Movie Night Flash Giveaway


Blu Ray Family Movie Night Flash Giveaway
September 10 7pm – September 14 Midnight, Eastern Time 2012


This mega Blu Ray Movie Night for your family is hosted by
Celebrate Woman Today – Celebrating Lives of Today’s Women?
Mommy’s Memorandum – Amazing place where life is never dull!
Pittsburgh Frugal Mom – Educating consumers on best practice purchases through reviews and shopping.
Kimberly’s Thoughts – Where every thought is an Ocean!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Hosts of this fabulous giveaway! Here’s what the Winner is going to get!

Blu Ray DVD Player, sponsored by Get Moving Supplies, LLC – Where the low cost moving boxes are just a click away!

5 Blu Ray DVDs, sponsored by Glass Handbag Company – Offering Luxury With Every Glass Handbag


$50 Cash/Gift Card + Diamond Candle, sponsored by Bulu Box, the 1st vitamin and supplement nutrition sample box company

DiamondCandle+50Cash-giftcardEnter your huge chance to win all these prizes and make a Fantastic and Memorable Movie Night for your Family!

But Wait… How are you going to enjoy your DVDs without a huge blue screen? Ha, we have thought of this one too! Enter to win this 32″ LCD TV to hook up your Blu Ray and play your Blu Ray DVDs, while enjoying your favorite popcorn and Diamond Candle!

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  1. Hi! Love doing these things. Haven’t won anything yet, but have a good time trying. :)

  2. ET

  3. LOVE ACTUALLY! thank you for the giveaway! 😀

  4. death becomes her

  5. Star Wars is my fave movie

  6. hoping we win this.. need some good news over here

  7. It’s a Wonderful life! greatest movie ever :)

  8. YEA!!!!!!!

  9. The Dark Crystal!

  10. the bourne identity

  11. Pulp Fiction is my favorite.

  12. My fav movie of all time is the Notebook. thanks for the giveaway

  13. Disney’s little mermaid

  14. probably Men in Black
    it’s hard to pick one

  15. Remember the Titans

  16. When Harry Met Sally is my favorite :)

  17. By far, Sixteen Candles. I have to watch it every time it is on.

  18. I’m going to have to go with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, closely followed by Heathers.

  19. Favorite movie of all time… Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.

  20. It’s hard to me to pick favorites, but ONE of my favorites is Bridesmaids!

  21. Superman

  22. Mermaids!

  23. I absolutely love Romeo+Juliet!

  24. I love The Princess Bride! It’s a classic. :)

  25. The little mermaid.

  26. Eddie and The Cruisers!

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  27. Favorite movie is “The Notebook”

  28. My favorite movie of all time is Shawshank Redemption! Classic!

  29. Night of the Living Comet
    Little Darlings
    Drop Dead Fred
    Tuff Turf

  30. i love this giveaway, thanks for doing this and i hope i win!

  31. My favorite is Grease!

  32. Interview with the Vampire

  33. Beauty and the Beast

  34. Sliding Doors!

  35. Just like heaven!

  36. The Princess Bride

  37. I really love Big Fish–so whimsical and touching to me!

  38. Hi There Thank You so Much for having these contests….Its Fun…My Favorite Movie is Taledega Nights (Will Ferrell) Norbit, (Eddy Murphy) & “”This Is It “””The Michael Jackson Movie…!!!!!!!! Oh also The Other Boelyn Girl (Scarlett Johannson & Natie Portman) ???? Good Luck To Everyone ????

  39. Beauty and the beast

  40. My favorite movie is the notebook

  41. It has to be Footloose!

  42. My favorite movie of all time is one called Snow Cake, starring Alan Rickman. It’s the best movie ever and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  43. Pretty Woman!!

  44. The Outsiders

  45. Ghost is one of my favourites and It’s a Wonderful Life

  46. dirty dancing and sound of music are tied with several others for my favorites :)

  47. Bridges of madison county is my all time favorite! I would be thrilled to win!:)

  48. Gone with the Wind!

  49. My favorite movie is “The Bad Seed” :)

  50. The Princess Bride.

  51. Gone With the Wind

  52. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!