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I personally love Philips Avent products and have used them with all of my kids. It is a brand that I love, trust and wouldn’t think twice about recommending to my friends, family or readers. So when I had the opportunity to reviews Philips Avent New Natural Bottles I did a little dance and almost forgot to hit send. I was super excited about getting these bottles. My sister just had a new little princess. I love that I get to watch her while my sister is at work and I get to watch her grow up. The first few weeks we were having a hard time because my sister breastfeed when she is home so Ashley wants to nurse. This caused some trouble with getting her to take a regular bottle when she was with me. I’m not sure if she just didn’t like the bottle or that she knew it wasn’t mom but she would fight till she finally gave in. When our Philips Avent Natural Bottles came in I couldn’t wait for Ashley to get here so that we could see if we finally found a bottle she liked.


When Ashley got here I gave her the usual 1,000 kisses and patiently waited for her to want to eat. I think I was more excited than a kid at Christmas. I made her bottle and waited for our daily fight with feeding time but surprisingly today we didn’t have a battle. She latched on and started eating. I was amazed. Avent New Natural Bottles are the only bottles that Ashley will use!

Even cleaning and assembling the bottle is super easy. There are fewer parts and the wider neck make it easy to put a bottle together when needed.

Avent has spent over 25 years of research and development with clinical experts and real moms to create the New Natural Bottle. Philips Advent is the #1 brand recommended by moms worldwide. They are committed to helping parents give their babies the best start in life. The Philips Avent Natural bottle makes feeding enjoyable for both moms and babies.

Natural Latch-on: The unique, breast-shaped nipple promotes high nipple acceptance and makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Advanced Anti Colic System: Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy.

Unique comfort petals: Petals inside the nippe increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse, so babies enjoy a more contented feed.

With a design inspired by nature, the new Philips Avent Natural Bottle allows infants to feed in a manner that’s close to breastfeeding as possible, making it easier to combine bottle and breastfeeding. Philips Avent offers a range of bottles and sizes to fit the preferences of any mom or your babies needs. Plastic bottles that are 100% BPA-free polypropylene are available in 4 oz and 9 oz sizes. Glass bottles are available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. You can purchase special pink and blue bottles – exclusively at Babies R Us!

Enter to win a Special Baby Theme Surprise Box!! Enter now until 11:59 pm est on September 14 for your chance to win! The value of the box will be over $2o.00! Giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age and older.

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  1. I like that the bottles allows infants to feed in a manner that’s close to breastfeeding as possible, and I like that the mouth is bigger to make cleaning easier and evenly.

  2. i love the anti colic system

  3. christine slotowski says:

    i like the anti colic system and the easy latch on for the child.

  4. These types of bottle are great for those children who tend to drink a little to fast….I believe these would be inappropriate for my grandson who is 1 years of age & we tend to have problems finding him the right one and at time it can cost a lot of money going threw bottles after bottles trying to find the right one for him….

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  5. I like that with a design inspired by nature, the new Philips Avent Natural Bottle allows infants to feed in a manner that’s close to breastfeeding as possible, making it easier to combine bottle and breastfeeding.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  6. The unique comfort petals

  7. anti colic system

  8. I love the Advanced Anti Colic System, and Unique comfort petals!
    Thank You!

  9. the anti colic system my daughter had that. now my granddaughter. this would help

  10. Advanced anti colic

  11. I have never used the bottles, but I LOVE the pacifiers!

  12. Love Love Love these bottles!! I used them with my first one, and didn’t have any luck with getting my second one to use bottles after she stoped nursing. she went straight to sippy cups! hoping for another one, and would love to use these bottles again!

  13. I like that they are pretty close to breast feeding, since I plan to breast feed for the most part – if there is a day/time that the baby needs feeding from someone else, it’ll be great to have something close to that.

  14. Love the anti-colic system!

  15. I like the anti colic system

  16. I love the anti- colic system and that they resemble a real breast to combat nipple confusion.

  17. The design to reduce cholic

  18. I have used Avent for all three of my babies and my favorite part was the colic reducing shape, but all in all it’s the combination that pulled me in. My babies were almost totally gas free and had no problem taking to the nipple.

  19. I like the anti colic system


  21. anti colic system

  22. The anti colic, air controlled system is great. My baby has a big problem with eating too fast and taking in too much air making her gassy.

  23. I really like that they come in pink or blue

  24. I like The unique, breast-shaped nipple and the anti colic, air controlled system

  25. Loves the anti-colic system

  26. these baby bottles are great..everyone should try them

  27. perfect

  28. I like the new, easy latch on feature.

  29. I like the anti colic system, breast-shaped nipple and and the easy to clean bottles.I used Avent with all of my kids and that was 9 years in total.I highly recommend it.

  30. What I like about the Natural Latch On is that it makes easier to alternate/combine bottle and breastfeeding because of its breast-shaped nipple.

  31. What I like about the Natural Latch On is that it makes easier to alternate/combine breast and bottle feeding because of its breast-shaped nipple.

  32. The vent system – I have a couple other bottles that have this – but it is singular – I think double will be twice as awesome!

  33. I like the breast-shaped nipple to help alternate between bottle and breast feeding.

  34. i like the anti colic system

  35. The anti-colic system

  36. I love how close to breastfeeding the Avent bottles are. With my first, breastfeeding was hard because he didnt latch on right away so we tried alternating between breast and bottle; he ending up preferring the bottle and I was left pumping because I couldn’t get him to latch on again. Now that I am pregnant with my second, I love the idea of how the natural latch on design will make the transition easier. Maybe that will help get my husband up to help feed the baby in the middle of the night LOL

  37. i like the new nipple shape.. it is more like mommy!