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Yay! It’s a Monday Night Flash Giveaway!

Who wants to win a diamond candle?
8pm-11:59 pm EST



It’s so easy to win! Only a few simple entries to complete!

Please be sure to thank The Pay It Forward Flash Giveaway Crew.

So who wants to win a diamond candle?
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    Speak Your Mind


  1. Right now, apple pie! Thanks for this!

  2. I love the smell of cinnamon candles.

  3. Buttercreams

  4. I’s like to try the new harvest blend:)

  5. My Favorite Scent is the cupcake!

  6. I like the Beachy one the Diamond Candles has out this summer. I would like to see one that smells like leather though!

  7. Baked apples with cinnamon

  8. I love apple/cinnamon. It makes me think of fall

  9. love any flower scent

  10. pick me!!!!

  11. Apple is my favorite scent to have burning right now.

  12. I love anything with a “sandalwood” scent to it. Thanks for the great giveaway too!

  13. My favorite scent is coconut. mmmm

  14. I love all smells especially vanilla, strawberry, and apple pie

  15. Anything fruity!

  16. I want to win this so bad!!!

  17. I want this so bad!!!!

  18. orange blossom for me

  19. Cinnamon rolls or anything baked. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I would live to win!!!

  21. orange blossom.

  22. cinnamon

  23. I love to burn “dusk” in my bedroom…it smells like men’s cologne!

  24. this looks pretty interesting. Who doesn’t love a good candle, then add some bling in the mix, that’s a cool bonus.

  25. pumpkin pie, apple pie, biscotti or coconut

  26. Anything apple!

  27. My favorite candles to burn are the ones for Fall(pumpkin, apple, caramel, etc.)

  28. I love lavender.

  29. Cinnamon or spicy scents

  30. pumpkin spice ;-)

  31. Right now my favorite is Rosewood.

  32. pumpkin

  33. Pomegranate lemonade

  34. Cinnamon

  35. White Chocolate please!

  36. Got all my family hooked on these things ;)

  37. Midnight kiss

  38. I love my Apple Spice!

  39. I would love to win!!!

  40. I love cherry and spiced candles

  41. Would love to win!

  42. Lavender and vanilla

  43. Cupcake!!!

  44. Oh please pick me- I love candles!

  45. I love maple or anything fall scented

  46. I love the scents of the season, I woul dlove to try the autumn crisp leaves candle…right now I am burning your honeysuckle one!! thank you for the opp. to win one of these wonderful candles!!

  47. Anything Lilac or Lilly scented!!

  48. i like fruit scents in the summer and cinnamon in the winter

  49. Cinnamon/Apples love the smell.

  50. Cinnamon / Apples for sure

  51. Apple or Cinammon! Or a mix of both… haha

  52. right now it is one of Glade’s layered candles, moonlit walk and wandering stream, it’s blue and smells good lol

  53. Clean linen or honeydew melon <3

  54. Cinnamon Tea!

  55. Cinnamon Tea

  56. ANY scent would be Wonderful…would LOVE to win one of these!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  57. Clean linen

  58. This time of year, I like to have scents that remind me of the season. I’d love to smell the new Harvest Blend Diamond Candle.

  59. I love any candle that smells fresh and clean, like laundry or rain or grass :)

  60. Carmel or fireside

  61. Either peppermint or apple pie

  62. Cinnamon for the fall!

  63. Blueberry smells or other berry scents

  64. Vanilla

  65. Creme Bulle or a Vanilla!

  66. pine tree candles are a favorite around my house.

  67. I can’t get enough of the cinnamon roll.

  68. apples

  69. I am ready to win!!!

  70. I love all scents, from fruity to baking, to floral, Love them all!!

  71. apple cinimon

  72. Pumpkin or Apple Pie

  73. love the smell on cinnamon!

  74. Love Melon and Fruity scents

  75. Hazelnut cream, sugar cookie, vanilla frosting…pretty much anything sweet or food related :)

  76. Cinnamon and Apple are my favorite

  77. Apple cinnomon or Pumpkin