Win a $50 Gift Card! 3 Winners


Welcome to the Gift Card Extravaganza Giveaway!

One lucky reader will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card


One lucky reader will receive a $50 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

One lucky reader will receive a $50 The Children’s Place Gift Card

Hosted by Mom Blog Society and Mom To Bed By 8

Giveaway ends October 10th at 11:59pm, open to US Residents Only. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. I would choose the amazon card so I could use it for christmas shopping :) i’m already feeling behind

  2. Would love to win the victoria secret gift card!!

  3. I would pick amazon becauase it doesnt limit what you could purchase.

  4. the childrens palace because my child needs winter clothing.

  5. AMAZON GIFT CARD because gives me alot of options!

  6. The amazon because I am saving for Christmas

  7. i’d choose the Amazon gift card – winter is coming and i’ll need a heating device of some sort and, while Victoria’s Secret has some “hot” stuff, that’s not exactly helpful for me… and the Children’s place would be nice for bundling up the kiddos while outdoors but i’d rather have the heat so we don’t have to bundle up indoors too!

  8. I would love the Amazon gift card because I could buy anything from electronics to books!

  9. The VS gift card….I need a new “pebble holder”….not quite a boulder holder 😉

  10. I would choose the Childrens Place gift certificate because my son Logan’s 5th Birthday is in November and I would buy him PRESENTS with them!!! Kids love presents!!!!

  11. I could use ink or toner, silicon keyboard protector, paper shredder

  12. Amazon! I’m trying to buy a new Kindle 8.9″!

  13. I would choose the Childrens Place Gift Certificate to use as gifts for my son Logan’s 5th Birthday! He loves presents and loves being stylish!

  14. I would choose Amazon it has a lot of variety.

  15. I would definitely choose the Amazon card because of the variety of things I could buy :)

  16. Shelby S. says:

    I would LOVE to win a Victoria’s Secret gift card because I am in DESPERATE need of new bras. I don’t really have a lot that are in my current size, so yea, I really could use some.

  17. $50 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card because they are the only ones that have the body spray I love and I never get to buy anything for myself this would be nice

  18. I would choose the Amazon gift card because I have been saving up Amazon credits for a few, much-coveted items. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Victoria’s Secret because I can never have too many pairs of underwear from there!

  20. Probably Amazon, Since I am not exactly sure what I’d buy.

  21. Most likely the Amazon one, because I am not 100% sure what I would buy just yet and amazon has plenty of options.


  23. victoria secret. its not something i would buy for myself.

  24. victoria secrets. it is not something i would buy for myself

  25. I would choose Amazon because the options are endless

  26. Amazon! Because I can get something for the whole family on there!

  27. new to this site, hope to win and hope am doing this right, love the basket or gift card. thank you

  28. I’d go for the Amazon gift card – cuz you can find the other brands on there too! 😉

  29. Hard to choose – Children’s Place

  30. Momma needs a little something for her self like a $50 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card!

  31. I would love any of them…they are all super prizes!!!

  32. Amazon giftcard to use for Christmas.

  33. I would love to win the Amazon Gift card !! I love Amazon !!

  34. I would choose the amazon gift card because there are so many things on there I could buy that I either want, need or could use. I would love to win. I have never won a gift card or cash before so this would be a first for me. Thank you so much for this opportunity. You are awesome.

  35. Amazon – more variety! :)

  36. I would choose the Amazon gc because you can find pretty much everything on there.

  37. I would choose the amazon gift card because of the huge variety of stuff I can find on amazon!

  38. Amazon because there’s something for everyone and it would be great for Christmas gifts.

  39. The Amazon gift card would be the best choice for me because I love their kindle books. But anyone would do. Thank you!

  40. I would probably like the amazon because it would be the most versatile.. and my kiddos always need something…they are too old for the Children’s Place, and I can’t imagine spending that much on me at Victoria’s Secret.. :)

  41. I think I would want the Amazon or Victoria’s secret… Amazon would be fun because I could use it on my son, husband, or baby boy on the way, for Christmas. Victoria’s secret would be AWESOME though because I could buy something for myself that I normally wouldn’t. :)

  42. The Children’s Place! They have the cutest things :)

  43. Amazon for books or victorias secret for some bras : ]

  44. terri carney says:

    amazon, i love there site.

  45. amazon more choices

  46. amazon for christmas shopping – or victoria secret for myself :)

  47. I would choose the Amazon GC as I am saving for an XBox360 for Christmas.

  48. Amazon! Because they sell everything!

  49. Amazon or Victoria’s Secret..I’d Luv to get me Something for a change!! I could use a Sexy outfit for our 33 Anniversary!! Thank’s so much for this Amazing chance!!

  50. I’d pick the Amazon GC so I could shop for my Granddaughters from their wishlist! :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  51. I would pick the amazon gc so I could buy christmas presents with it.

  52. Amazon would be first for Xmas gifts Victoria’s secret would be 2nd because I love their clothes!

  53. I’d chose Amazon because the options for shopping are almost limitless!

  54. Amazon, Because I could buy anything!

  55. Amazon, soI could buy a christmas gift!

  56. I’d choose Amazon because it’s most versatile!

  57. amazon

  58. I would choose either Victoria secret or amazon as I LOve them both!!

  59. Amazon, so I can get a head start on my Christmas shopping

  60. I would choice the amazon gc because i shop on there all the time.

  61. I would choose Amazon so I could buy some toys for Christmas for my 2 year old

  62. I pick the Amazon cause I want to buy some Gano coffee.

  63. Amazon because there is so much more I can get there that I need.

  64. I would love to win the Amazon GC because I can use it to put towards Christmas gifts to buy for the family. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  65. I would choose amazon because I can get a lot more stuff from them.

  66. Hard to choose! Probably Amazon though. =)

  67. amazon because they sell everything or childrens place to buy clothes for my boys!

  68. Amazon. I need new shoes.

  69. I would choose amazon, for sure! I buy tons of stuff on amazon. :)

  70. I would choose amazon because I need money to buy christmas gifts for everyone

  71. Victoria’s Secret because I love them and want a Pink Ravens shirt or hoodie!

  72. the amazon one because i have another gift card to there and could combine them to use towards a new camera!

  73. I’d choose Amazon since you can buy almost anything there.

  74. I’d love the Amazon card to put towards a camera. Thanks!

  75. Amazon gift card would be great for christmas presents for my grandchildren.

  76. I would like the Amazon card :) there is always something I want there!

  77. amazon, there are more products to choose

  78. I would choose Amazon because there things I’d like to buy there for my family.

  79. I would choose the Amazon gift card to buy Christmas gifts

  80. ohh the Amazon gift card, dang kids broke my skyrim. lol

  81. I would choose Amazon so it could go towards Christmas for my daughter.

  82. VS, and use it for my daughter’s Christmas gift

  83. I would choose the The Children’s Place Gift Card because I just had a baby and 3 other kids and they can use new clothes.

  84. Amazon because of the larger variety of things that could be purchased

  85. amazon…love amazon

  86. The Children’s Place. My granddaughter and I would spend the day together! =D

  87. I would choose the Amazon GC to use for Christmas presents :)

  88. amazon – my baby need diapers. thank you

  89. I would prefer Amazon because I’m trying to save up for a new sweeper. Thank you!

  90. We would love the amazon gift ca4d!

  91. Victorias secret because my preteen daughter is now in a b cup and she wants some pretty underthings!

  92. The Children’s Place. I Love their clothes for my son.

  93. I would love the Amazon GC so I can get clothes and little books for my son. :)

  94. I would love to win The Children’s Place gift card because my 9 year old keeps growing like a weed! I can’t buy clothes fast enough! Plus, they have the CUTEST outfits and shoes!

  95. Amazon

  96. I love all gift cards, especially Amazon because I could save and buy some used textbooks and electronic gadgets from there!
    Thank You for the chance!

  97. Amazon, am saving for a laptop

  98. Amazon I’m always shopping on there

  99. When it comes to winning anyone of these cards I’ll be honest. I’d be extremely happy with any of them. Christmas is after all only 80 days away.

  100. I’d pick the amazon to shop for books.

  101. I would choose Amazon so I could use it toward Christmas presents for family! Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!! :)

  102. Amazon because I can get stuff for the holidays


  104. Amazon. Because they have the Sprout Chica doll I want for a Christmas gift for my daughter.

  105. I would like Victory Secret, because I would love to buy there cologne for myself that I never get to buy. Thank you!

  106. I would choose because I LOVE Amazon. There are sooo many things I could buy with it! Thank you!

  107. Any one of the three would be great but if I had to choose I would choose the victoria’s secret one. I love that place but I don’t buy stuff from there often.

  108. I wil choose amazon

  109. The amazon card to get Christmas gifts for my boys.

  110. Amazon, because there is more selection in what you can buy.

  111. I’d like the amazon gift card because I’m about to get married and there is SO much we need! :)

  112. I would choose the amazon gift card. Many options for Christmas shopping.

  113. I would choose the Amazon GC; as there is a wider selection of products along with affordable prices.

  114. Wal mart and bc thats where I always shop!!!

  115. I would choose the Victoria’s Secret gift card because I love to shop there. I could also use the gift card to do a little Christmas shopping for some people.

  116. Either for Christmas shopping purposes or VictoriaSecret for myself!

  117. I would Choose Amazon, for me. But, i could choose the Victoria Secret, as a gift for my daughter, or the Childrens Place, as a gift for my sister. =)

    But, Amazon would be top choice. I Love Amazon. =)

  118. I would choose Victoria’s Secret, because I am always in need of a new bra or something from there! =)

  119. Amazon!! More varieties and better prices!

  120. I would choose the Victoria’s Secret one because my husband always says that I never do anything for myself…so this would be a treat!

  121. Victoria’s Secret!! My daughter loves their pink line and all their yoga gear!!! would be great for Christmas.

  122. Victoria secret gift card because I never buy stuff for myself anymore. I need a gift for myself!!

  123. Children’s Place so I could get a nice gift for my nephew who is 5 and just had to have a polyp removed from his colon!

  124. Ashli DiPrete says:

    I would choose the children’s place, my sister-in-law is expecting her third child and I try to help them out when I can.