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Coupon Nurse has reached 20k fans! Lets celebrate!I am giving one lucky ready a year supply of Bounce Dryer Bars..To celebrate 20k fans! After entering this giveaway please go below and enter lots more !


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  1. I can’t do my laundry without fabric softener. I flat out refuse! :)

  2. Yes I use fabric softner, makes clothes smell great and reduces static cling

  3. yes, i do

  4. I am on my 2nd bar right now!

  5. I use tons of fabric softener.

  6. I use fabric softener a lot

  7. yes

  8. I have to use softener. I love bounce!

  9. I do a lot of laundry!

  10. Occasionally I use fabric softener, mostly with towels and sheets.

  11. yes I sure do!

  12. Yes, always!

  13. always

  14. I sure do

  15. Yes I do!!

  16. Always use It!

  17. Yes every time!

  18. of course you got to be crazy to do without softner

  19. I love using the bounce bars!

  20. I do use fabric softener.

  21. Yes! Even when we’re broke, then I use vinegar! I buy dryer sheets usually. :)
    Thanks for this cool giveaway!

  22. no but i will if win this

  23. I use dryer sheets

  24. Umm… I am a Bounce bar junkie… I acutally have 3 bounce bars in my dryer and LOVE it!

  25. Yes I love to use fabric softener!

  26. Yes, I use a fabric softener :)

  27. Yes, I do use fabric softener.

  28. Most definitely use fabric softener

  29. who doesnt? Cant do mine without it

  30. Love it !!!

  31. Yes, I do.

  32. Yes I use dryer sheets

  33. Yes, I use dryer sheets. .. .use Bounce when I have a coupon or hit a sale!

  34. i usually use downy

  35. Nope! I can never remember when to go back and add it, and my old fabric softner balls are history. I place a dryer bar in for two months and forget about it. Clothes come out static free, and fresh for days. Got a hankering for the smell of some warm towels!

  36. I love the bounce dryer bar. My last freebie bar is almost done!

  37. Always!

  38. Love it!

  39. I usually do not use fabric softener.

  40. Yep. I use Bounce. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  41. Yes I use it

  42. Yes usually dryer sheets

  43. yes i do

  44. yes

  45. Yes I do. I use dryer sheets.

  46. Yes, the bounce sheets.

  47. I always use fabric softner but I cannot live without my dryer bar!!!!!!!

  48. I love the unscented Bounce Dryer Bars. This saves m y clothes from static because I always forgot to put the single sheets in.

  49. Yes, love the way it makes the laundry smell, and feel ( so soft).

  50. Yes I use dryer sheets:)

  51. Absolutley!

  52. Yeah all the time, love it

  53. yes

  54. Yes, I use fabric softner.

  55. I used to not use it…but seem to be using it more often now

  56. yes i do!!! snuggle as of right now

  57. Yes, I use liquid fabric softener.

  58. I am using homemade fabric softner at this time. Would love to win a years worth of Bounce dryer bars. Thanks for giveaway, Good luck to all.

  59. i use fabric softener in the washer and dryer.

  60. I don’t always use it but if I have I do. Things have been real tight lately so can’t afford a luxury like softener.

  61. I always use fabric softner!

  62. yes- I use it every day.

  63. I use liquid softener when I go to the laundromat for my large blankets and quilts. I have been using dryer bars at home for a couple of months now and love them

  64. Always use fabric softner, cant do laundry with out it!!!

  65. Yes I do!

  66. Yes!! just bought more today.

  67. yes i do

  68. Absolutley! Would not do laundry without it!

  69. <3 it!!

  70. i love all bounce products!

  71. Not normally

  72. Dryer sheets and the bar

  73. I’ve used the dryer sheets and bars but no liquid softener

  74. Sometimes, not on all of my clothes

  75. we use it all the time, it is a must have in our house

  76. Only when I can work it into the budget, I love the smell and feel when I have it.

  77. Yes can’t imagine my cloths without it 😉

  78. I use fabric softener, dryer sheets or dryer bars

  79. Always.Hate scratchy clothes

  80. usually dryer sheets-not liquid

  81. yes I do ! bounce :)

  82. must admit never used the dryer bar

  83. yes I use the bar,and I love them

  84. yes.. dryer sheets.. never got a bar before but would love to try it.. and when I don’t have liquid softener then use vinegar..

  85. no, I use dryer balls.

  86. yes

  87. No just dryer sheets

  88. I certainly do use fabric softener and would love to win; thanks for the chance

  89. Always!

  90. YES! But NOT on towels! Fabric softener will make your towels less absorbent!