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Do you think prayer should be allowed in schools?


Do you think gay marriage should be legal in all 50 States?

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  1. says

    I believe prayer should be allowed in school. Just because it is allowed in school, doesn’t mean it would be forced upon everybody. Our children should have the right and choice to pray in school if they want to.

  2. says

    Gay marriage should be allowed who cares to each their own and prayer should be allowed in schools what happen to “one nation under god” its crazy that they dont even say the pledge of allegiance not sure what this world has come to

  3. says

    I think everyone one should be able to pray where when and to who they want. I mean To each their own.

    Yes I think Gay marriage should be legalized. I am a gay male and it irks me when I hear people say gays should’t force their opinion onto them, But you can force yours onto us? I mean I thought we were all equal why can’t we have the same rights as everyone else. We are all made the same and should all be treated with the same rights and respect. We all fall in love with who our heart chooses whether it be male or female. Love is Love.

  4. says

    I think the question refers to students being led in prayer, just like the pledge of allegiance is led. Since there are so many religions, I don’t think this type of prayer should be in the classroom. It is a family matter and a personal matter. And everyone doesn’t believe in God. However, anyone should be able to pray whenever or wherever they feel the need, whether in school or work or the middle of the street.

    On the subject of gay marriage, we are brought back to God. Those who pass the laws against it are obviously people who believe in God and what the bible says about the subject. Again, everyone doesn’t believe in God, so what the bible says would not affect them. If everyone would just mind their own business, we wouldn’t have so many problems in this world.

    That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to have one.

  5. says

    God is needed for All! American is based on all principles of God! Just look at our judicial system… swear on the Holy Bible. Our money… In God We Trust. Everything about US, as well as everyone, is created, supported and living from God. Our most precious cherish loving children, created from God, need to learn that He is the most important and number 1 in all our lives. How can we…our children who are our future not continue to know and love God! Without God…we are will no longer live. God is good and without good, there is evil. I was taught our loving God must be in our children lives and in our education system for evil not to enter.

    Some call God by different names, etc…, yet He is our creature, our teacher, our mentor.

    However, no one needs to be forced to come to God. By having His presence in our personal lives can we learn, like all learning, have the decision to worship Him or not. This country also has Free Speech! How can one take away God from school and our children’s learning… what will be the replacement?

  6. karenH says

    if a child wants to pray at school that should be okay but i dont really think prayer has any place in the public schools. gay marriage should be legalized its no one elses business who you love and who you have a relationship with. many homosexual couples have been together for years so why shouldnt they be allowed to get married and have families just because they love someone from the same sex? that doesnt make them bad people

  7. says

    I do not see a issue with prayer in school.. If you don’t like it your child does not have to participate. I do not know how I feel about gay marriage (have a lot of gay friends). It does amaze me thou, the ones that don’t agree with prayer in schools, but think gay marriage is ok????

  8. says

    Prayer should be allowed in public schools for those students who wish to say prayer or participate in prayer. We teach students to be independent; this is part of their choice.

  9. says

    i think ppl shouldnt judge gay marriage or a persons right to pray in school its their choice and their life !!!!! you cant help who u love … and y try and keep someone from doing what they beleive in no matter if its in the street or school….

  10. says

    I believe everyone has the right to marry whomever they choose, whether you are gay or heterosexual. No one should have the right to tell you that you are not allowed to marry the person you love, so, yes, Gay Marriages should be legalized in all 50 States and everywhere else in the world.

  11. says

    I think Gay Marrakesh should be allowed in all 50 states because I don’t think that it’s fair to everyone. Everyone is different in their own way. If there’s a gay couple that love each other then I can’t see why they can’t be together. It’s practically almost the same as a straight couple being together.

  12. Debra Shinabarger says

    I believe everyone has the right to be with who they want to be with and if they want to get married they should be able to where ever they live!

  13. denise smith says

    i think kids should be allowed to pray in school if they want . nobody has the right to take that away from us and our children.

  14. says

    I feel that prayer should not be LED in school, But I feel that prayer is should be allowed. Whatever your religion is, you should know you can pray to your God whenever you like. You should be allowed to say it out loud or in your head. But, No I don’t think it should be led and manditory in schools. We need to respect all religions. I also think that Gay Marriage should be legal in all 50 states. Who are we to judge who someone is or falls in love with. Everyone deserves equality. It’s 2012 people!!!

  15. says

    I think gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states because it is not wrong to love someone. Everyone should have the right to love whoever they want- doesn’t matter if it is the same gender. By making it illegal, we are saying it is wrong to love someone, that is just not right in my opinion.

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