Win a Pair of GelThotics

 Having “healthy feet” begins by getting your arches and feet into a healthy position.  GelThotics give real pain relief in any shoe with the highest level of therapeutic support. “It’s the 21st Century solution to foot pain!  Created by the nation’s authority on insoles, foot pain treatment, and foot pain prevention.”

GelThotics are designed to be placed under the removeable innersole.  Made from soft, “skin friendly” silicone, they will never breakdown, will not retain moisture or odors,  and will make all of your shoes much more comfortable.  Decades of foot pain diagnosis have produced a shoe insert that is far more effective at treating the major causes of plantar fasciitis and preventing foot pain.

They are very comfortable and take the pressure off the inside of my feet.  My feet are usually achy by the end of the day, but these take that pain away.

One lucky winner will be receiving a Pair of Kendall GelThotics (a $59.99 value)!  Just fill out the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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  1. plantar fasciatis

  2. For about the past 3-4 months I have been suffering from recurring pain in the arch of my right foot. It sometimes travels to the top of my foot in the crease of my ankle. It seems to get worse when I carry my grandson. A pair of GelThotics would be such a blessing.

  3. i had the plantar fasciitis when i was in high school – they did physical therapy to help it with electrodes and all kinds of stuff like that… haven’t had problems since… but my BFF is having those same problems and so i’d give these to her if i win.

  4. My feet tend to hurt right under my arches when I’m really active but also my heel first thing in the morning.

  5. We are on our feet all day house cleaning this would really help my wife out. Thankyou, Ken

  6. My feet get very sore if i walk a lot. My daughter has pronated flat feet, so she would benefit from the product too.

  7. Plantar Fascitis

  8. Stiffness above the heel


  10. Diabetic foot pain

  11. I suffer from foot fatigue due to fibro and my husband suffers from plantar fasciitis. He probably needs these more than I do!

  12. stiff heel is my worse nightmare

  13. My dogs are barking ! They hurt! Please help me

  14. i dont suffer as much as my husband but he has collasped arches and has a great deal of pain in his feet.

  15. my feet hurt when I walk far

  16. If I’m on my feet too long, due to a previous injury.

  17. I tend to hurt on my heel and arches occasionally… however, sometimes my ankles hurt and I’m sure these would work for that as well!

  18. I have very high arches and you cant find shoes with that kind of support. and the bones going into my toes are longer and without the proper arch support it causes pain in the toe joints.

  19. Ive had foot problems all my life, they swell and I have pain, sharp like the nerve endings are on fire

  20. My heels give me alot of pain. I could do more things if I didnt suffer from this pain.

  21. I would like a pair because my back often hurts after walking

  22. I pull the muscle in my arch on a pretty regular basis, but what bothers me the most is I slammed a door on my foot about a year and a half ago and it’s still bothering me.

  23. The arch of my foot frequently falls.

  24. I tend to get pain right in the middle of where my heel starts, especially when I’m wearing shoes with little to no support.

  25. The arches of both my feet hurt frequently – an unfortunate result of standing all day teaching my sweet 2nd graders (it’s worth it) :)

  26. My worst pain is the balls of my feet due to standing most of the day.