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  1. I love the couponing that can be done there. I also love their decorating items!

  2. What do you like to purchase at your local CVS? Specials with coupons.

  3. usually try to get my make uup and nail polish and a few other odds and ends, depends on the sales really and the coupons I have

  4. I like to purchase diapers and make up

  5. Medicine

  6. candy and cigarettes

  7. Whatever I can buy using a good coupon deal!

  8. health and beauty items

  9. anything I have a coupon for!!!!!

  10. doing ECB deals, then taking the ECB back for another ECB transaction, its an endless cycle of savings!

  11. All kinds of things. They have wonderful sales, discounts and promotions.

  12. As much of I can of Much needed Necessities while using coupons to make the money go even FURTHER!!!

  13. Whatever is cheaper there than at the big box stores!

  14. Love cvs but would take the paypal. Saving up for something !

  15. Anything with a coupon! I love the beauty aisle!

  16. ECB deals!

  17. Everything luv that store

  18. Makeup!! <3