How to Drink While Dieting

When it comes to dieting, alcohol is not the ogre its often made out to be. The truth, is that you do NOT have to miserable to be thin. How To Drink While Dieting will not only show you plenty of research into the benefits of having your little cocktail treats while dieting, but also hand you 101 Skinny Cocktail recipes with the exact ingredients list, calorie counts, and specific servings sizes to make sure you are prepared for any social setting.

As you flip through the 200+ pages, you’ll notice sensible tips and research about how skinny cocktails consumed in moderation can easily help with your diet goals, and your personal willpower to make better food choices and improve your life.

These is such a great and fun book!  When I have a drink it always seems to go to my waistline and the diets I have done always tell you to stay away from alcohol.  This book gives you a list of what you should avoid and cocktail recipes and even helps you order low cal drinks when you are out.  There are some really unique and yummy recipes.

Here are a few of the chapters in the book:

What Cocktails To Avoid
Calorie Counts of Popular Beers and Wine
Blended Cocktails
Retro Cocktails
New Low Cal Classics
and After Dinner Drinks

From now on, your diet and your social life are unstoppable.




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