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Welcome to the Diamond Candle Flash Giveaway! Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom has teamed up with some of my favorite
blogs to offer our readers the chance to win a Diamond Candle generously sponsored by FreebieShark.
Giveaway starts Saturday 9/15 at 8:00 PM EST and ends Sunday 9/16 at midnight EST and is open to US.
Good luck!
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  1. Love candles, love watermelon, and of coarse diamonds are always a girl’s best friend.

  2. Last Christmas Season.

  3. I bought a candle 1 month ago and it’s already used up!! Need one!

  4. About 2yrs ago!! I really Luv These Diamond Candles!! And i’d Luv to Win one because i can’t afford one..I’d like to give it to my Mom!! Thank You!! I Luv this stuff…. :) :)

  5. Would love to win one of these beautiful candles !

  6. Just the other day

  7. I Googled it and Re-Tweeted too!!

  8. The last time I bought candles was three weeks ago and have already burned through them, so I would love to win this!!

  9. never

  10. Today!!

  11. the last time i bought a candle was using mypoints where we got a free candle and points towards one of their awesome rewards. it was a money-maker!

    however, this is a pretty neat looking candle, and it could be a good brownie point for my girlfriend as she likes to get upset with me for some reason. 😉

  12. Bought a pumpkin one Tuesday :)

  13. 2 weeks ago

  14. The last time i bought a candle was… hmmm… 4 years ago maybe?! GASP!

  15. About a month ago

  16. The last time I bought a candle was in the winter, I bought a bunch!! love this!

  17. The last time I bought a candle was at a garage sale about 4 years ago it was a horse and I still have it–Never lit

  18. The last time I bought a candle was during the holiday season last year, as a gift. I don’t buy candles very often at all but a Diamond Candle is definitely one I would love to try out!

  19. Last time I bought a candle was about a month ago.

  20. friday!

  21. Last month

  22. I bought a candle last yr at Christmas time. I love having candles that smell like Christmas burning. Thank you for the oh so Awesome giveaway! :)

  23. Last week

  24. August I got 6 small candles at Bath and Body Works. Love the baked scents, I’m addicted to them!!! =)

  25. I bought a candle last week at Walmart

  26. the last time I bought candles was in may for mothers day as a gift for my stepmom… I dont remember the last time for me..

  27. i have not bought a candle in afew years

  28. Last year.

  29. I personally bought a pumpkin scent for my wife birthday a year ago

  30. Acouple of months ago…

  31. I can’t even remember :(

  32. Last week, I am a fanatic for candles, I ve never tried the jewelry ones but Id love to try one

  33. I think i last bought one about 3 months ago? I LOVE candles but don’t burn them much. I’m a candle hoarder! Except for a few scents I looove love love, then they’re gone in a flash. :-)

  34. I have not had to buy candles since Christmas time..I bought a bunch on clearance!

  35. it’s been a couple months!!! But I love candles! And rings!!

  36. last year – I need some! :)

  37. May

  38. I love candles but its been about 6 months since i bought one

  39. Bought 2 candles about 4 months ago

  40. How awesome is this!!!

  41. I bought some for gifts a couple of weeks ago.

  42. Last week :)

  43. I haven’t bought a candle in well over a year.

  44. I bought a candle at Christmas for a friend. Have not purchased a candle for myself in a while b/c I usually receive them as gifts.

  45. i bought candles 3 days ago at bath and body…i’m nuts for candles!!

  46. Just a couple of days ago! I love candles! :)
    I burn candles every single day, and I love the scented ones!

  47. About a year ago.

  48. I love candles, have not tried Diamond yet, but would love to!! I burn candles every day! I bought my last candle a few months ago!

  49. Last week I bought a candle for a christmas present.

  50. love these candles, just bought some last week

  51. a month ago

  52. I havent bought a candle since….i dont even remember

  53. Yesterday!

  54. It’s been about a year.

  55. I bought a candle two weeks ago and it is almost gone.

  56. I bought two candles a week.

  57. I bought a candle last week from Bed Bath and Beyond.

  58. i always buy the cheap candles at walmart but they never last.i also make my own candles

  59. Ashli DiPrete says:

    I bought a sweetpea scented candle two weeks ago at walmart

  60. Today at Wal Mart!!

  61. Three weeks ago :)

  62. I last bought a candle about a year ago.

  63. I bought candles last week, the week before, and the week before…yes I have a small addiction.

  64. I bought a candle about three weeks ago. It was my very first Diamond Candle and I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Oh yes…I bought a Diamond candle just this morning with my living social coupon. It is on my wall if anyone wants it.

  66. I bought a candle in May :)

  67. bought some last week. I love candles, and winter is coming and winter storms knock out power every winter so I always keep some on hand.

  68. I brought one a few days ago for a friend’s birthday. I have yet to get one for myself

  69. It’s been about six months or so since I bought a candle. I have been wanting a new one for Fall though.

  70. I usually receive candles as a gift from friends and relatives. But I really, really want a diamond candle!

  71. Christmas time 2011

  72. About 2 months ago at Yankee candle.

  73. Last week

  74. I think the last time I got a candle was about two or three years ago?

  75. I bought one last week, it smells like cookies baking.

  76. I haven’t bought a candle for myself in years. I’ve received a few as gifts, though!

  77. Thursday last week @ Michaels craft store

  78. Last winter, I love the seasonal ones!

  79. It has been YEARS since I purchased a candle. These seem interesting!

  80. i bought a candle about 2 weeks ago

  81. I bought two Yankee candles about a month ago.

  82. I bought a lovely blueberry this week

  83. maybe two months ago, i cant remember though

  84. Have not bought one lately but would love a pumpkin pie candle

  85. I bought 4 diamond candles about two months ago – they are almost gone so its about time for another one

  86. I so want one of these!!!

  87. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a candle

  88. About a year ago….yikes!!

  89. I bought a Diamond Candle the beginning of September and I love it. I love the ring that I got

  90. I just got candles about a week ago for my birthday :) I burn one everyday

  91. about a month ago

  92. I honestly cannot remember the last I bought myself a candle.

  93. I purchased 4 yankee candles last week. One for me and the rest for my girls.

  94. for my mom’s bday

  95. Last month. :)

  96. I just bought a candle today, I LOVE candles!

  97. I bought a diamond candle a few weeks ago. Love them

  98. I brought a candle two weeks ago and i loved it!

  99. Bought a candle 2 years ago.

  100. I bought a candle about three months ago from a coworker for a fundraiser.

  101. I bought a candle about a month ago. I love how candles make the house smell wonderful.

  102. I bought a candle last winter

  103. Never bought one but would love to try one

  104. I actually bought one this weekend at the mall. My candle supply is low and need to build it back up before winter.

  105. A couple of weeks ago a friend was stopping by last minute so my boyfriend and I cleaned like crazy and bought some candles.

  106. Last yeat lol I need some new candles

  107. xmas last year

  108. I really want this candle- that is why I am posting again!

  109. i love candles…and the last time i bought one was about a couple of months ago….

  110. I don’t buy candles often because of fire safety in the Piney Woods, but this would be awesome!

  111. Last Christmas. Boy do I need one with a house of 3
    Boys if you know what I mean.

  112. It’s already been at least a month since I’ve bought some candles but I’ve just about burnt them all down so I need to get another order in soon.

  113. A few weeks ago

  114. I bought a candle about a month ago.

  115. The last candle I bought was about 2 months ago. I would love to win one of these candles and smell their sweet aroma. Thank you very much for you thoughts and consideration. Sincerely Tammy Morelli

  116. laura moreland says:

    i havent bought a candle i about 3 months