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I am IN LOVE with this company I have received so many coupons in the mail from them!!!

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  1. dora hill says:

    I dont have a printer I would like to have them sent through mail if i could

  2. belinda casanova says:

    I also have yet to receive coupons in the mail from them

  3. gordon w says:


  4. I too have been a member of MyPoints for a while, and did not know that they sent out coupons by mail. I looked on their website for more info, and couldn’t find any so I sent them a question on their contact page here:

    • Let us know what you hear from them. I’ve been a member since 2001 and can only think of one time when I (indirectly) got a single coupon through them from an email offer. The coupon really came from the manufacturer to try a new item.

  5. I will give this a try but haven’t had any luck with any home mailing coupons…I WILL NOT PRINT coupons so if they don’t come by mail I will remove them. It takes up too much ink by the time you print all the bs advertising. I am sorry but it needs to limit the printing to the coupon and not the advertisement of other items..I’m not buying them.

  6. Anne Ayers says:

    I have been a member since I dont know when and I have never received any coupons in the mail either…..

  7. Melanie Purcell says:

    I’ve been a member since 2009 but never received coupons in the mail from MyPoints, just the option to accrue points by printing from Am I missing something new?

  8. Thanks for the coupons.

  9. caroljean dawson says:

    wow thats a great deal thanks ope it works out will thanks again.