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Jewelry Candles has been kind enough to a do a giveaway for us. They are offering the Boo Berry Candle !
Inspired by the American Classic, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory! Instead of a golden ticket in a chocolate bar, you get Premium Soy Wax Candles with jewelry hidden inside worth anywhere from $10 to $7500! You may get a ring, bracelet , necklace, pendant, anklets or beautiful pair of earrings in your candle! You just never know what you are going to get!

To enter please follow the rafflecopter to again your entries. Open to US Residents .


Good Luck!


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    I am a candle fanatic!!! I have one in every room!! Usually swap rooms when they get about halfway down, just so it helps refresh the smell!! Love love love my candles!!!

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    I am actually wanting this candle for more than one reason, 1. My favorite smell is berries. 2. I want to try before I buy, although, I know I will fall in love! 3. I love and NEED candles! I can go on and on, but these are the top reasons!

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    As a stay at home mom, I can’t afford many luxuries and candles are something everyone can enjoy. I’d love to try these especially since Fall is my favorite season!! It’d be nice to have something for ME!!

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    I love Halloween! I would love to win one of these candles and I like this one. I’m disabled on a fixed income and I can’t buy anything nice like this for myself. I love to burn candles and now I can’t afford to do this. Thanks for the awesome candle giveaway!

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    For us here it has been a rough couple of months. We lost some people close to us and took in a 16 year old when her grandmother died. Looking for another job since mine ended in August too. So far September is looking to be a long month I would love to have something that would help not only brighten my day but help to make my living room smell wonderful in the process.

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    I would LOVE to win this candle!! The scent sounds very intriguing, and the kids and I would be able to share the of waiting for the hidden treasure! Thank you very much for the chance to enter! <3

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    I would LOVE to win this candle!!!! The scent sounds very intriguing and the thought of finding a hidden “treasure” inside, sounds like so much fun. It would be something the kids and I could look forward to finding together! Thank you very much for the chance to enter <3

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    Candles are a way of leaving one with a fragrance that just makes one feel so relaxed especially the scented ones you feel like your in another world it depends of course what scent it leaves no matter what candles have always been an inviting source that just makes a house more cozy. I love candles of most kinds small, little, medium no matter the size they can very decorative too. thanks for this nice giveaway.

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    I would love to win one of these candles so that I can put it away to give to my daughter for Christmas. She is always talking about how much she wants one, and it would be a great surprise if I was able to give her one.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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    I would love to win! I love having nice smelling candles lit when my son’s therapists come over. They always compliment how nice the house smells! (:

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    i wanna win this candle cause i have yet to try one of these kinda candles the jewelry candle or the diamond candle so id love to try one!:)

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    I would love to have a jewelry candle because I would love to know
    for myself what they smell like and how they look when lit. Not to mention
    the suspense to get to the jewelry.

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    sorry for all the comments but everytime I tried to comment it tells me it looks like I already said that and redirect me.So I thought my comment didn’t post but it did several times lol

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    Why do I wanna win this candle?? Because its super awesome and the harder question would be, “Why wouldn’t I??” I haven’t been able to try any of these candles yet. Being a candle lover and with all the great things I’ve heard, I’ve got hundreds of reason as to why I would love to win!! Thx & much love <3 <3

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