.

  3. Just lost 10lbs would love to get some new clothes that fit. Spent all my money on BTS plus XMas is around the corner not really in the cards for new clothes.

  4. I want to win a Kohls card because my neighbors husband lost his job and they have 4 kids in school and 2 of them in college so I know that clothing is a need right now.

  5. I have never been to the store but I always see the ads and I would love to go shopping there

  6. I would love to add some basics to my wardrobe. My kids have an abundance of clothes but i never buy myself anything because then i feel guilty.

  7. A Kohl’s gift card would always come in handy. With three boys, we can always find some clothes or shoes or something that we need.

  8. I desperately need new clothes! Mine are falling apart and I’m too cheap to buy new clothes lol. Plus I”m a busy mom of 4 kids and don’t have time.

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