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Asher’s Chocolates has been making delicious chocolates and candies since 1892, with only the finest ingredients.



Life may be a box of chocolates, but our Majestic assortment is a delectable adventure. Enjoy our finest selection of rich milk and dark chocolate truffles, toffees, buttercreams, jellies, nuts and soufflés.

I was so excited to get my chocolates!  They were so good!  My husband and I finished them off in couple of days and didn’t share with the munchkins!  My favorites were the caramels and marshmallow filled.  The only thing I did not like was that there was not a “key”.  You had to bite into them to tell what they were.  I am not a coffee fan and of course that was one of the first ones I picked.  My husband happily finished them up for me.  These make a perfect gift for someone special or a something special for yourself.

One lucky reader will be winning a 16 oz Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment Box of their own! Just enter the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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  1. I like them both, but dark chocolate is my favorite!

  2. Depends on what is with it. I love Dark chocolate sea salt caramels!

  3. I love love dark chocolate!

  4. I prefer milk chocolate, but when in a throws of a chocolate craving, dark will do as well.

  5. I prefer dark but I like either

  6. I love dark chocolate. Also unusual flavors. This has got to be my favorite giveaway to date.

  7. Dark!

  8. I love milk chocolate. MMMMM

  9. Milk Chocolate.

  10. twitted this today, 04/9

  11. Milk chocolate

  12. This is the BEST contest!!!!!!! EVER!

  13. I prefer dark but I will take any and any time..

  14. I prefer milk. Thanks.

  15. I prefer milk chocolate but of course I eat it all :)

  16. I <3 LOVE <3 Milk Chocolate, but I compromise sometimes and get Dark chocolate because my hubby likes it.

  17. I love both, but milk is best!

  18. Milk Chocolate, Please!

  19. MILK CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

  20. Dark chocolate .

  21. Milk Chocolate

  22. I prefer milk chocolate, though I will eat dark chocolate it it is not plain. :)

  23. i luv milk chocolates

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  25. Usually Milk, but I like dark also!

  26. I prefer Milk Chocolate.

  27. milk

  28. milk

  29. I like milk chocolate but the hubby he likes dark.

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  31. I prefer Milk Chocolate, YUM!!

  32. dark

  33. I prefer Milk Chocolate, but I now also eat Dark Chocolate because it has antioxidants in it, which are very good for you!!!

  34. I love dark chocolate.

  35. milk

  36. dark chocolate!

  37. Milk

  38. I LOVE it all!!!! But if I had to choose, it would be milk

  39. I prefer Milk chocolates.

  40. Milk chocolate…melts in your mouth!

  41. Dark Chocolate is my Favorite!!

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  43. I would really rather Milk Chocolate.

  44. I prefer milk, but I <3 both

  45. def. dark

  46. I love,love dark chocolate. Yummmm

  47. while growing up, i hated dark chocolate… now i can’t handle the milk chocolate, too sweet… funny how our tastes mature as we do 😀

  48. Milk

  49. twitted this today, 09/9

  50. I prefer Milk chocolate, but love both. :)

  51. I Prefer Dark Chocolate :)

  52. Love dark chocolate, but who can pass up any chocolate.

  53. I prefer dark chocolate :)

  54. milk chocolate

  55. DARK!

  56. Milk for sure

  57. twitted this today, 10/9

  58. I prefer milk chocolate.

  59. I love milk chocolate.

  60. Dark Chocolate

  61. Dark Chocolate

  62. I love both types of chocolate, but prefer dark if I had to choose!

  63. dark chocolate!

  64. Milk chocolate!