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I’m Loving It!

Join this exciting event in honor of National Coffee Day! It’s Free Organic Coffee Week at McDonald’s!

What is it? It’s a Virtual Coffee Tasting Event!

When is it? Monday, Sept 24th at 10am est.

What do I need to do? First, go grab a FREE small, hot Newman’s Own Organic coffee at local McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Northeast region. Then visit the Livestream at Livestream.com/VermontLive. Everyone can tune it, whether you live in the Northeast region or not. Don’t forget to bring your Coffee!

Can I submit a question? Yes! Feel free to submit a question about McDonald’s Coffee to @McDEasternNE Twitter handle during the event and use #McDCoffeeChat.

September 29, 2012 is:

National Coffee Day

Mom Does Reviews is excited to announce an awesome Giveaway:

In honor of National Coffee Day- @McDEasternNE is sponsoring a KEURIG Giveaway for all our readers! How awesome is that!

One winner will receive:

Keurig® Platinum Brewing System w/24 K-Cups

Sleek in design, this premium single cup home brewing system offers a polished exterior and a full spectrum of features for your convenience.

Available in 2 colors. Includes a bonus 12 count K-Cup® variety box. And 12 more K-Cups!

The Platinum Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. With an award-winning design, this brewer features a blue, backlit LCD display that allows you to program water temperature, set the digital clock, Auto On/Off and your favorite cup size. With the choice of five cup sizes, the Platinum brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs.

Giveaway is open to US residents only, ages 18+

Giveaway ends 10/6 at 1159p

Please enter on the easy Rafflecopter below.

Special thanks to NorthEast McDonald’s for supplying this awesome prize.

Bloggers involved in the giveaway are not responsible for the shipment of this prize.


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  1. I love giveaways !

  2. Giveaways & coupons

  3. I love giveaways !

  4. hank you for all you do to make it easier for us!

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  9. coupons and giveaways

  10. I love giveaways, deals, and recipes!

  11. Giveaways for sure!! I’m learning so much too..I just started on Computers 2yrs ago,and i’m still learning stuff every day!! But Blog Giveaways are too cool :) Thank You!!

  12. I love when the giveaways are things that you can use everyday. I’m partial to coffee and tea items, as well as anything for Mommies and Babies.

  13. Giveaways & coupons

  14. giveaways :] especially when it involves coffee (:

  15. giveaways! :] especially if it involves coffee! <3

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  24. Giveaways and deals! I also love product reviews on baby gear and such!

  25. I love gift card giveaways the best.

  26. My favorite is Irish Cream flavored cofee

  27. I love giveaways ! Mocha is my favorite flavor !!

  28. My favorite flavor of coffee is French Vanilla.

  29. My favorite coffee is Starbucks of course.

  30. i love a great late mmm yummy what a fab give away

  31. HAZELNUT !

  32. Favorite is Hazelnut, love to win this. Thanks!

  33. my favorite is DunkDo regular flavor

  34. I have several I like. Dunkin Dohnuts, McCdonalds brand,

  35. Any coffee with hazelnuts creamer.

  36. Starbucks

  37. I love giveaways and reviews

  38. My favorite is hazelnut

  39. Dunkin Donuts

  40. Newman’s Own flavors

  41. MMMMM my favorite is the Chai tea latte :)

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  44. I love mocha!

  45. Folgers…

  46. Iced Coffee

  47. I love me some Starbucks Frapp!! But I dig on Maxwell House as well :-)

  48. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee!!!!

  49. Love most coffees with caramel!!

  50. My favorite is Pumpkin Spice especially this time of year!

  51. Love, love hot chocolate and anything pumpkin flavored!! My husband would LOVE this for Christmas too!! :)

  52. I love caramel latte

  53. Ashli DiPrete says:

    French Vanilla Brew Over Ice!

  54. Starbucks coffee.

  55. Lemon Zinger tea

  56. Vanilla Cappuccino is my favorite flavor and I am not brand loyal.

  57. I love all Green Mountain coffee!!

  58. Were partial to breakfast blend

  59. I haven’t really ever drank coffee, but that’s why I want to win. So that I can finally have a reason to try some!

  60. I love starbucks coffee and dunkins dounut but i really like any LOL

  61. I love the Mocha!

  62. I love hot chocolate

  63. Hazelnut, caramel, mocha… anything flavored!

  64. My favorite coffee is either the Italian Roast or Sumatra from Starbucks – depends on my mood!

  65. hot chocolate

  66. Love, Love, Love a good deal!!!

  67. Love anything mocha flavored, Green Mountain has a good k cup. Thanks somuch for the giveaway we’d love it!

  68. Caramel!! :)

  69. I LOVE flavored coffee.. especially vanilla and caramel!

  70. I would LOVE to have one of these in my kitchen! Have wanted one for alongggggggg time!
    Hazel nut, or french vanilla

  71. I have 2 favorites…pumpkin spice and cafe mocha

  72. I love coffee and hazelnut or caramel!
    Thank You for this awesome giveaway!

  73. Love Starbucks and mocha flavour

  74. Starbucks and McDonald’s coffee are our favorites when buying coffee to go.
    At home we brew Maxwell House, but we’d love to try the K Cups in the future.
    :-) :-) Thanks for the opportunity…………………………. :-)

  75. caramel apple nut from Gloria Jeans is a f=seasonal favorite… a year-round fave is creme brulee.

  76. trick or treat at the mall then have our traditional doctored up mama celeste pizzas

  77. crack coffee from the coffee place in sperryville, va

  78. i’d love one of these. my husband wants one so badly!

  79. I love maxwell house breakfast blend or Scooters iced chi tea latte :)

  80. Maxwell house breakfast blend or Scooters iced chai tea latte :)

  81. star bucks

  82. Starbucks.

  83. Hazelnut

  84. Mine is Starbucks and Caribou, any flavors of them. Thank you!

  85. the best part of waking up is folgers in my cup!

  86. I love french vanilla

  87. I love love love Starbucks :)

  88. Dunkin’ Donuts!

  89. Milestones jingle bells seasonal blend. Can’t wait!

  90. Caramel Machiatto

  91. Donut shop coffee. yummy yummy

  92. Starbucks

  93. I love french vanilla

  94. Caribou Blend.

  95. I Love Blueberry flavored coffee!!!

  96. I love hot chocolate and hubby likes Nescafe dolca.

  97. I love all coffee!

  98. I LOVE salted caramel mocha at Starbucks.

  99. Love me some coffee and tea, i really want to win these since i can’t afford it…..

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  102. Starbucks kind of gal!

  103. Anything sweet

  104. cool giveaway!

  105. i love starbucks

  106. Hazelnut or Pumpkin

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  108. Starbucks

  109. Seattles best

  110. Dunkins regular

  111. not sure

  112. Any super dark roast!

  113. Breakfast Blend coffee, or medium roast. I love a good green tea too. =)

  114. French roast

  115. I love a steaming hot cup of Hazelnut Coffee. :)

  116. I drink coffee but want this so bad for my hot chocolate and tea!!!!

  117. coffee with peppermint creamer in it :)

  118. love pumpkin flavored! best part about fall is the fall drinks!