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Today could be your lucky day! I Heart Giveaways and The Coffee Chic present a brand new giveaway where you can get a chance to win $150 Paypal Cash.

The rules are easy! All you need to do is to enter on the rafflecopter widget below to earn entries. Make sure to provide the correct details. Good luck!

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This event is co-hosted by Zoes Printable Coupons, Stay a Stay at Home Mom and Chic Foodies.

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  1. I would buy new coat. Thanks

  2. my kids some new shoes they really need them

  3. My kids some birthday gifts

  4. I would probably buy a kindle for my wife and I to share. :-)

  5. twitted this today, 10/9

  6. I would pay off my bill with paypal!!

  7. twitted this today, 11/9

  8. twitted this today, 12/9

  9. I would buy present for my family

  10. ipad

  11. twitted this today, 13/9

  12. I would buy my daughter a convertible car seat! she is getting to big for her regular one and its time to get more comfy!

  13. Decorations for halloween, and a nice dinner for my husband and I. :)

  14. I would buy clothes for my kids

  15. twitted this today, 15/9

  16. I would finish getting the books for my Jesse then I’d get him a new fishing rod and reel–doesn’t have to be real good for his first one — but ir would be great to take him fishing now.

  17. Would love to win this …found out I am going to be a Grandma so if I win it will just give me some extra to spend on my grandbaby =)

  18. twitted this today, 16/9

  19. Never hurts to start Christmas early!!!

  20. Love to start Christmas shopping!! 😉

  21. definitely` xmas `gifts

  22. twitted this today, 19/9

  23. I’d buy winter clothes for my kids

  24. Probably clothes since I have lost so much weight and do not fit into mine anymore or… I saw some new kitchen appliances I want so I might get some of those.

  25. twitted this today, 20/9

  26. Books! :) Thanks a lot!

  27. I would buy groceries

  28. I would buy groceries or other household items!

  29. I would buy my husband and daughter some new winter boots because they both need them. :)

  30. towards an ipad!

  31. Christmas gifts for my babies!

  32. great comp guys thank you

  33. I would save it for my new computer

  34. What would I buy? I would pay our phone bills, put gas in the car, and if I had anything left… I would buy groceries with it.

  35. i would use the money on groceries

  36. spend it on the kids x-mas.

  37. I would buy Christmas presents for my kids.

  38. twitted this today, 01/10

  39. I would take a little weekend getaway!!! :)

  40. It would go towards my daughters Birthday & Christmas For Sure! It would be so nice to win this!

  41. Christmas presents! :)

  42. twitted this today, 05/10

  43. I would put it toward christmas shopping on ebay

  44. I would splurge on something great for my daughter’s coming child.

  45. I would splurge on a gift for my impending grandson.

  46. It would defiently be Christmas shopping money :)

  47. definetly go for Christmas

  48. X-mas shopping

  49. twitted this today, 08/10

  50. Pay my credit card

  51. pay my electric bill!! :)