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At Herbal Destination all their supplements and skincare products are made with strict adherence to true and ancient time tested formulas, all with an excellent track record.  All products are designed to be condition specific and are standardized multi herb formulas.

Their facial scrub is fabulous.  It helps clear my face and leaves it looking more radiant.  It is over 99% natural, made with crushed Pearls, Triphala (made of three fruits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry, Bibhitaki or Belliric fruit and Haritaki or Chebulic fruit) and Avocado.

I also used their muscle and joint pain relieving oil. It was a little messy, but worked really well!  I learned the second time to apply with a cotton ball or washcloth.  It not only relaxed the tight areas, but moisturized as well!

Another great item is their stress supplement.  It really helps you to relax and takes away anxiety.  It doesn’t have any side effects either which is really great!

All of their Herbal Natural Supplements and Skincare Products are made with strict adherence to true and ancient time tested formulas and have an excellent track record.

Herbal Destination is the only company that –

• Manufactures its products with strict adherence to ancient Ayurveda.
• All products are designed to be condition specific.
• Has Certifications of Authenticity.
• Has an entire product line that addresses all aspects of health and beauty.
• Has centralized research and development facilities.
• Has conducted many clinical studies in conjunction with Ayurvedic Universities in India.
• Has attractive, eco friendly, hygienically packaged products.
• All products have standardized herbal formulas.

Two lucky winners will be winning a $30 gift card to Herbal Destination! Just enter on the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!
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