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22 Writers speak about Addiction and Dependency. © 2012 By
Diana M. Raab
and James Brown. $19.95 on Amazon

Author Diana M. Raab edited
Writers on the
“, a collaboration of many short stories, essays, and poems
about people written by well-known published writers and their struggles
with addiction.

Victoria Patterson’s article called “Sweet Rolls and Vodka” is
about one young woman’s struggle with alcohol addiction.  Victoria
shares a story we all can relate to. Chemical dependency and the after,
effect to love ones.

Sometimes you grocery shop for him. “Sweet Rolls and Vodka he says”
when you ask what he needs.

Witnessing a loved one with a sweet tooth for alcohol is wounding.
You have to deal with awkward, uncontrollable behavior and the unwanted,
lingering smells.

The stories shared in
Writers on the
” give an insight to the path of obsessive, compulsive and
self-destructive behavior, due to addiction and dependency. It can be
heartbreaking but, the authentic reality is shared. The courageous
writers who share their addiction are a work in progress, struggling to
understand the ugly truth about addiction and give you a glimpse into
their world.

The book starts with “Under the Influence” a real life story that we all
can relate to. Sometimes finding the root of a problem helps with
understanding. How did I get here? Why am I here? When we find
understanding we begin the road to recovery.

If you are a people person and enjoy self-help books I would highly
recommend it.

Remember, you have to want help to receive help.
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“. Avaliable:  printed books or ebooks in
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