Win a Zoobie and Earrings


Zoobies Blanket Pets and Wonderful Things In Life are giving away the three prizes for you to win. The Zoobies blanket pets is open for US only but the two earrings are open worlwide. This giveaway opnes today October 6, 2012 and will end this coming October 25, 2012. Good luck hope you will win. Pls. fill up the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Donna’s Deals and More is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not reliable to replace the item once it is received by the post office or any shipping company.


    Speak Your Mind


  1. Poco the Pup or Taj the Tiger

  2. I would choose Furbie the Feline :)

  3. Jafaru the giraffe, for my youngest granddaughter :)

  4. Jafaru the Giraffe!

  5. There all adorable to me

  6. I like 2 especially! caterpillar and the tortoise. Thanks for the opportunity to bless my granddaughter!

  7. Ping the Panda for my two yr old who is half chinese i let him point n he went straight to it

  8. zebra

  9. Mashaka the Monkey

  10. Mashaka the Monkey look’s so cute!! And my Son’s new Baby’s room is going to have Monkey’s..Lot’s and Lot’s of monkey’s..Thank’s so much!!

  11. I like Lencho the Lion

  12. I like Taj the Tiger blanket best …

  13. Hada the HippoTM

  14. taj the tiger or poco the pup

  15. I would like Lilly the Ladybug. :)

  16. Ping the panda

  17. HADA the Hippo!!

  18. I wish Wyatt the wolf was still available!! But Uriel the Unicorn and the mini plush would be great too and therefore my first choice…then in 2nd Poco the pup, amd 3rd, Taj the tiger :) ty for the giveaway :)

  19. Well my daughter loves monkeys & dogs so Mashaka or Poco the pup

  20. my son would love kojo the croc

  21. taig the tiger

  22. i would choose the Kojo the Croc™!!

  23. Mashaka the Monkey

  24. Lencho the Lion

  25. I like Bubba the Black Bear!

  26. lola the lamb with mini plush

  27. Kojo the croc…my 14 month old would love it!!

  28. Kojo the crocodile

  29. Kojo the croc!

  30. I like Jafaru the GiraffeTM

  31. the lady bug is very cute and lady bugs bring good luck

  32. lola the lamb

  33. Lencho the LionTM

  34. I am in Canada so I can win Flavio the Frog but he is my favourite.

  35. Lola the Lamb™ with Mini Plush™

  36. I would like Zulu the Zebra

  37. Kojo the Croc

  38. I like Uriel the unicorn and mini.

  39. I would get Lily the Ladybug, my daughter loves bugs and she would adore this.

  40. I like the monkey, the lions and the gorillas so hard to choose which one I guess the lions would be my first choice the others are just so adorable though.

  41. I would get Jafaru the Giraffe – so cute!

  42. Kojo the Croc

  43. I like Jafaru the GiraffeTM.