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Zipz Shoes – Change your shoes, change yourself, change your world!

These are such a cool concept!! Why buy tons of shoes?  All you do is buy one and then switch out the covers!


Zip open your mind to the revolution that is Zipz shoes! Zipz shoes are the world’s first and only interchangeable shoes! Their inventive and worldwide patented technology in both utility and design provides the ability to interchange shoe components as you see fit. Whether its fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have it covered.

I got the pink low tops.  They’re so cute!  It unzips very easily and I actually really like the look of the zipper.  I just think this is the coolest idea!  My only recommendation would be to order up a size.  My shoes fit, but the side walls are a little uncomfortable where they zip together.  I believe the next size up would give ample space for both my foot and the padding around the zipper.

Three lucky readers will be getting a pair of their own Zipz!!  That’s right, 3 winners will get 1 pair each!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!!

*Open to US only, must be 18 yrs or older – for full disclosure please see the Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I want to win Zipz shoes for my daughter

  2. i would like to win them for my daughter.

  3. My daughter Morgan

  4. A good friend of mine that is the type of person that never buys anything for herself, but always thinks of other people first. I know she would love these :)

  5. I would love to win these for my daughter who is a college student.

  6. I want them for me :)

  7. I would love to win these for ME!

  8. I’d like to win for my daughter.

  9. I want to win them for… me! Hehe. I need some new shoes and these look fantastic!

  10. My daughter would love these.Probably in camo. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  11. Want to win them for my son.

  12. my sister she can use them she was just diagnosed with breast cancer

  13. zip shoes in pink for myself

  14. For my daughter or myself

  15. I want them, those pinnk ones are so cute!

  16. For myself. They are so awesome!!!

  17. I would like to win these shoes for my son.

  18. If it in blue, for my husband…if its pink, maybe my sis-in-law or myself..!

  19. Either of my daughters would love these.


  21. Love them for my daughter!

  22. I really need a new pair so bad..So i guess i must say me!! Thanx!!

  23. My sister and mom and I all have the same size feet, so I’d love to share them with whoever needed them in my family!!

  24. Me! I have been wanting some Converse and these look just like them!

  25. id win it for me

  26. Myself because this is the only way i get anything because i spend all my money on my kids!

  27. Would love to win a pair of shoes for my 15 year old daughter!

  28. For my kids,coolest shoes ever,then I would be the coolest mom to give this to them.

  29. I think either of my daughters would love these if i won them.

  30. I would love to win these for my son.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  31. want these for ME

  32. I would like to win these for myself…they sound so cool!

  33. I would love them for my 13 year old daughter.

  34. I want these for me. Too old to be flashing my gams but I can still wow ‘em with my snazzy feet

  35. For my granddaughter.

  36. For me!

  37. I would like to win them for myself. :-)

  38. I would like them for myself!

  39. I would like to win these for me! :)

  40. I would like to win for myself.

  41. I’d win for my niece!

  42. I would give them to my daughter.

  43. I want them for me.

  44. I would like to win for myself

  45. for my son or for me =D

  46. I would win these for my little girl! She would love these~

  47. Myself and my 2 daughters. We all have different shoe sizes so no sharing possible.

  48. I would like to win them for my daughter and niece :)

  49. I’d totally keep these for myself. Selfish, yes, but I’ve not bought new shoes in nearly four years.I’m about due for a pair.

  50. Me me me

  51. Me me me!