Cinderella Movie Review



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Cinderella Movie Review

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Okay. So I have a confession. I am an unapologetic Disney fangirl. I always have been. I was 100% your typical Disney princess loving girl growing up…except I didn’t like Cinderella. I LOVED every other princess. Ariel has a tail and could sing her head off. I spent the entire summer in the swimming pool after seeing that movie. Belle loved to read and looked a lot like me, so naturally I gravitated toward her. Plus I thought the beast was kind of cute, and my dad liked to watch it with me and would sing along. Mulan kicked butt and made me join karate (I quit like three weeks in, but it’s the thought that counts…). Jasmine wore the coolest outfits and had a pet tiger, I mean COME ON. And Pocahontas ran around bare foot all the time (maybe that’s where I got the idea from).

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But Cinderella, in the humble opinion of my 5-year-old self was just kind of, well, eh.  Nothing special, a little boring, I always fell asleep half way through. I remember watching the straight to VHS sequel a few times, because I found that one way more exciting than the original. But nothing really ever swayed me, I wasn’t a fan. This movie changed my entire perspective on Cinderella, and I now appreciate and have come to love her in a whole new way.


“Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic”

That quote embodies the story behind this retelling of the classic. There is a real positive and uplifting message sewn into every crack and crevice of this story. From start to finish. Cinderella becomes so much more than a pretty girl in a sparkling dress, and her prince finally have some…brains to him. The characters in this adaption are SO much more filled out than ever before. I actually cried when Cinderella’s mom died, and then again when her father passes. I think this speaks to the nature of the way they were portrayed. More people, less placeholders so the story could move on without them.  This is a movie lover’s movie, filled with dazzling costumes, sets, and actors to match. I can only imagine that Disney himself would have been exceedingly proud of this film.


            Lets talk costumes quick, because I totally need to geek out about them. I want to marry whoever worked on the team for this movie, or at least have them around when I get married. Every-single-outfit was jaw dropping. Stepmother? Sinister and full of harsh edges, colors, designs. Stepsisters? Off the wall, just one step too far from cute to actually be cute, hurt your eyes a little bit bold. And our lovely Cinderella? Soft, elegant, and absolutely classic. I read that the ballgown used over 200 yards of fabric, and 10,000 Swarovski crystals. That’s insane, the dress did not disappoint. There was not a single button missing from these garments.


            The story line stay pretty close to the original, like I mentioned though, with the added screen time the filmmakers were able to flesh out the bits that were usually left untouched. It gives you a chance to feel a real connection with her mother and father, and yes, even her ugly stepmother and sisters. It still keeps it light heartedness, while managing to feel more realistic than previous adaptions (Or as realistic as Disney Princess can be). Also this Prince is a million times better than the original. A MILLION TIMES. He’s handsome, he’s kind, and he has actual feelings and intentions rather than just acting on a weird impulse. I liked, no, I loved him. I love the whole cast to be honest, and I think you will too.


            Like I mentioned before, this Cinderella has a real meaning to it than I felt the original animated feature greatly lacked. And the best part? It didn’t feel forced or fake at any point. Was this just killer screenplay writing? A great director? Actors and actress who really knew what they were doing? Honestly I have no idea. But all the elements really come together to create cohesive vision, and story, that young girls can really look up to. There’s something so simple and beautiful, that I can’t seem to put my finger on. Whatever it is, it really works. Take your kids, take your spouse, take your next-door neighbors nieces if you must. It’s worth it, I promise

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Bottle Pets Review



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Bottle Pets Review


Leo the Bottle Pet Lion

Leo is the name my kids have given to our new Bottle Pet. He is cute, soft, and cuddly! The material is amazingly soft and comforting to little ones learning to hold their bottle. It actually invites them to hold the bottle earlier because of the softness and the arms of the Bottle Pets give them something easier to hold on to instead of a slippery bottle.


When our little guy wasn’t using Leo as a bottle holder my older kids also loved using our Bottle Pet as a puppet to entertain and interact with him.

Our bottle pet works better with the 8 to 10 oz bottles rather than the 4 to 6oz bottles. The bigger bottles were able to stand on their own while the smaller ones had to be laid on their sides risking the bottle leaking. The bottle pet also had to be taken off and on instead of sliding easily into the bottle holder of our diaper bag, but that was easily overlooked as it was easy and quick to simply slide the bottles in and out of the wide insert of the bottle pet.


I love that I can easily throw it into the washing machine for easy cleaning and it’s ready to be used once again. The bottle pet is a cute and creative solution to adding comfort to feeding our little one! I picked the lion bottle pet because I loved the inscription Jesus Loves Me on its back. Something I really want my son to know.

Right now, they’re offering all our readers 10% off their purchase! Just use coupon code dh10 at checkout!

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Monroe and Main Stunning Spring Fashions! #MMSpring



*This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.

Monroe and Main

Stunning Spring Fashions! #MMSpring

I love Spring – the warmer temps, flowers and sunshine.  While the first day of spring begins March 20th here in north Iowa it sometimes waits a little longer to thaw out and we begin with a more “white” spring than most.  That’s okay though with me. In fact I’m already starting my spring collection with some fun clothes I found over at Monroe and Main.


This outfit is so fun! I paired the Jenna Embroidered Tunic with the Lola Stretch Slim Jeans.  I know I’ve seen a lot of white the last few months but I’ve been wearing lots of dark clothes. These white jeans feel and look fresh and they’re very comfortable.


I’m able to run and jump with ease. The tunic is also very comfortable and I love that it can be worn as a casual outfit or dressed up depending on what you pair with it.


My husband told me I looked hot and that confirmed it – this is my new favorite outfit! Monroe Main have so many styles to choose from and they have a HUGE selection.  In celebration I’ve teamed up with them to give away a Stunning Spring prize package! But wait, there’s more! (I totally said that in a TV salesperson voice) There are 26 other bloggers giving away the same prize package. That means there will be 27 winners! You can enter on the rafflecopter below than tour the linky below that and see the other bloggers’ spring fashions and enter to win their prize pack!

$110 Prize Package Giveaway:


*Open to the US only. Ends March 2nd, 2015 at 11:59pm ET.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway ends March 2nd at 11:59 PM EST. No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received Open to US, 18+ only. Confirmed Winner(s) (by will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

I Forgive You helps teach Kids Forgiveness



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I Forgive You helps teach Kids Forgiveness


Oh how we love the I Forgive You book by Nicole Lataif. Nicole does such an amazing job with explaining big important concepts in a way that a child can understand.


Forgiveness is often times a concept that children don’t get-its more or less words they are told to say. Its not always easy to explain everything and so much easier to say ‘because I said so’! So I loved getting to sit down with my daughter, reading the book and talking about real forgiveness!


The pictures in the story really brought her words to life! Please don’t stop coming out with children’s books Nicole!! Can’t wait to see what is next!

Written by award-winning author, Nicole Lataif, and illustrated by whimsical artist, Katy Betz. Published by:Pauline Books and Media.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” –Ephesians 4:32

I Forgive You teaches children that

  • we do a lot of things right, but when we don’t, God forgives us every time;
  • we are called to forgive others as God forgives us;
  • forgiveness is a process that may take time and include consequences;
  • true friendship has forgiveness;
  • holding grudges and feeding anger hurts us most;
  • choosing forgiveness brings us peace.

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Project Almanac Movie Review



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Project Almanac Movie Review


This past week I was invited to see an early screening of the new upcoming teen time traveling thriller, Project Almanac. Going in I didn’t have much prior knowledge about the film, or very big expectations for that matter. I figured it was just going to be another teen-gimmick movie, and in some respects it was. But what caught my attention was the fact that it was what I WISHED every “found footage” movie was like. It did so many things right, which balanced out a few elements that felt over done.

The film is shot as though the characters themselves are filming it. Was it over played at some points? Yes. Would it have been beneficial to have a nice steady cam going during some of the scenes? Of course. But unlike other movies that have attempted to add this feature, Project Almanac succeeds in not letting it deter you away from the actual story.

The characters are oddly likable. You have the “popular girl” and the “science nerds” but their actions and characteristics are far more grounded in reality than other films aimed at the adolescent age group. I genuinely connected and enjoyed watching them deal with their discoveries.

If you’ve ever heard or seen the movie Chronicle, and been disappointed, I suggest you give this film a try. I think this film accomplishes what other movies have tried so very hard to do. It’s everything you wanted Chronicle to be, and more. Project Almanac is a throughly entertaining, funny, and thought provoking film that you HAVE to see before passing judgement.

EmmyLou Sig

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Wyman’s – The Benefits of Fruit Made Easy



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Wyman’s – The Benefits of Fruit Made Easy!


I love fresh fruit, but unfortunately not all fruits are in season when I’m craving them.  I’ve learned that frozen fruit is fantastic to keep on hand to satisfy my fruit cravings.  I recently tried Wyman’s of Maine.

Wyman’s of Maine brings you the finest quality fruit from our own fields and from family farms around the world. Our premium fruit is fresh frozen at harvest—when flavor and healthy goodness are at their peak—making it easy to enjoy the benefits of fruit every day.

All natural, with no sugar added, Wyman’s frozen fruit is just as nutritious as fresh and is convenient to use, right out of the bag. Simply fantastic!


The Mixed Berry is my favorite.  I often eat a bowl of these mixed berries as a sweet treat after dinner.  They’re great to use in baking too!

My favorite way to prepare the fruit is by preparing a bowl of healthy berry ice cream!

  • 1 – 2 cups of frozen mixed berries
  • 2 – 3 Tbl of heavy cream
  • ½ tsp of Truvia or sweetener
  • A teeny drizzle of organic vanilla

1. In a small container, put in your cream, Truvia and vanilla. Stir and let the flavors meld for a few minutes.

2. Put the mixed berries in a bowl and drizzle with cream mixture.

3. Enjoy!

They have several varieties such as Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, Red Raspberries, Mango Chunks, Mixed Berries (Wild Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries), Triple Berry Blend (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries), Blueberries, Strawberries, and Mango Chunks.

Six good reasons to fill your freezer with Wyman’s:

  1. Superior fruit: Picked at the peak of flavor and healthy goodness
  2. Nutritional value: Fresh-frozen at harvest and just as nutritious as fresh
  3. Convenience: Quick and easy to use in your favorite recipes
  4. Year-round availability: Delicious, colorful variety that’s always in season
  5. Easy, resealable bags: Use only what you need
  6. Long-lasting quality: An excellent value for your dollar!

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The Paisley Hanger – My Favorite Online Boutique



Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.00.16 PM

The Paisley Hanger

My Favorite Online Boutique


In college I had my favorite mall stores I used to love to shop in with my friends.  We always wanted to look cute and stay in style.  Now that I’m in my mid 30’s I still want to be in style, but my tastes have changed.  I can’t wear the same “cute clothes” that I used to and I’m not really ready to wear some of the older styles. I want clothes that are age appropriate but I still feel good and look good when I’m wearing them.


I was so excited to find the Paisley Hanger online!  It is an online boutique that has tops, dresses, skirts, accessories, and more!  I love that the clothes are cute (cute for a woman in her 30’s) and modest.  I also love the selection. They’re all very hip and in style.


I was visiting my family in Florida from Iowa this past Christmas and my sister was a little chilly. It was in the 70’s and she was cold, but I digress. Since I was in short sleeves and rather warm I offered her one of my jackets I brought down with me.


She immediately chose my Jade Accent Cardigan.  I had to ask for it back before I left too. It’s super comfy and has a great slimming effect.


I think the reason this boutique has such a great selection is the woman behind the boutique – Mandee.

I have always had a passion for fun, fashionable, trendy and affordable quality women’s clothing. As a mother, I think it goes without saying that we put our children first and ourselves last. Buying the “essentials” such as ball gloves, soccer cleats, LEGO’s, and everything else needed to raise 5 growing boys, I sometimes feel guilty when I look to purchase for myself (I am sure you mom’s can relate). And when I do take some mom time to go on a shopping adventure, I feel even more guilty when I look at the price tags on cute clothing.

So, to make a long story short, I came home one day and told my husband that I wanted to start an online store offering stylish women’s clothing without the price tags often found in box stores.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.29.54 PM

I love the selection and I love the prices even more. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!

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Paddington Comes to the Big Screen – Movie Review



Paddington Comes to the Big Screen - Movie Review #movieReview #movie #review #entertainment #movie #paddington

Paddington Comes to the Big Screen

Movie Review

paddington-poster-final-Paddington Comes to the Big Screen - Movie Review #movieReview #movie #review #entertainment #movie #paddington

Paddington, the beloved children’s tale of a bear who finds a home with the Brown family, has received quite the update. The film which was adapted from the original books first published in 1958, hits screen today in true Paddington style. This adaptation brings all the same mischief that you remember to today’s children in a beautiful and entertaining story. 

Paddington Comes to the Big Screen - Movie Review #movieReview #movie #review #entertainment #movie #paddington

EmmyLou, age 5

Now I have loved Paddington since I was a little kid. It’s one of the first books I remember my mom reading to me. So you can imagine that I had pretty high standards to compete with going in. The mere thought of the movie not giving homage to my favorite bear was terrifying. Parents need not fear though, this movie not only does a fantastic job of portraying Paddington, but also adds humor for all ages. 

I can’t speak for children, as I am 17 years old…but I really think that kids will like this movie. The excitement in the theater was tangible as the kids in the seats next to me clutched their plush Paddington’s for dear life. The parents (and my mom who I took with me to the showing) seemed to enjoy it just as much as their children! I love when a children’s movie, like this one, speaks to all ages. 

The characters are what really flesh this movie out. Younger children will be watching for Paddington. Older kids and pre-teens will relate to Judy Brown, who as described by Paddington, suffers from a severe case of embarrassment. And parents will be able to have a laugh as they watch Mr. & Mrs. Brown scramble to figure out what to do with the mischievous house guest.  

All in all this movie is a faithful adaption of the books that everyone loved so much as kids. Heart warming and entertaining, Paddington is a film for the whole family. 

EmmyLou Sig Paddington Comes to the Big Screen - Movie Review #movieReview #movie #review #entertainment #movie #paddington

Official Website:

Synopsis: From the beloved novels by Michael Bond and producer David Heyman (HARRY POTTER), PADDINGTON tells the story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw) who travels to the city in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined – until he meets the kindly Brown family who read the label around his neck that says “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” and offer him a temporary haven. It looks as though his luck has changed until this rarest of bears catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.

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Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App



generic compensation disclosure Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

Point. Shoot. Savor.

with the QuickFlics App

Point shoot savor, vertical Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free


I remember being in Kindergarten and performing in musical programs where we would invite our parents and grandparents to watch.  Back in the day if they wanted a “forever memory” they would record our performance to VHS and that meant lugging one back with the recorder and also hauling the video camera. It was huge and very heavy.  Thankfully those days are long behind us.

Printad2 Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

Now, I can use my smart phone or tablet to record the munchkins and other memorable moments. I’m able to post them to my social media accounts and play them on my computer. Sometimes though it’s nice to be able to pop in a DVD and watch it on your TV.

Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

That is where the QuickFlics App comes in.

Your memories delivered.

QuickFlics is an app that gives you the most affordable way to get your photos and videos quickly and easily from your phone or tablet to your door!

Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

I just love this! You can take your videos from your phone or tablet and have them converted to a DVD.  You can watch them together and send the movies off to family and friends.  The process is so easy as well and you can do it all from your device.

Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

Right now all my readers can get their first DVD *FREE*! That’s right, all you have to do is use the code DonnaQF when you download the app. You will get your dvd free and only pay the $3.99 shipping!

Point. Shoot. Savor. with the QuickFlics App #review #photos #Free

Even after the free DVD the cost is less than it is to get locally.  PLUS you have the bonus of doing it all from your phone.

Get QuickFlics in the App Store

Get QuickFlics in the Google Play Store

Don’t forget to use code DonnaQF when you download the app to take advantage of getting your FREE DVD!

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Visiting Paso Robles, CA



press trip disclaimer Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review

Visiting Paso Robles, CA

Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review

How is the weather where you are?  Even though the calendar says it’s still fall it looks more like winter outside my window.  The temperatures feel more like winter too.  That’s why I was happy to get a way to Paso Robles, CA.

Paso Robles Button Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review

Paso Robles is on the central coast of California and it’s beautiful!  The temperatures were in the 6o’s and 70’s during the day and dropped to about the 50’s at night. The landscape was breathtaking.  You can drive up and down Highway 101 through the mountains overlooking the coast.

Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review

There are also wineries as far as the eye can see.  Most all of them have tasting rooms where you can sample their multiple varieties.

Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review

One of the wineries that I spent a bit of time at was Wild Horse Winery.  They have a vast variety of wine.  Two of my favorites were the Verdelho and the Malbec.

Wine Profiles & Tasting Notes

2012 Wild Horse Verdelho Paso Robles

This is an extremely tasty wine with aromas of lemon, melon, peach, and apricot. Slightly off dry, the mouthfeel is full and intense but also light at the same time. Hard to explain so you’ll have to partake. With a lot to gain from tasting this wine, enjoy as an aperitif or with a light meal such as Caesar salad or a rustic cheese plate.

2011 Wild Horse Unbridled Malbec Pine Creek Vineyard Monterey County

Bright and boasting with aromas of blackberry, boysenberry, and clove followed by a medium bodied, well-balanced, and extremely tasty mouth feel. This wine will pair well with sticky barbecued beef ribs, carne asada tacos, and pasta with spicy marinara. Drink now until 2018.
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
The property is beautiful and the wine maker, Chrissy Wittmann, is extremely knowledgeable.  I had the opportunity to talk with and listen to her about the whole wine making process.  She also paired some excellent choices with some of the meals I ate.  I hear wine suggestions all the time but when you combine a knowledgeable chef with a knowledgable wine maker it makes a huge difference.
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
A perfect example of pairings was found at Thomas Hill Organics.  This beautiful salad was my favorite (all the courses were excellent).  Pairing the salad with the Pinot Grigio really enhanced the medley of flavors.
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
The dessert was so decadent and beautiful. At first I didn’t want to eat because of how beautifully displayed it was.  That thought was only temporary – I totally ate it and it was delicious!
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
Not only was I able to experience great food and wine, but I had some other fun activities. I was able to feed llamas at the Wild Horse Winery.  They love apples and they’re full of personality.
Visiting Paso Robles, CA #Travel #winecountry #PasoRobles #California #wine #foodie #review
I also went horseback riding with the Madonna Inn.  I took the 1 hour trail ride that overlooked the city of San Luis Obispo.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.

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Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander



Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander


Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

For me, the holidays are all about family.  We skipped the white Christmas this year and headed to South FL to spend the time with my family.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

We had an amazing trip and made lots of wonderful memories. One of our favorite memories was driving around in the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

For starters, it’s a great looking vehicle. I love the style and the inside was also very comfortable.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

I loved the push button start and the way the car handled. The back up camera was very useful as well.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

The trunk space was amazing! It was one of my many favorite features. All the back seats fold down for maximum space.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

I love all the seating! There is the standard back seat that can hold 3 and there are two additional seats that fold up in the back area. Kelsey and Lily actually preferred to ride in the back.  It has child safety locks and windows that we used.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

The automatic tailgate made it very easy to load.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

I love the you can connect your phone. The car also has voice command which was very cool.

Enjoy the Ride with the Mitsubishi Outlander  #DriveMitsubishi #car #review #carreview #mitsubishi

We loved the car and the memories we were able to create in it!


Combining great looks, remarkable fuel efficiency and lots of standard features, calling this crossover SUV a “base” model is a bit misleading.

  • 166-hp, 2.4-liter MIVEC 4-cylinder engine

  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

  • Front-wheel Drive

  • FUSE handsfree Link System w/USB Port

  • Leather Wrapped steering wheel and shift knob

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Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe #RealisticResolution



gorton's disclosure Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway


Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

Can you believe that it’s already 2015? Every year as January rolls around I tend to think about resolutions. I don’t always make them because I usually don’t stick to them but I tend to try to get in shape, eat better, become more organized – you know, the usual.  The eating better actually started about 3 or 4 months ago and I’ve been rather successful. It’s always nice to find new healthy recipes that taste good.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

With lean protein and natural omega-3, experts recommend eating seafood at least twice a week! Eating seafood at least twice a week can aid brain development, promote heart health, help fight obesity and improve your overall health.

My husband loves salmon so I was looking for a great and healthy recipe. I purchased Gorton’s Classic Grilled Salmon.  I also found a great recipe in the SparkPeople Cookbook.  I worked in a pharmacy all through college and one of the pharmacist’s wife would bring in the best Indian Curry. I loved working his shifts because I knew I’d be fed well.  When I saw the recipe for Vegetable Curry I knew I had to try it.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

You start by sautéing carrots and onions.  Then you add garlic, curry powder, cayenne, and turmeric until it smells fragrant.  It smells so good. Then you transfer it to a crockpot.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

You add potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, chickpeas, and vegetable stock. Let it cook in the slow cooker for 6 hours on low.

During the last 15 minutes, add the peas and coconut milk.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

That is when I cooked the salmon and brown rice. I love Gorton’s fresh packs.  You can bake the fish right in the pack.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

When it’s done baking, you cut the pack and serve! It’s that easy.

Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

The results were delicious! The cookbook had a lot of delicious recipes.

Right now you can participate in the 30-Day Realistic Resolution Challenge on or using the SparkPeople app (available on iTunes Store or Google Play). Start today on your realistic resolution!

Gorton's Blogger Giveaway Baked Salmon with Vegetable Curry Recipe + Giveaway  #RealisticResolution #coupon #review

You can also grab a coupon for $0.75 off Gorton’s fish and while you’re at it, enter to win the Gorton’s Eat Smarter Sweepstakes!

5.0 from 1 reviews
Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry
  • 1 tbsp canola
  • 4 medium carrots (about 2 cups), sliced ¼ in thick
  • 1 onion, thinly sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp curry powder
  • ½ tsp cayeen
  • ½ tsp turmeric
  • 4 to 5 Yukon Gold or red potatoes, quartered
  • 8 oz fresh or frozen green beans
  • 3 cups canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 2 large tomatoes, diced (1 cup)
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • ½ cup frozen peas
  • ½ cup light coconut milk
  1. In a saute pan, heat the oil until moderately hot. Add the carrots and onion and saute for 2 to 4 minutes. Add the garlic, curry powder, cayenne, and turmeric to the pan. Continue to cook for 2 minutes more or until the spices become fragrant.
  2. Remove the vegetables from the pan and transwer to a slow cooker. Add the potatoes, green beans, chickpeas, tomatoes, and vegetable stock to the slow cooker.
  3. Set the slow cooker on low and cook for 5 and a ½ hours. Add the peas and coconut milk and cook for 15 minutes more.

I’m also giving one lucky reader a Gorton’s prize package valued at $75! All you have to do is enter on the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Prize pack includes:

  • Two (2) full-value product coupons
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Smooth Skin with Anavita



anavita disclosure 

Smooth Skin with Anavita

anavita Smooth Skin with Anavita #review

Say Goodbye To Wrinkled, Sagging, Dry Skin In Just A Few Short Weeks!

You can have more beautiful, smoother skin in just 2 to 4 weeks and see continuing improvement for 12 weeks (sometimes even sooner).  You will quickly reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, firming and replenishing your skin to look noticeably younger, without needing expensive procedures like Botox or dermal fillers.

Smooth Skin with Anavita #review Smooth Skin with Anavita #review

I thought who best to try this product on but my own mother. Even in her silver years she has beautiful skin, but we all know a girl could never never turn down a chance for potential improvement! As the instructions indicated, I asked her to use this skin cream day and night to her face and neck for about four weeks, before we determined its effectiveness. Two weeks into the trial, I checked in for her feedback. She noted that she did not see any noticeable differences. Before shots are above and after shots are shown below. That being said, she did indicate the cream was light and moisturizing and had a nice, light scent.

Smooth Skin with Anavita #review Smooth Skin with Anavita #review


After the conclusion of the four weeks, although she did not report feeling a noticeable difference, I did notice a firmer appearance. In addition, the cream did serve well as a daily moisturizer and there were no negative side effects as a result of using the cream. I would recommend Anavita as an everyday, higher-end moisturizer and with time, the user may indeed reap the anti-wrinkle benefit offered by this cream.

Joycy Sig Smooth Skin with Anavita #review

Simply massage on Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream after washing your skin in the morning and again at night.

Will It Work On My Skin Type?

Anavita’s non-irritating cream is well-suited for all skin types with a tested history of safe and gentle action by a long list of satisfied users. It is recommended for normal, dry, oily, and sensitive skin.

Your Single-Bottle Solution To Combat The Signs Of Aging

You no longer have to buy a collection of products to fight the signs of aging since Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream serves as a moisturizer, day cream, night cream, and makeup base.

Their unique formula stimulates collagen production and rebuilds the cellular matrix of the skin using three clinically proven ingredients – a super-absorbent form of hyaluronic acid, Argireline (5%), and Matrixyl – a combination that makes this anti-wrinkle cream for face and neck extraordinarily effective.

Your skin will benefit and look years younger from our high quality ingredients that are paraben free and not tested on animals. You will have smooth, toned, attractive skin again.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Their top priority is to provide you with 100% satisfaction, and nothing is more important for our company than giving you a positive experience. We welcome any questions you may have about our products.

As a company based in Tennessee, USA, we take great pride in our skin cream. The Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream is manufactured for us in Canada under strict Canadian cosmetic manufacturing guidelines.

You want to look your best, and we want to help you achieve that with a great product for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Get $5 Off Wrinkle Cream Normally $29.95 – Amazon coupon code: USFG5OFF

Apply coupon code at checkout for $5 off Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream normally $29.95. Free shipping for prime members.

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Azazie – For all Your Dress Needs



Azazie Disclosure Azazie - For all Your Dress Needs #review


Azazie – For all Your Dress Needs


Azazie - For all Your Dress Needs #review

Every girl needs a really good dress. I have found, especially as I get a little bit older, that having a good dress is a necessity for me. I never know when there will be a semi formal or formal event or wedding that I’ll need to attend and I love having a go to dress. By good dress I mean one that fits and compliments my figure.  I just love the selection over at Azazie.

Azazie is on a mission reinvent the way you shop for special occasion dresses. We believe that everyone should own custom-made pieces that are of the highest quality and tailored for a perfect fit – all the while being affordable. Our unique platform matches your needs to the skilled craftsmanship of a small group of artisan tailors and ships that one-of-a-kind dress right to your door.

I chose the Azazie Rylee Bridesmaid Dress in the color “pool”.  It’s a beautiful dress and very flattering.

Style Rylee by Azazie is a knee-length A-line/princess bridesmaid dress in a gorgeous chiffon. The attractive dress features a halter neckline and zipper up back style. A playful bow detail on the dress makes it feminine, flirty and sweet. Azazie’s Rylee style comes in sizes 2-26W.

Azazie - For all Your Dress Needs #review

One of my favorite features of shopping on their site is the fact that I can choose the color and actually see the dress in that color before making my decision.

Azazie - For all Your Dress Needs #review

The dresses do not run true to US sizes. I would highly recommend following their size chart no matter how much different their size is to what you normally wear.

I am thrilled with the quality of the dress. This site is perfect for bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and a fantastic place to find your “go to” dress. You can also find bridal gowns and accessories on the site.

Connect with them:

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Into the Woods Movie Review



into the woods disclaimer Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review

Into the Woods Movie Review

Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review

I had the chance to see Into The Woods at an advanced screening last week, and let me tell you, it blew me away. I’ve never seen the stage production, so I was going in as a blank slate.
The film opens up with a introductory song that turned out to be one of my favorites. It really allows the viewers to see each of the characters that the film follows and understand what each secretly wishes for.
Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review
From the moment this movie began I was hooked on the visuals. Every little detail is taken care of, the costumes are spectacular, the sets are spot on, and in its entirety the film creates a very enchanted, whimsical, and slightly haunting sight to behold.
Besides being beautiful to look at, the movie is comprised of a great cast. Who doesn’t love Meryl Streep? The answer is no one, because she is the be all, end all, of this film. Her portrayal of the witch ties everything together so well. The entire cast really give Into The Woods a lot of livelihood and color.
into the woods Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review
They deliver killer vocals through out, some of my favorites include On The Steps of The Place (Anna Kendrick’s belt at the end gave me chills), Agony (These princes will kill you with humor), and of course No One is Alone. Seriously, if you weren’t into musicals before, after this movie you will be.
The pacing of the film is really good, and it never leaves you checking your watch to see how long must be left. Without giving away too much I will say that there is one point where I definitely thought the movie was over…until suddenly it wasn’t. There was entirely new plot to be figured out, which is a bit disorienting at first but not unpleasant.
into the woods Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review
Overall this film is fantastic, I went into it with pretty high hopes that were endlessly met. While this film is rated PG I do believe it is probably geared towards an older audience, which is refreshing coming from Disney. Beautiful, haunting, and humorous; Into the Woods is a clever reimagining of the fairytales you thought you knew.
emmylou sig Into the Woods Movie Review #IntoTheWoods #MovieReview #movies #entertainment #review

Into the Woods – Trailer

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INTO THE WOODS is rated PG and opens in theaters everywhere on December 25th!



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Genre:                                      Musical drama

U.S. Release Date:                    December 25, 2014

Rating:                                      PG

Running time:                            125 minutes

Cast:                                        Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine,

                                                Daniel Huttlestone, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Lilla Crawford

                                                and Johnny Depp.

      Billy Magnussen, MacKenzie Mauzy,Tammy Blanchard, Lucy Punch

Director:                                   Rob Marshall

Producers:                                John DeLuca, Rob Marshall, Marc Platt, Callum McDougall

Screenplay by:                          James Lapine

Based on the Musical by:                  Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

Music and Lyrics by:                  Stephen Sondheim

“Into the Woods” is a modern twist on several beloved fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Jack and the Beanstalk (Daniel Huttlestone), and Rapunzel (MacKenzie Mauzy), all tied together by an original story involving a Baker and his Wife (James Corden and Emily Blunt), their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the Witch (Meryl Streep), who has put a curse on them.

Rob Marshall, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the Academy Award®-winning musical “Chicago” and Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” directs the film, which is based on the musical stage production by legendary eight-time Tony, Grammy® and Oscar-winning composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim and Tony® winner James Lapine, who also wrote the screenplay. “Into the Woods” is produced by John DeLuca, Marshall, “Wicked” producer Marc Platt and Callum McDougall, and will be released in theaters December 25, 2014.

Starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp, “Into the Woods” is a humorous and heartfelt musical that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel—all tied together by an original story involving a Baker and his Wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the Witch who has put a curse on them.

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