FREE Santoku Knife


Get The Ultimate Santoku Knife for Free–just pay 8.95 for shipping and handling. The Ultimate Santoku Knife combines the best qualities of a cleaver with the versatility of a chef’s knife. The combination makes it unbeatable for fast cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing.

I have one and I love mine! It’s the best knife ever!

*If you are pleased with the Santoku Knife do nothing and each month we will automatically send you a brand new Cooking Pleasures Knife to add to your collection. The price of each subsequent shipment is just $79.99 plus $8.95 shipping and handling. You are under no obligation to continue.

I called them as soon as I received mine and canceled. I only paid s&h and got to keep my knife. Phone #: 1-800-209-8397


  1. Kellie says

    You have me click from twitter to facebook and then to your blog only to find that you have NO information on how to get the knife? Wow.

    • Donna says

      You can either click the pic of the knife above or the phrase “Get the Ultimat Santoku Knife for FREE” and both take you right to their site.

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