Nikon Coolpix S6300

I have been looking for a great camera for awhile.  I had very specific needs and wants.  The main need I had was high quality.  I wanted something that could be enlarged if I had a fabulous shot of one of my munchkins.  I have found THE camera I was dreaming of and it even has features I didn’t know I needed!

The camera is the Nikon Coolpix S6300!  I got mine from Staples!

It takes fabulous action shots! That’s my oldest munchkin, Jayden (#39), playing football!  It also takes great photos of adorable faces!

I am super impressed with the quality at 16.0 Megapixels.  It also has a 10x optical zoom!  I was willing to give up zoom for quality and I don’t have to.  I get both!  It also has a bunch of neat features and modes (beach, night time, snow, fireworks, macro, portrait, food, museum, and many more).  It also has some pretty creative modes too!  One of my favorites is the color select.

The picture above is a present I had wrapped and the “original” picture in standard mode is the top left.  The other pictures are using different color selections.  It makes the photograph black and white and just shows things that are the color you selected.  I have a few samples below in the flower as well as other creative modes such as soft focus, cyan, and black and white.

The center picture of the hibiscus is in the standard mode.  The only feature I have not mastered yet is the 3D mode (bottom right corner).  I am still trying to figure that one out.  My favorite feature is the true panorama!

The two pictures above are 180 degree panoramic shots.  I got the whole football field and spun around in the backyard.  Below is 360 degrees in the backyard.

Every time I look at this I am amazed!

This camera is so easy to use and is small enough to fit in my pocket.  I am thrilled with it and highly recommend it!

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    Oh this is so awesome and glad to see you with a Nikon that is what I have for my work. I have been wanting one that isn’t so big that I can just carry around with me without all the extra equipment. I will for sure have to look into this one. Thanks an awesome review!

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    I to have been looking for a nw camera something more compact when Im in a hurry and on the go. I currently own the Nikon D2500 and love it! After reading your review and seeing the pics you took I have no doubt that I will be purchasing this camera very soon!

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    Wow i am so glad i read your post.. i am really such a ditz with things… this will help me figure this camera out. I was checking it out in the store and now i think i am definitely going to buy it. I am so glad i read this. Thanks so much. :)

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    Wow !! Thanks this made up my mind I have been looking for a camera for a while Now I am getting a Coolpix!! Thanks so much for posting this!!


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