Win a $75 Macy’s Gift Card


Welcome to the $75 Macy’s Gift Card FLASH Giveaway! Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom has teamed up with some of my favorite
blogs to offer our readers the chance to win a $75 Macy’s Gift Card generously sponsored by MeFindCoupon.
Giveaway starts Tuesday 10/02 at 8:00 PM EST and ends Wednesday, 10/03 at midnight EST and is open to US.
Good luck!

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  1. I would buy a winter jacket

  2. I will buy clothes for my kids!

  3. Holiday shopping!

  4. Christmas Presents

  5. Leather jacket

  6. I will buy some clothes for my new job.

  7. I need a winter coat so that is what I would buy

  8. I Will Buy New Clothes For My New Baby Boy Who Is Expected To be Here In February :) I LOVE Macy’s Baby Clothes! <3


  10. not sure, may keep it till closer to Christmas.

  11. I will buy new clothes!

  12. New clothes for myself

  13. I’d buy a birthday present for my sister and a sweater for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Boots.

  15. Ashli DiPrete says:

    I will buy clothes for my sister-in-law. She told me just the other day that she was in desperate need of some new clothes for work.

  16. I’d save it for Christmas shopping

  17. x-mas presents

  18. New shoes and pants for work. Thank you so much (:

  19. If i won i would use it on my sister..she has a baby shower coming up! Thanks for the chance!

  20. Ill buy a coat for the coats for kids drive and then ill buy me a work outfit and my kid an outfit and if theres is enough id buy my mom new pants since she lost tons of weight!

  21. Christmas shopping!

  22. Buy a set of Christmas dinner plates.

  23. I would go shopping for my self. I have two children and never spend money on my self. If I had a gift card I wouldnt feel bad spending it personally. However I will most likley spend it on my girls. :-)

  24. I will use the gift card to buy some winter clothes.

  25. winter coat for my son!

  26. I would by some maternity clothes and some baby clothes. I’m expecting my first baby in December!

  27. I need new sheets

  28. Winter clothes for my two girls! We all know children grow like weeds!!

  29. clothes for my december cruise!!!!

  30. I would by Christmas gifts

  31. I will use the gift card for Christmas presents!

  32. I already have a wishlist full off stuff I would like to buy. I went shopping for a dress for a award shop a couple years ago ,I saw a beautiful blue dress. over 100 dollars I I got it on sale for $17 and end up paying only $13 after using a coupon … @ MACY’s lol I am one bad chick …I am not scared to shop the sale rack at any store High end or low end …later that day I got a 18k white gold necklace with a small diamond heart locket for only $10.00 don’t ask lol. so probably a whole fall wardrobe. Tops Dress and earrings .

  33. Clothes for my grandaughter

  34. $50 Macy’s gift card is being given away at