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Pet Air Odor Eliminator

4.6 fl oz $7.99!!

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Pet Air® is simple essential oils, without unnecessary, artificial ingredients or additives. The perfect blend of citrus and natural botanicals eliminates the need for chemical preservatives or additives of any kind.

  • NO Fillers/Alcohol, Safe, Non-Aerosol
  • Highly Concentrated, Long Lasting, 2000+ Sprays
  • Outlasts & Outperforms All Others

Naturally Eliminate Odors From:

  • Kennels, Cages, and Stables
  • Use after flea bombing and fumigation
  • Pet Bedding – Dog Houses
  • Spray directly into Cat Litter(allow to dry before allowing pet back in)
  • Fans, Vents, Air Conditioning Systems
  • Garbage Chutes and Bins
  • Campers, Garages, Tents
  • Boats, Motels – anywhere you take your pet
  • Carpet Cleaning and Odor Removal for your pet’s mistakes (clean soiled area, spray with Pet Air® and wipe)

Pet Air® is also aromatherapy (healing energy from nature’s scents) recharging you and your pet’s energy with ionized air.


The Pay It Forward Crew is wanting to help out 3 people with a can of amazing Pet Air Oldor Eliminator!

Participants tonight are:

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3 lucky winners will each receive a can of Pet Air Odor Eliminator!

Must be 18 yrs of age or older to enter

US only


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  1. I like that it is safe to use on the pet beds and it keeps the bugs away from the animals!!

  2. I like that it helps with pet odor from kennels and pet bedding. It seems like no matter what I do, my dog’s “house” always smells.

  3. my mothers beegle needs this

  4. that its safe to use around the fam, and it repels bugs too

  5. safe for everyone including the kids

  6. I have a kitty, kitty sometimes leaves a stinky butt box. She needs air freshener for her restroom.

  7. Safe for family and having 4 inside pets I really need it. :)

  8. safe for pets

  9. it is safe for the entire family

  10. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house and I could really use this product :)

  11. I need this

  12. I can use it directly on Pet Bedding, spray directly into our kitty litter and use it on fans, vents and a/c systems.

  13. With a new puppy in the house the carpet cleaning and odor removal for your pet’s mistakes, feature entices me most about this product!

  14. that it helps elimate odor

  15. my bf has a dog and he needs this