SALE on Diamond Candles


Sale on Diamond Candles!! 2 days left!  Above is the screenshot of the deal.  Get it HERE




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  1. I can get to the Diamond Candle page, but I don’t see the 50% off anywhere…Can someone please help?! Thank you!!!

  2. no deal.. just regular price… can you be more detailed with how to get one at this price??

  3. when I peeq I get it for $22 how do you get it for $12?

  4. I guess theres something wrong with my Mac because when I go to that site, theres a pop up window asking me to sign in, and it just reloads like 450834059 times, and I managed to sign in once, however, it apparently wants me to continue to do it until the end of time. No deal for me. Sucks!