Win a Diamond Candle


Always Searching for Savings has teamed up with a bunch of awesome blogs to bring you a chance to win a Diamond Candle!

What is a Diamond Candle?

They are candles with real rings worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 in every single candle!

This giveaway will start at Midnight EST on September 17th and end at 12:01 am EST on September 21st!

You must like all facebook pages to be eligable to win!

Good Luck!

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  1. would love this a candle and a surpries great thanks for the giveaway

  2. White chocolate!

  3. Orchid meadow

  4. Apple cinnamon

  5. Honeysuckle is my favorite so far

  6. cupcake sounds great!

  7. I have been wanting to win1 of these! Thank for the chance. :-)

  8. i love candles if it were my choice i would have about 5 in every room and i love trying out new candles . so pick me pick me lol but i would love to win

  9. I never smell these candles before

  10. I never smelled these before.

  11. Haven’t tried any yet, but I love anything “fruity” or food smelling! :)

  12. Would Soooooooo Love to win one of these candles…….All of the Fragrances “sound” AMAZING!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  13. Cupcake sounds like it might be my fave. =)

  14. Cotton candy

  15. I cant say that I have a favorite as I havent ever gotten a diamond candle but I am sure all of the scents are lovely.

  16. mmm pecan pie

  17. I have not had the opportunity to own a diamond candle. But if i did im sure I would like the fruit or tropical blend.

  18. i would like the honeysuckle candle

  19. Hawaiian coconut is my favorite

  20. i love the pom-lemon one

  21. melon

  22. White chocolate

  23. Since I have never had one, I don’t know what my favorite would be.

  24. love these candles

  25. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the diamond candles, but there are many scents that I am VERY interested in. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity :)

  26. Sweet Pea.

  27. Cinnamon Tea is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Hawaiian Coconut

  29. Sweety Pea…one of my favorite scents!

  30. My son would LOVE the “IREFIGHTER MASS DISPATCH ” set!

  31. ooops wrong one! lol :-) LOL I would love the honeydew melon one!

  32. watermelon~

  33. I haven’t tried them yet but I love fruity scents.

  34. Apple cinnamon

  35. I haven’t had the chance to smell these yet but I would probably choose something like cinnamon buns or pumpkin pie

  36. My favorite scent is the Gingerbread Latte.

  37. Hawaiian Coconut this is also a Stress reducer too!! Thank You!!

    • I just looked at your recient Activity,And there wasn’t my name on there anywhere..I don’t understand why?? I guess i don’t have a chance to win one then do i ?? I’m so hurt about this Donna…

  38. I gave you a Extra Tweet and googled it too!! Thank’s..

  39. cupcake

  40. I have not tried any yet.. i am trying to win one!!

  41. Sweet Pea!!! :)

  42. anything fruity

  43. Would love to have a cotton candy one.

  44. Hawaiian Coconut would transport me to the islands, which would be fantastic in a couple of months when there are a couple of feet of snow on the ground. ;)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  45. Summer Time sounds amazing!

  46. vanilla and baby powder

  47. Sweety Pea

  48. i havent tried any of them yet but i really wanna try the carnival candy!

  49. i love cupcake but would love to try their pecan pie

  50. I really like cupcake but I would like any of the food fragrances :)

  51. Summer time! Def! Thanks for the chance. (-:

  52. Summer time, def. thanks for the chance. (-:

  53. I bet the Cupcake smells great!

  54. The only scent I’ve tried so far is Hawaiian Coconut, and it smells delicious! However, I would probably order Cuddle or Gingerbread Latte next!

  55. Oh the gingerbread sounds nice

  56. any scent would be good

  57. Cinnamon Tea is my favorite! :) Wheeee~

  58. I’ve never had one before but I would love one of the fall scents!

  59. Cinnamon Roll is the only one I have tried so far, but I’ve got a list of others to try. Honeysuckle is next in line.

  60. I have not gotten the chance to smell any of them yet, but I Want to!! I love anything baked, or fruity!

  61. Strwberry Bliss

  62. My favorite Diamond Candle scent is: Summer Time.

  63. if they had just a lavender one I would take that but since they dont it will have to be Cinnamon Roll

  64. Cupcake is my favorite for sure!!

  65. cotton candy

  66. I’m thinking I would like the honeysuckle smell! (:

  67. If I won, I would like the Hawaiian Coconut. Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. I love these candles have had 1 and ordered 2 more ust waiting for them.

  69. I haven’t tried these candles yet! I think I would like the Carnival Candy one!! Thanks for having a raffle for us to have the chance to win one!!

  70. I’ve never tried Diamond candles but I’ve heard that Carnival Candy or Cupcake is the best

  71. I have not purchased your candles before but I would love to try the Gingerbread Latte!

  72. i would say vanillia or the cupcake!!!

  73. Cupcake sounds amazing

  74. Honeysuckle!

  75. i love these candles i have hawaiin coconut burning now would love to win another i wanna try honeysuckle

  76. Have only tried one, but would love to try some more! Thank you for this giveaway!!

  77. Gotta Love APPLE CINNAMON

  78. a smell of fall (pumpkin, cinnamon, etc.)

  79. vanilla

  80. I haven’t tried one, would love a clean scent one. Thanks

  81. cotton candy and cup cake

  82. I want to win any scent would be great.

  83. Cupcake sounds wonderful!

  84. cupcake yum!

  85. hawaiian coconut

  86. Ashli DiPrete says:

    Orchid Meadow!

  87. Pomegrante Lemonade

  88. I have never owned a diamond candle so I don’t have a favorite scent. Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. apple cinnamon =)

  90. Patti Wilder says:

    I have not had a chance to smell any ..but summer time sure sounds nice..

  91. laura moreland says:

    i think cotton candy would be a sweet smell

  92. I like the Hawaiian Coconut.

  93. So far my favorite DC scent is the gingerbread latte one (and I dont even drink coffee!) but I would LOVE to try more =)

  94. i want to win any scent

  95. I love cinnamon roll.

  96. love apple cinnamon

  97. All of them are fantastic but my favorite is Cinnamon Roll.

  98. cotton candy would be my choice

  99. cinnamon roll or cupcake

  100. I’ve never smelled them before, but would love to, especially Cozy Cabin.

  101. I have never smelled them before would like to try summertime

  102. I love candles!