Giveaway Tips

I love entering giveaways almost as much as I love hosting them!!

A lot of you have asked me questions here, through email and through my fan page.  I decided I should write some tips to answer the most common questions.

1. You can’t win if you do not enter.  Seems basic enough, but it’s so true.  I have won some pretty cool things, but I enter giveaways daily.  Odds are the more that you enter, the more you will win.

2. All winners are chosen randomly.  I do not “pick” my winners.  I use a random generator.  If you want to read about them you check that out HERE

3. Read disclosures.  These can be found at the bottom of the giveaway and/or the rafflecopter.  They tell you who the contest is open to, if there are any restrictions, and how long you have to respond if you win.

4. Check your spam folder! I can not emphasize this enough! If the word Giveaway, Contest, or Winner is in the subject, it is often placed into the spam folder.

5. Use of personal info (email, phone #) – I highly suggest getting a separate email for entering giveaways. This does NOT mean using two emails to get double the offers.  That is cheating. I mean using a separate email just for the giveaways and keeping your personal email separate.  I also use a special phone number for giveaways and freebies.  You can get a free number from  Google Voice HERE.  Even if they leave a voicemail it will send that to your email.  If you have a smart phone you can download the app for it and receive and make calls from your google voice number.

6. Do NOT cheat!! I think it’s ridiculous I even have to talk about it, but it happens all the time.  We check and verify all the entries.  If you did not do something, do not say you did.  It’s that simple.

7. Have fun!!

To find all my current giveaways, head HERE 

For a list of current winners, head HERE 

Good luck!!

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