Win a Diamond Candle


Welcome to the Diamond Candle Flash Giveaway! Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom has teamed up with some of my favorite
blogs to offer our readers the chance to win a Diamond Candle generously sponsored by FreebieShark.
Giveaway starts Saturday 9/8 at 6:00 PM EST and ends Sunday 9/9 at midnight EST and is open to US.
Good luck!

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  1. I have not bought a candle for about 3 years. I would feel blessed to win a Diamond Candle. thanks for the giveaway. Annette

  2. 2 days ago… can you say “candle-junkie”?

  3. I’m afraid it has been awhile since I bought my last candle!

  4. Bought an apple cider candle at yankee candle yesterday

  5. Bought an apple cider candle at yankee candle yeserday.

  6. I brought a candle last month. I love these candles I would love to win!

  7. I bought two candles two months ago.

  8. About a month ago! I LOVE CANDLES!!!!! Never have enough of them!!!

  9. Haven’t bought a candle in a long time!

  10. I can’t remember the last time I bought a candle :-) Have bought Scentsy refills though.

  11. The last time I bought a candle was two weeks ago.
    They were on sale so I stocked up.

    But I would l

  12. *love to win one!

  13. The last

  14. the last time i bought a candle was at a peach festival and it was an awareness candle that i had specially made

  15. I’m a fanatic about candles. I can’t go to a store that has them without buying one. So the last time was last week at Walgreen’s.

  16. Haven’t bought a candle for myself in about 3 years, I’ve bought several of gifts, but haven’t been able to treat myself for awhile.

  17. I just bought a candle yesterday to put on my computer desk, I love the smell of vanilla its so relaxing.

  18. I LOVE CANDLES And getting it free I’d love it more!!! :)

  19. It’s probably been about 6-9 months since I bought a candle. I sure would love to win one of your diamond candles. I have been trying hard to win one, and hope to succeed with one. My sister in Florida has one and loves it, along with the ring! Hope to be a winner soon!

  20. Last Christmas they has a 75% off sale

  21. Probably 2 months ago at the BX

  22. About 2 Weeks ago at party city :)

  23. The last time I bought a candle was over a year ago. I am in desperate need of some new scents!

  24. My Supermarket has small jars for $1.00…I buy them once a week….. you get what you pay for :)

  25. Over a year ago.

  26. It’s been a few months since I’ve bought a candle. I like to stock up on scented candles for when a storm hits and we lose power. It’s a soothing light source

  27. I bought two last week!

  28. 6 months ago!

  29. I bought a candle yesterday for a xmas present. YAY

  30. It has been well over a year.

  31. week ago glade french vanilla

  32. I hope I win!

  33. last christmas

  34. it’s been over a year since I bought a candle, I just found out about diamond candles

  35. I buy candles on a constant basis usually when i find a smell i really like or if they are sale :)

  36. 1 month ago

  37. It’s been about a month since I bought my last candle :)

  38. I buy candles from Wal Mart all the time, I LOVE candles. I’m dying to try the scents from diamond candle, but haven’t been able to afford one yet :(

  39. i bought a candle month ago for my daughter she loves them so do i

  40. I buy candles a lot, but probably the last time was at the beginning of summer.

  41. I don’t normally buy candles since I make them but I love these!

  42. It’s been a while… Lol, maybe not since around last Christmas :)

  43. In July when I got one for a good friend

  44. I just bought one today ….because it was on clearance…marked to a great price.

  45. i have 6 now i need more lol its been about a month since i last ordered

  46. I can’t remember… have small children… But would like to win one to give to my mom!

  47. About 6 months ago. Usually when I buy candles, I buy lots of candles.

  48. Would love to win a diamond candle. I love candles in all scents except anything with coconut.

  49. I bought one two months ago

  50. Deana hager says:

    Probably 6 months agos!

  51. The last time I bought a candle was yesterday! It was one of those Wood Wick ones that crackle.

  52. Just purchased a glade candle today, not as nice as these!

  53. I bought 4 candles about 6 weeks ago.

  54. My fiance bought me an apple spice candle last week…love it….but love diamond candles even more ;)

  55. The last time I bought a candle was Mother’s Day. I always buy my mom some wonderful smelling candles.

  56. About 4 months ago, and I have been recycling them lol! I’d love to try a new candle!

  57. It’s been quite a while since I’ve purchased a candle. Been seeing these on Facebook. I’d LOVE to try one!!!

  58. My husband and I love the smell of sexy candles; puts us in the mood :)

  59. It has been forever since I bought a candle with money so tight if it is not a necessity I won’t buy it. I would love to have one of these candles I have been trying forever to win one.

  60. I got a couple of glade candles almost six months ago

  61. The last time I bought a candle was about 6 months ago.

  62. i haven’t bought any candles since my sister’s bridal shower almost a year ago

  63. I bought a candle for my mom for her birthday in may.

  64. I just ordered 2 of these last weekend on a buy one get one

  65. Just got 4 delivered today!

  66. A few months ago..

  67. I Love Candles…. Would Love to WIN won!

  68. It’s been about 6 months but with winter approaching I need more please :)

  69. i havent but am thinking about getting one soon :)

  70. I just purchased two new candles today :) I am a candle freak ;)

  71. I buy a few each year.

  72. I havent gotten a candle.since like Christmas…I’m overdue for one!!

  73. My last candle purchase was a few months ago

  74. Bought candle last week–one of Glades new autumn scents.

  75. I haven’t bought a candle in a long time because the apartment I was in wouldn’t allow candles. Husband graduated – we’re moving, and I am ECSTATIC to be able to buy and light candles again!!! :) and I would LOVE to win one of yours!!!

  76. About two months ago in bed bath and beyond

  77. Less than 2 weeks ago!

  78. I bought my candle early last month and it’s nearing its end and time for a new one :)

  79. The Last time I bought a candle was about a week ago I burn them all the time and love my place smelling good. Thank you for the chance to win…

  80. I love love love candles, but haven’t had the funds to buy one of these yet!! Would be awesome to win one!!

  81. I love candles!!!!!!

  82. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a candle…Probably two Christmases ago as a present. I usually think about my kids before myself. This would be an unbelievable treat for me

  83. I am a candle nut, but haven’t bought one in a few months.

  84. I havn’t, my kids bought me one for mother’s day.

  85. probably about 2 months ago…

  86. The last time I bought a candle was in March or April(I…Basically, its been awhile!!

  87. I adore these candles!!! Pick me pick me!!

  88. I finally broke down and bought a new candle last month after years! Would love another!

  89. Its been a while….maybe 5 or 6 months.

  90. Its been about 1 year = the economy sucks!!! lol

  91. teresa loughman says:

    it has been 3 years

  92. 4 months

  93. laura moreland says:

    pick me pleaseeeeeeeee

  94. laura moreland says:

    last week pine ewe it stunk when i lit it

  95. karen coker says:

    Was just thinking about this the other day when I couldn’t find one :/ its been awhile.

  96. Haven’t bought one in at least a year

  97. Its been at least 4 years since i have bought a candle…id say i’m way overdue.

  98. It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve purchased a candle. I’d LOVE to win one of these!!!

  99. I buy candles all the time or at least wax cubes for making my house smell good. I love them! I think I bought one about a week ago.

  100. Last week a pumpkin smelling votive, I love strong scented candles

  101. It has been so long that I do not remember

  102. Not in a long time..when my mom passed a cpl of years ago i kept hers..she loved candles me not so much.But now that she is gone..i have bought just a few..I dont like to burn them i love haveing them as decoration

  103. I love the fresh smell of candles burning. would love to try one of yours!

  104. Id say its been bout a year since i bought candles!

  105. Last month

  106. I bought candles for Christmas gifts last year so 9 months.

  107. I just bought 2 diamond candles in Dusk 8 days ago! U can never have too many diamond candles! No such thing! :)

  108. i bought a small used candle from a thrift store 2 weeks ago,,I purchased a Diamond Candle about 3 months ago…i would love to win one…thank you

  109. have not bought a candle in about 6 years

  110. I’m bought a great coffee candle in a square cast iron pan on markdowns at tractor supply after Christmas

  111. i would love to win soemthing like this for me i wuld to try this out

  112. wow, its been a birthday candles count?

  113. the last time i bought a candle had to been about 5 yrs

  114. After Christmas special the coffee scented candle in a cast iron skillet at tractor supply

  115. I have not bought a candle for about 10 yrs because of allergies! I would sure love to try one of these!!!

  116. It’s been over a year since I bought a candle. :(

  117. I buy lots of wax tarts and cubes so if those count then last month.

  118. i would say over a yr :(

  119. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a candle. To long. :-)

  120. Last time I bought a candle was last fall.

  121. I bought a Diamond Candle about 6 months ago. Love it!

  122. About a month ago

  123. I bought several candles last week.

  124. Last time I bought a candle was a few weeks ago…hazelnut. :)

  125. I bought a candle like over 2 weeks ago!!. I love candles.

  126. i buy candles all the time would love to win one of these

  127. About a week ago. But, who can just buy one? I always buy two or three, I have to admit, I love candles!

  128. I actually bought a candle 3 days ago, BUT I LOVE DIAMOND CANDLES and would love to win one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. I want to win

  130. I would love to win this candle….beautiful.

  131. At least a couple months ago!

  132. its been over a year since i last bought a candle i cant afford to spend any extra money

  133. I bought a candle a few months ago in a shopin Mt. Pocono, PA

  134. I haven’t ever purchased one, but have been wanting one for MONTHS! My friend just raves about them.

  135. I’ve never bought one, but I’ve always wanted to!!

  136. Bought a candle about a month ago, I would love to win this one.

  137. its been about a year since i bought a candle

  138. I bought a candle a few weeks ago, as a birthday gift for a coworker

  139. It has been a while since I bought a candle.

  140. I have heard so much about these candles on the mommy blogs! i hope i get to win!

  141. easter!

  142. I bought a diamond candle a few weeks ago and my daughter lost the ring the next day! Need a new one.

  143. the last time i bought a candle was in college.. so quite some time!

  144. oh my!!!!

    i really cant remember when was the last time when i bought a candle…..

    and i love candles

  145. i love the scent of candles in my house and would to win one of these

  146. Too long to remember!

  147. I bought candles from my nephews school fundraiser last spring.. baby powder.. smells so good

  148. i havent bought a diamnd candle but would love to win this one