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Snikiddy creates products for families actively looking for healthier foods that satisfy their snack cravings.  The Snikiddy brand is a portfolio of better for you snacks that are simple, wholesome real products for families. So dig in, it’s all good!

I had the opportunity to try out some of their snacks and they’re delicious!  I really enjoyed the Grilled Cheese Puffs!  They were delicious.

Snikiddy Cheese Puffs, start your kids off right with the flavors they are sure to love.

Your kids now have a hankering for a full flavored snack and they know what they like. Start them off right with Snikiddy Cheese Puffs. Inspired by kids’ favorite foods our Cheese Puffs are fun, taste great and are better for your family than many mainstream snacks laden with preservatives and additives.

One lucky reader will win a Variety Box of Snacks From Snikiddy! Just enter the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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  1. cheese puffs

  2. I can’t wait to try the ‘eat your vegetables,’ they sound great!

  3. I would like to try the cheese puffs.

  4. Grilled Cheese, sounds Yummy:)

  5. grilled cheese puffs

  6. oooo! gluten free with no icky junk! i love it already! i’ll want to try the Barbecue baked fries… my son will want to try the grilled cheese puffs!

  7. Cheese puffs.

  8. the grilled uffspcheese

  9. the grilled cheese puffs

  10. Grilled Cheese Puffs

  11. I would like to try the baked fries.

  12. What Snikiddy snack would you like to try? Sea Salt

    Vegetable chips made with a unique blend including sweet potatoes, carrots and navy beans.

  13. Grilled Cheese Puffs

  14. Baked Fries!

  15. Snikiddy Snacks Mac N’ Cheese Puffs.

  16. Cheese puffs

  17. I would like to try the Grilled Cheese Puffs

  18. Eat your Vegetables // Sea Salt

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (


  20. I would like to try the Italian Herb and Olive Oil vegetable chips. :)

  21. all sound great

  22. Definitely want to try the grilled cheese puffs!

  23. baked fries

  24. Grilled cheese puffs sound unique and would like to try them from snikiddy snacks

  25. Love them little one wod be so excited.

  26. Cheese puffs!

  27. Baked fries sounds good to meeeeeee

  28. I’d like my kids to try any of them actually- I’m not a “snacky”kind of person though, lol.

  29. cheese puffs

  30. i would like to try any of them

  31. i think my family would like the grilled cheese

  32. Sea Salt

    Vegetable chips

  33. the Grilled Cheese Puffs

  34. the grilled cheese puffs sound delicious.

  35. The Grilled Cheese Puffs. I LOVE Cheese!

  36. Grilled Cheese Puffs

  37. twitted this today, 13/9

  38. Barbecued baked fries

  39. Grilled cheese puffs for sure!