Win a $20 Starbucks Gift Card


Woohoo! Coupon Nurse just hit 20,000 fans on Facebook so we’re  having a FLASH Giveaway for a 20.00dollar Starbucks gift card! Yay! Thanks to all the fans.

I am rewarding someone tonight with a 20.00dollar starbucks gift card
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  1. I love their ice tea.

  2. vanilla cafe latte, although pumpkin spice is my all time favorite when in season

  3. I would really love a Venti Iced Green Tea Sweetened right about now! Hope I win!

  4. my favorite is caramel macchiato!

  5. i love to just get straight black coffee and use my own creamer and splenda yum

  6. Cinnamon Dulce Latte! Mmm…

  7. Chai Latte

  8. I love me some passion tea lemonade

  9. I like Blonde Roast Coffees

  10. really love that place

  11. My fave is a mocha frappachino!

  12. my favorite drink is carmel moca frappe

  13. What is your favorite drink at starbucks. I really like the vanilla latte’s

  14. I love Starbucks.

  15. Coffee: Decaf Pike Place Roast

  16. My new favorite is the Refreshers!

  17. My favorite drink at Starbucks is Moca-Coconut Frappichino

  18. Anything carmel, especially blended

  19. Yummy!!!

  20. I don’t drink coffe but I would love to give this to my sister

  21. Iced Caramel Macchiato with whip!

  22. chai creme frappuccino with 6 pumps of chai, non-fat milk and no whipped cream

  23. I love the Strawberry Smoothie!

  24. venti chai creme frappuccino with non-fat milk, no whipped cream and 6 pumps of chai

  25. I just like the strong regular coffee..

  26. I like cinnamon dulce frapps

  27. Iced Coffee…toffee nut..

  28. Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® is my favorite!

  29. vanilla bean fapachino <3

  30. My favorite is Mocha Frappicinno!

  31. caramel cap

  32. Vanilla Latte or Ice Tea

  33. Frappe’s any

  34. Iced vanilla latte.

  35. Love the blonde roast coffee.

  36. their shaken iced tea with hot chocolate coming in a close second!

  37. Mochas are my favorite, except during the holidays when they have the Mint Mocha.

  38. Maryelizabeth Cipriano says:

    I love all Starbucks Coffee.

  39. Would love to win this starbucks gift card !!!

  40. I like their coconut frappaccinos!

  41. mocha fraps for me!

  42. My favorites are Caramel Frappe and Double Chocolate Chip Mint – so good!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. anything with chocolate! :)

  44. I like hot chocolate

  45. Grande mocha cookie frappachino

  46. chai latte

  47. caramel macchiato is my fav

  48. i really <3 cappucino forever!

  49. iced white chocolate mocha with whip

  50. I love starbucks

  51. Anything caramel

  52. I love the Non fat Cinn. Dolce Latte

  53. salted caramel hot chocolate

  54. I love their White Chocolate Mocha

  55. I love their hot Chocolate.

  56. Caramel frappuccino mmmmmm…

  57. caramel frap! i haven’t had one in forever, literally!

  58. caramel macchiato…drowning in caramel!!

  59. My favorite starbucks drink is their White Chocalate Mocha Frap.

  60. Starbucks is the best.

  61. Love white chocolate mocha, but also love peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas!!!

  62. Caramel frapp.. mmmmmmmm!

  63. tall, decaf, nonfat, no whip, 4-pump mocha!

  64. I could use a Starbucks fix right now :)

  65. canilla bean frap!

  66. Caramel frappachino

  67. caramel frapp all the way <3

  68. Cinnamon Dolce Frappucino!

  69. Starting off a day with a nice free cup of whatever suits my mood would get me through the day. This is an awesome give-away.

  70. Yummy!!!