Win a Marc Jacobs Tote


Here is another awesome fashion giveaway!!  It’s for a Marc Jacobs purse!!

Marc Jacobs, fashion icon

Besides having an interesting personal life and a fashion pedigree that includes being the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton since 1997, Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who symbolizes quality, value and prestige. From his grunge days to his acclaimed New York fashion shows, Marc Jacobs continues to revolutionize, astound, exceed the expectations of the fashion world.

Isn’t it time you owned a piece of his fashion legacy?


Marc Jacobs tote giveaway

Megan of Behavioral Child is giving away this unusual and unique Marc Jacobs item. One lucky winner will walk away with this $500 tote designed by one of the most prolific and provocative forces in global fashion. There’s a crazy story behind it and you can read all about it on her blog.

Marc Jacobs tote is 60% canvas, 40% calf leather, made in Italy.

Measurements: 16″x14″x6″, 7″ handle drop.

Syle #C363073, off-white and grey.


Prize winner must be a US or Canada resident, 18 years or older. One random winner.

Enter via the form below. Most entries are optional. Good luck!


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  1. I love Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs

  2. would love to walk around carrying this bag. love it

  3. I love Coach and Gucci

  4. This is a great give away!!!! Thanks

  5. I love Vera Bradley!!

  6. I am so excited for this giveaway! Designer Purses are my favorite thing of all. I have to say my absolute favorite designer is Marc Jacobs who designs for Louis Vuitton. I have about 35 Louis Vuitton’s (replicas though). Lol, I wish I could afford real ones.

  7. Kate Spade

  8. My favorite purse designer is Coach.

  9. Coach.

  10. dooney and burke

  11. Coach, I guess, and Kohl’s. I’ve never had a “designer” bag before.

  12. Coach or Vera Bradley

  13. Coach and Dooney and Burke

  14. Favorite purse designer is Coach.

  15. Coach & Marc Jacobs

  16. Vera Bradley

  17. Coach

  18. I don’t really have a favorite.

  19. Can anyone tell me? How do you like the facebook follows? When I click on them there isn’t a link to follow for the list.

  20. Etienne Angier

  21. coach

  22. coach, never owned one

  23. I haven’t got a favorite designer, although I do like Marc Jacobs…

  24. I really like the look of a Coach bag, however, I have never owned one. Thanks for the
    great giveaway!

  25. There are so many, I have a few coach bags and love them. I would love to have this one.

  26. Marc Jacobs !

  27. My wife likes Hayden and Harnett.

  28. This is a fantabulous giveaway. Hoping to win!

  29. Marc Jacobs

  30. SACS

  31. Seatbelt bags

  32. Marc Jacobs and Coach!

  33. Balenciaga

  34. Love this beautiful tote!

  35. My favorites are mui mui or chanel

  36. Marc Jacobs and coach

  37. I am entering via Facebook
    Awesome prize Thanks
    Good luck to me!

  38. Marc Jacobs

  39. I like coach and Marc Jacobs.

  40. Coach

  41. Coach and Vera Bradley

  42. Coach!

  43. I like Dooney and Burke

  44. marc jacobs!

  45. I love D&B or Prada

  46. Juicy

  47. I have never had anything from a designer, would love to get this bag.

  48. I don’t have one.

  49. Kenneth Cole

  50. I want to win this bag sooooo bad.

  51. Coach

  52. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I love almost all designer purses, but rarely can afford them!

  53. Coach

  54. coach

  55. I heart D&G, Kate Spade, Juicy, Coach & Marc Jacobs

  56. Coach

  57. I love Marc Jacobs.

  58. Coach

  59. Coach

  60. I enjoy the Liz Claiborne purses.

  61. Coach.

  62. Coach!

  63. Coach

  64. Dooney and Burke or Coach!

  65. Dooney & Burke

  66. I like Coach

  67. Coach and Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs :)

  68. I love love love purses. I am not into names I just love love bags period.

  69. Marc Jacobs

  70. Kathy Ireland and Coach

  71. I love coach purses :)

  72. I love Coach purses.

  73. Coach

  74. Dooney and Burke, work for me!

  75. Kate Spade!

  76. I really like coach and Betsy Johnson

  77. Fendi and Hermès

  78. Coach

  79. FAvorite designer, I like several, coach, marc jacobs, miche

  80. i dont really have a favorite designer. I do like jessica simpsons bags, marc eko and marc jacobs the list goes on

  81. Coach and chanel

  82. Betsey Johnson

  83. dooney and burke. thank you for the giveaway! :D

  84. Coach

  85. Vera Bradley

  86. Coach and Marc Jacobs

  87. Coach even though I can’t afford any lol

  88. laura moreland says:

    i like most purses but coach is mine

  89. Can’t say that I have a favorite purse designer….simply because I can’t afford a purse that has a designer!!

  90. I like a lot of Kate Spade bags

  91. All of them?!? LOL! Sorry I don’t really have a favorite, I just love purses as much as I love shoes, jewelry, and clothes. heehee =)

  92. Coach!

  93. Coach is my all time favorite.

  94. Ashli DiPrete says:


  95. i’ve never had a designer bag but i like the coach ones and the Marc Jacob ones. The prints are so so pretty

  96. Janet Hale says:

    i like coach

  97. gucci coach marc jacobs

  98. I like Coach bags best

  99. Vera Wang, Loungefly, and Sienna Ricchi

  100. Vera Bradley

  101. Love coach purses!!

  102. I love Lucky Brand bags!

  103. Would love to win!!!

  104. I really don’t know much about them as I can’t afford them but have had some hand me downs from my granddaughter and they are Coach.

  105. I don’t have a favorite it all depends on the bag.

  106. I think maybe madie claire,not that I own any.

  107. Marc Jacobs

  108. Coach & Jacobs

  109. My favorite purse designer is my friend Michelle Fish. She makes great purses for me.

  110. Love francesco biasia

  111. i love coach bags

  112. marc jacobs

  113. Petunia pickle bottom

  114. I don’t really have a favorite because I tend to go on how cute it is rather than who designed it. I do seem to like Coach bags a lot though.

  115. I love Gucci, Coach, and Marc Jacobs

  116. I do not have a favorite. I go by the design of the purse and not the name on the purse.

  117. Louis Vuitton or coach

  118. I am kinda new to the world of purses and have not found a designer I love yet… but I usually go for an “indie” or “grunge” style purse

  119. I would have to say Dooney & Burke.

  120. Only designer purse ever owned was coach!

  121. I love my coach purses, they were a spluge.. but there are other designers (mark jacob, kate spade, dooney and burkey) that I love the look of adn would love to own

  122. Chanel

  123. I was always a Dooney girl, but I am really liking Michael Kors lately!

  124. coach for sure!

  125. I love Coach purses….

  126. Thank you for the opportunity

  127. I am not a designer follower. If it’s cute and fits my budget then I’m in. I do, however, love buying from Thirty-One.

  128. I’ve never owned a brand name purse before this one is cool.Thanks for the giveaway! :)