Win a Diamond Candle


We’ve all reached some fantastic milestones and we couldn’t have done it without you our fans!

So now it’s time to celebrate these milestones with all of you to say THANK YOU helping us make it this far!

That’s why Emptynester Reviews, Couponing 4 You, Powered by Mom, Mom Does ReviewsMommy & Baby Reviews & Giveaways and Donna’s Deals and More decided to put together the Milestone Madness Blog Hop!

We contacted companies and people we know and we have each secured a prize(s) for you! So make sure to check out each of the giveaways at the bottom of the post (you’ll see a thumbnail picture) and hop on over and enter all the giveaways! Each one has an awesome prize for you. All these giveaways and it’s so easy to enter WOW!

I am giving away a Diamond Candle in honor of passing 20,000 fans on Facebook!! Woohoo!!

That’s right!  One lucky reader will be receiving a Diamond Candle in the scent of your choice!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck!

Please understand that Emptynester Reviews,Powered By Mom, Mom Does Reviews, Mommy and Baby Reviews, Donna’s Deals and More and Couponing4You along with the other “Milestone Madness Blog Hop” bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. However, we are responsible for contacting our sponsors regarding the winner’s prize at the close of the giveaway. We expect that our sponsors will fulfill their prize agreement and ship them to the winners in a timely manner

*Open to US only

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    Speak Your Mind


  1. I would be peach candle!!

  2. If I were a candle I’d be vanilla nutmeg with a hint of cinnamon and a dash of black pepper.

  3. Lilac

  4. I believe I would be freshly mowed lawn and spring rain

  5. Something fruity

  6. strawberry ty

  7. So sad that Diamond candles are a US only thing :(

    • I am sorry :(

      They only ship in the US … You may enter if you like. I can order it and have it sent to me, I would just ask you to pay the shipping to you. It’s up to you :)

  8. Sweet and Spicy (Peach and Jalapeno)

  9. I would be strawberry cheesecake!

  10. Ocean breeze scent

  11. something tropical and beachy

  12. tropical breeze! lol lol

  13. Asian Pear!

  14. I would be a Grape scent

  15. I would be a pomegranate scented candle!!!!

  16. I would be a happy scent like birthday cake

  17. green apple

  18. Uh spit up and poo? LOL yeah, I’m a mommy 😛 or perhaps, more pleasantly scented, pear lemongrass.

  19. I’d be absolutely scentless; like I wasn’t even there.

  20. I’d be Lavender.

  21. I’d be something fresh and spring like say Honeysuckle. :)

  22. I would be Sandalwood Amber!

  23. I would be a flower of any kind because they all have their own distinct scent and all are beautiful. :)

  24. The scent that I would be is Apples & Berries :)

  25. I would be apple slice

  26. I would be sweet pea from bath & body. I hear sweety pea smells just like it but 1000 times better!! =)

  27. I love the scent of tangerine and cinnamon together!

  28. Since I love, love, love coffee….I would be Hazelnut coffee scented my fav

  29. I would be Irish Orchard with hints of Apple and Pear

  30. Jasmine and Lavender!

  31. I would be peachy mango

  32. I would be watermelon 😀

  33. Probably Peachy Mango!~

  34. I think I would probably be Vanilla

  35. Vanilla or Cinnamon

  36. I would be warm cinnamon with maybe a touch of vanilla…sounds fabulous

  37. I would be a bakery smell because I love to bake

  38. vanilla spice =)

  39. Lily of the Valley

  40. I’d be vanilla.

  41. bird of paradise

  42. pumpkin spice

  43. A crisp ocean scent

  44. I would be lavender vanilla.

  45. I love diamond candles if I were a scent I woud be black berry

  46. Definitely honeysuckle!

  47. Cupcakwe

  48. If you were a candle, what scent would you be? Vanilla cream:)

  49. I’d be something chocolate flavored I’m sure. Thanks for the chance!

  50. CupCake :)

  51. Blueberry Muffin

  52. Awesome question! I’d be pumpkin because I’m spicy and round!

  53. I would love orchid meadow

  54. Either Hawaiian Coconut or Cupcake!! Thank’s so much!!

  55. I would be vanilla!

  56. Cupcake!

  57. I would be Banana Bread scent because this is my favorite bread to smell when it is cooking!

  58. Is there a scent for a frazzled stressed SAHM that her toddlers think is a jungle gym LOL

  59. coconut with a peach undertone! :)

  60. I would be Cuddle :) – being a pregnant mother of a current 12 year old – I just want to enjoy my mommy/Daughter time before our new addition arrives in March. :)

  61. I would choose the tropical retreat

  62. Chocolate!!!

  63. Now that’s a question I have never thought of!! I think I would be like a Strawberries & Cream because I am sweet and laid back and mellow for the most part. :0)

  64. fresh linen

  65. I would be lilac in honor of my mom.

  66. watermelon or apple

  67. cupcake

  68. I would be vanilla or cinnamon because I love to bake!

  69. Something sweet. :-)

  70. I think mine would be fresh linen! Thanks!

  71. I am not sure which I would be. I think it would be a mix of something sweet like honeysuckle, with a dash of cinnamon for my fiery side.

  72. Orange with a touch of cinnamon

  73. i would be cupcake!! Tastes great but can be bad for your health!!

  74. I’m just plain old Vanilla!

  75. I would be vanilla.

  76. Rain and grass

  77. Chocolate chip cookies or Birthday Cake

  78. vanilla

  79. Vanilla!

  80. If I was a candle I would want to smell like something freshly baked :)

  81. tropical breeze

  82. anything melon

  83. I would choose coconut

  84. laura moreland says:

    i would be pepermint

  85. asian perhaps some spice

  86. lilac

  87. I would be Cupcake lol

  88. lavender is always nice

  89. I love Honeysuckle!

  90. I would like tropical, that reminds me of the beach

  91. I would be Baked Apple Pie.. Thanks

  92. honeydew melon

  93. Jasmine and vanilla

  94. i would be cherry vanilla

  95. lavendar cause it keeps me calm!

  96. I would be Frosted Cupcake.

  97. I think I’d be country apple. Something warm and inviting.

  98. Well my name means ALL HONEY—but I have a bit of a spicy attitude so maybe a mix of honeysuckle and cinnamon =^D

  99. Gingerbread!

  100. I would want to be mountains after the rain

  101. I would be lavender, with the fresh sent of spring.

  102. Lilac or honeysuckle

  103. I would be someting fruity or something that smells like fall..

  104. Sara Cicelske says:

    Hmmm…. I would be Coco Loco with emphasis on the Loco! :)

  105. …prolly a lilac candle, I love purple and lilacs are my fave scent.

  106. something vanilla and spice, I would want it to be called “Red Hot Mama” (I’m a redhead)

  107. Cinnamon

  108. I would be lavender – so relaxing!

  109. Bacon!

  110. Cucumber!

  111. Honeysuckle

  112. I’m pretty sure I would be some sort of apple-ish scent… Apple cinnamon would be nice! haha

  113. Id be a candle that smells like hot honey and wet sidewalk.. dont ask.. just reminds me of summer, thats all!

  114. I would be lavender so everyone around me could just relax! :)

  115. If I were a candle I would smell like Buttered Popcorn!! I eat popcorn everyday, so I would like it!!
    I like this question and reading everyone’s comment.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  116. I would be Fall Night!

  117. anything melon/fruit

  118. I would be something with water…I drink lots of it and love the ocean breeze smell.

  119. I would be beach scented.

  120. cotton candy

  121. I would say a luxurious strawberry and vanilla!!

  122. Cotton candy…sweet and fun

  123. lisa harris says:

    It would be hard to choose one but it would have to be pumpkin spice

  124. Lilacs

  125. If I were a candle, I would be vanilla scent

  126. Autumn Sunset

  127. i would be a vanilla dr pepper candle :) I love the taste & smell of cherry and vanilla together…… :)

  128. I would be Victoria Secret Pink, cuz that’s the perfume I wear. lol

  129. Cinnamon sugar…a little sweet and a little spicy!!

  130. If I were a candle scent, I would be Vanilla :)

  131. If I were a candle scent I would be catnip.

  132. Yeah !!! Would love one of these !

  133. I’d be Caramel Coffee scent because that’s all I drink and I’m sure I probably smell like it anyway. LOL!

  134. Sonething beachy and tropical, like coconut or piña colada…yummmm

  135. i would be a lavender candle

  136. tomato basil cucumber.

  137. Being a southern girl, if I were a candle, I’d be pecan pie.

  138. I would be cinnamon vanilla.

  139. pumpkin spice! mmm

  140. pumpkin spice!!

  141. vanilla cream/pumpkin pie spice

  142. coco-nuts!

  143. Right now something fall scented….pumpkin or apple maybe??

  144. spicy cinnamon

  145. I would be a Cinnamon/red clove candel!!! <3

  146. Strawberry and Peach

  147. Mulberry (with a little bit of spice added 😉

  148. i would be orchid and sandelwood

  149. I think I would be just peachy!

  150. a cross between vanilla and cinnamon, love both scents!

  151. A rose lavender would be nice 😉

  152. i would be sugar cookie…….

  153. something like Strawberry Lemonade… sweet but tart LOL

  154. something citrusy like key lime pie

  155. sweet pea

  156. i would be pina coloda

  157. I would be patchouli

  158. Ashli DiPrete says:

    Orchid Meadow.

  159. Lilac

  160. Sweety Pea

  161. I would be chocolate

  162. vanilla.

  163. Love this giveaway! I will be sharing with all my friends!

  164. Tropical scent or fresh & fruity : )

  165. Vanilla or Strawberry

  166. I would be honeysuckle or orchid meadow

  167. cupcake!

  168. Cinnamon

  169. Lavender and patchouli!

  170. i would be monkey farts!:)

  171. I’d be a rainbow colored candle where each layer/color was a different fruit scent! Because its both a candle that i think would be super awesome and I’m fruity, awesome, intense and loved 😀

  172. is there a Grandmas House scent

  173. pumpkin

  174. if i were a candle i would be apple scented.

  175. I would be a fir tree!

  176. Definitely French Vanilla

  177. I would be English Lavender

  178. you are what you eat…..chocolate strawberry

  179. I would be cherry.

  180. I would be tutti fruiti/

  181. I would be Sweety Pea.

  182. blueberry muffin sounds amazing

  183. Caramel Mocha

  184. if i were a candle i would want to be peace n quiet a scent that gives you the smell of a ocean and cleanliness all the while maybe a hint of jasmine to relax the mind

  185. Tropical breeze or honeydew

  186. I would definitely be a fruit, I love all of the fruity smells.

  187. I’d be pumpkin because I’m spicy

  188. If I were a candle I would be Warm Apple Pie because it is a welcoming smell :)

  189. I would be cinnamon vanilla

  190. I would like something Autumn scented!

  191. If I were a candle, I’d be the cupcake-flavored one cuz I want to be frosted (w/the jewelry found inside of the candle) and I love to be sweet!! ;D

  192. I think I would probably be the carnival scent because I’m kinda weird…lol

  193. Brown Sugar and vanilla


  195. I would be vanilla and sandalwood with a hint of orange

  196. sweet Pea

  197. I would be cherry vanilla or cotton candy!

  198. Salty Caramel!

  199. I would be vanilla

  200. i think i would be honeysuckle

  201. I would be be something sweet and intoxicating, like vanilla is to new, or something fun and fruity!

  202. I would be be something sweet and intoxicating, like vanilla is to me, or something fun and fruity!

  203. Cupcake.

  204. Pumpkin Spice

  205. lemony..!! thanks for this giveaway..!!

  206. If I were a candle I would be clean linen so I made everything smell fresh and clean

  207. Cupcake

  208. I would be Misty Dawn! It’s my new fave!

  209. me a candle….kinda hard to answer….but long time ago i had a strawberry shortcake candle and loved it….so i guess i would be a strawberry shortcake if not that then some tropical fruity candle

  210. if i were a candle i would be VANILLA!!!.Vanilla is soothing, pure and clean..thank you

  211. Carnival Candy

  212. I would be something spicey. A red hot comes to mind right now :) A spicey cinnamon, like the little candy!

  213. I would be citrus

  214. I would be spicy and wild, like a forest after a rain with hints of amber

  215. I would be cupcake or sugar cookie!

  216. Fresh Linen or Peach

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  217. I would be peppermint!

  218. Lilac & Lilly

  219. Something to do with water..cause you can’t live without water! :)

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