The Big Potty Training Giveaway


The Big Potty Training Giveaway!

Super Frugal Stephanie has teamed up with several awesome sponsors and blogging friends to bring you the Big Potty Training Giveaway! The prizes include a Baby Bjorn Potty, Pamper’s Kandoo Products and Pourty toddler potty!

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  1. Always give your child/grandchild praise for being such a big kid. Also try pull-up that change colors when the child has an accident.

  2. Don’t give negative attention. If you only give positive attention when your child goes to the potty & give no attention when they have an accident, they will want to earn those praises from you & they wont associate going potty or having an accident as a problem or a negative. :)

  3. Don’t give negative attention. Positive attention when they do right & act nonchalant when they have an accident. They’ll want to win your approval & your praises. Be patient!

  4. Always make a big deal even if it they didnt go a lot every drop counts make sure they know it :)

  5. BE PATIENT! And do not start until your CHILD is ready.

  6. When starting out, be sure to place your potty training child on the potty first thing in the morning if he/she woke up with a dry training diaper. More than likely, they have held their pee all night and will pee once placed on the potty. This is a good sign of progress.

  7. wait till they are ready!

  8. Give plenty of opportunities to learn.

  9. When they get up in the morning take them into the bathroom right away.

  10. Cherrios in the toilet to aim at

  11. I prefer using cloth training pants or real underwear, my son did not get it all until he started wetting in underwear and did not like it

  12. Don’t let it turn into a power struggle. It is more hassle than it is worth. They will learn when they are ready!!

  13. i used a reward chart with stickers..once the chart was full my girls got a special prize…not to brib bt as reward for using the big girl potty! alsowhile u potty train thake the time to teach proper handwashing tecniques!

  14. Make a rewards system! Always worked for my mom! Everytime we used it in the potty we’d get to pick a sticker to put in our sticker book! (: we all loved it! Lol

  15. make sure your baby is excited to learn and not afraid

  16. Patience is the best thing to have. From start to finish, If the child is not ready, Patience is needed and don’t go into a power hassle, you will both just become upset

  17. Be positively! Even when it’s hard!! Celebrate the catches! Don’t mind the misses! It is a very short period of time! It will pass!

  18. Have patience and reward them when they go!

  19. Rewards!! Rewards!! Rewards!!! For the child and you!!!

  20. I haven’t started potty training, But It is time to start! Im going to try rewards, and praise!

  21. potty training made easy

  22. Wait until the child shows signs that they’re ready!

  23. Put child on potty every half hour in the beginning, and reward when he/she goes.

  24. Just sit your son/daughter on the potty, pee will happen!

  25. I don’t know any tips. I am trying to potty train my son.

  26. Don’t stress. I was so stressed with my first one.Trying to get him potty trained. Now ready to potty train fourth. Relax don’t put pressure on yourself of the child. It will go much better.

  27. My little guy loves to read on the potty… Almost like a bonus, reading and potty training!

  28. BE son likes to dump the potty himself and flush the toilet,that seems to help

  29. Ashli DiPrete says:

    Whenever you have to go to the bathroom invite your child to go potty too on their little potty (in our case the froggy).

  30. Use a potty chair or seat insert and step stool. The child needs to feel comfortable and their feet should not dangle in space.

  31. Candy incentives!

  32. Always make it a big deal every time your child is on the potty!

  33. My main thing was not trying to push potty training. With my son I tried too early and that just caused a lot of accidents! With my daughter I plan on waiting until I KNOW she is ready!