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I’ve teamed up with Sweetpea Savings to bring you this awesome giveaway!! One lucky reader will be winning a Ronco Dehydrator!  You can check out the full review HERE

All you have to do is enter the giveaway tool below!  Good luck!

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  1. Pineapple and banana chips.

  2. Anita Leibert says:

    Beef jerky

  3. Apple Chips and Sweet Potato Chips!

  4. Melanie Purcell says:

    I like dried and salted okra and almost any kind of fruit leather.

  5. Jaime Shipp says:

    beef jerky of course and maybe some fruit!!

  6. Beef and pineapple.

  7. Jill A. Collins says:

    I love dried apples and apricots!

  8. Heather M says:


  9. Jennifer Rote says:

    beef jerky

  10. David Haug says:

    Apples, sweet potatoes, bananas…..

  11. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    Pineapple or strawberries

  12. jean carlisle says:

    i love apple chips

  13. Sylvia Zajis says:

    Beef Jerkey of course, and Banana Chips

  14. pineapple

  15. Jennifer Holovack says:

    I love dehydrated fruit of ANY kind! Such a great snack!

  16. pineapple and apricots

  17. Jerky & raisins

  18. Tia Hall says:

    Banana’s & Strawberries

  19. Kristan Reynolds says:

    Bananas is my favorite. But, that is the only way I like deer meat is dehydrated.

  20. Lucy Lopez says:


  21. william saylor says:

    I love apples.

  22. Bananas… mmmm. :]

  23. Jennifer Bridges says:


  24. Strawberries!

  25. Mary Elliott says:

    Apples and Bananas

  26. Jessica Schultz says:

    Oh man! I LOVE Beef Jerky!!!

  27. CarolynH says:

    mangos & banana chips

  28. Apples!

  29. Dana Pugsley says:

    I love apples and banana chips :) YUMMY!

  30. pineapple bits

  31. Angela Garland says:

    beef jerky

  32. Trinace Cousin says:

    my kids and i love fruit

  33. Jerky and Dried Fruit

  34. Christina Sunday says:

    I have always liked dehydrated bananas !

  35. Katie AshleyBascombe says:

    Banana Chips

  36. Rebecca G says:

    Any kind of fruit, but my family adores apple chips from trips to the orchards in the fall.

  37. Lindsey Harper says:

    I love beef jerky. And fruit roll ups. Not together of course- gross!!! :)

  38. beef, turkey and pineapple

  39. Paula G. says:

    I love dehydrated blueberries with coconut. My Dad used to make this for me. He’s passed away now but whenever I eat that I have sweet memories of him.

  40. Laura Mckissock says:

    Gotta go with beef jerky but we do love some dried fruits in this house to :) Even our dogs love dehydrated sweet potato as a treat hehe

  41. Betty McIntyre says:

    I like the beef jerky the most and the dried bananas.

  42. Beef Jerky

  43. Debra Bradley says:


  44. Lori Hoffman says:

    Beef jerky!!

  45. Jennifer Mitchell says:


  46. Jennifer Roberts says:

    Beef Jerky

  47. jessica hager says:

    Beef jerky and any kind of fruit.

  48. Beef jerkey

  49. Salty snacks

  50. Pineapple and beef jerky.

  51. Favorite snack is Jerky.. It’s the best when u can add ur own flavors to it..

  52. Bananas! But would love to try so many other things

  53. I love any kind of dried fruit, but everyone else in my life LOVES beef jerky. I can never make enough of that.

  54. Christine C says:

    jerky and banana chips

  55. Ethel J. says:


  56. Bananas would be my favorite. Would love to try other stuff too.

  57. i would love to do banana chips and dry figs and other fruit

  58. mango’s are yummy,, oh I was wondering,,,ya got any of those ronco ‘scramble the egg while still inside the shell’? I just loved that as a kid. lol..

  59. Kimberly H says:

    Anything nutritious I can pack in my purse and eat on the go with my little girl is my favorite. I’m sure gramma will have a zillion ideas for me to dehydrate :-)

  60. mary woollard says:

    sweet bell peppers and pineapple

  61. Darlene Jones-Nelosn says:

    Apples and Pineapples

  62. Sue Hull says:

    I love bananas & apricots.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :)

  63. Christina Strapp says:


  64. donna sanders says:

    Apples…jerky…tomato’s the list goes on-on

  65. cindy caudle says:

    pineapple yummy

  66. beef jerky and dried mango

  67. stacy glossian says:

    Banana chips

  68. We love beef jerky here! I’d love to be able to make it!

  69. Apricots

  70. amy wadhams says:

    beef jerky and most types of fruit

  71. Mango n strawberries

  72. Cynthia Beno says:

    I really need one of these for my health. But can’t afford to buy one. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  73. Cynthia Beno says:

    I forgot to say bananas and apples and pineapple! Yummy!!!

  74. stacy norris says:

    I love beef jerky!

  75. Beef jerky or any type of fruit

  76. Debbie Dodge says:

    Apple Slices with Jello sprinkled on top tastes just like candied apples when dehydrated. The jello makes a hard outer shell on the apples…so good@

  77. Theresa Chaparro says:

    I love beef jerky!! And it’s so expensive but, I treat myself sometimes!

  78. Martha Boismier says:


  79. Kodie Rosten says:

    jerky of course

  80. jodi bradshaw says:

    beef jerky!!

  81. Lisa Radzinski says:


  82. cherries, I love to put them in my cookies!

  83. Apples!

  84. Bryan Wright says:

    Beef and bananas

  85. Linda Dickson says:

    My favorite is any type of dehydrated fruit.

  86. Amy (Merriam) McCain says:

    I love dried apricots but I would love to try all kinds of things!

  87. Jamie Dodd says:

    Banana chips with cinnamon and sugar are delicious. I have been wanting one of these for EVER. Fingers crossed! My family and i could have such a blast creating healthy snacks with this.

  88. Bananas and apples

  89. GayAnn Wright says:

    I like pineapple. 😀

  90. ashley o says:

    banana chips!

  91. christina flynn says:

    apple chips are good! Thank you very much for the chance to win this

  92. beef jerky!!!!!!!

  93. Apple slices are delicious!

  94. Rose Morgan says:

    bananas :)

  95. Quay Jones says:


  96. Pineapple and banana

  97. farah caldwell says:


  98. GayAnn Wright says:

    Beef to make jerky yummmmmmmmmmm! ;D

  99. Stephanie Wright says:


  100. apple chips

  101. Jerkey

  102. Debby Belisle says:

    I make an awesome Beef Jerky! It never lasts very long tho…Mine is bout worn out..A Dehydrator is awesome…you can make so many different items with them…Id LOVE to win this!

  103. bananna chips

  104. Heather HOward says:

    Jerky !!!!

  105. fruit

  106. I am a fan of apples!

  107. Apples!

  108. Strawberries, I really need to get another dehydrator. Would be awesome if I won.

  109. Elizabeth F says:

    love cherries and am always trying new ones

  110. Berries

  111. Peggy Humbracht says:

    Beef jerky and fruit leathers

  112. Bananas, apricots and jerky! :)