Kulcar Solar Powered Car Cooler Ventilator – Review


*I received a Kulcar to facilitate my review.  All thoughts are 100% honest and my own.


Kulcar is a Solar Powered Car Cooler Ventilator made in Tawaiin. I have to admit, I was really intrigued by this concept.  I am originally from FL and it gets super hot in the car just about every day of the year. The worst is coming back to the car after shopping all day and trying to put your seatbelt on or even buckle your children in and getting burned by the belt buckles.

We received our ventilator and I  kept looking for an on and off switch. *duh* It’s solar powered!

kulcar 2



I love that I don’t have to charge it or replace batteries. You just position and let the sun do it’s work! When the sun fully charges it the fans begin to turn and cool off your car.

kulcar on car


It just hangs on the car window and cools off your car! I can leave it on the window and head into the shopping mall. I noticed a really big difference when I came back into the car.

  • The temperature inside a car parked under the 40°C/104°F sunny outdoor circumstances can easily reach 90°C/194°F. If equipped with Kulcar, the temperature will only be 49°C/120.2°F.
  • With proper use, the in-car temperature will drop 20°C/68°F (while other brands for only 1°C /33.8°F), or your money back!
  • 10-year warranty (for the solar panel)
  • Highly effective twin turbo fans (9,500 rpm in total per minute)
  • 5V high efficacy solar cell
  • Easy installation and storage
  • Expels hazardous fumes (such as Methyl, Acrolein, Butanone, Toluene, Benzene, Propyl Benzine, etc. emitting from plastics at 65°C/149°C, and the TVOC thickness at 90°C/194°C are 12 times of the carcinogenic ones)
  • Made in Taiwan

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