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Target Mega Flash Giveaway
August 27 7PM – August 28 Midnight, Eastern Time
2 Winners

Grand Prize – $150 Target Gift Card
target gift card $150 dogs playing cards

Second Prize – $100 Target Gift Card

Target gift card with dog wearing sweater

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Enter this super-duper giveaway with two prizes that Rock!

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It is a winning giveaway ever!

4 Serious Amounts in Target Gift Cards to 4 Winners!

Disclosure and Disclaimer: This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. This blog is not responsible for prize shipment. The sponsor will ship prizes directly to the winners, once the winners have been confirmed.
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  1. I’d spend this on some home decor items for our new home.

  2. School supplies and school clothes. If there’s any left, I’d do some Christmas shopping too!!

  3. would definitely use it on groceries for my dorm

  4. I would buy clothes

  5. I’d buy myself some new clothes to celebrate a 15 pound weight loss!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  6. Christmas presents for the family

  7. clothes and food!

  8. Clothes for the kids

  9. I will help my daughter with college supplies

  10. ooo, can get lots of stuff at target for $150! Food, beauty and medicine items, clothes.

  11. We are buying Christmas gifts, so that would help very much!!

  12. groceries and shoes

  13. We are really low on cash now that my husband has started medical school. Would love to win this to help balance things a bit!

  14. i would buy my son school sullpies and clothes

  15. I would love to get a jumpstart for Christmas! Good Luck everyone!

  16. I would use it to decorate our new house!

  17. Clothes for ME! I love Target clothing. :)

  18. I will use this towards xmas presents. Thanks.

  19. gifts

  20. I would use it to buy my mom something for her Birthday ! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  21. I would buy a car seat or high chair for my baby (:

  22. New clothes!! ?

  23. I need new Sheets and conforter for my bed! I would use it for that!

  24. Christmas gifts!!!

  25. I would buy my little girls there birthday outfit and lots of diapers lol

  26. I will be buying my family’s Christmas presents. I know it’s a long ways away but if I get it done now, I wont have to worry about it a week before Christmas. 😀

  27. Christmas gifts for my 4 grand children

  28. I would use it for Christmas presents.

  29. PE shoes & socks for 3 kids

  30. Additions to the kiddos’ back to school waredrobes (3 in all!)

  31. I would get clothes for my kiddos!

  32. Probably household items, but would love a new pair of shoes (or two)!

  33. lori hathaway says:

    I would definity use it to get more school clothes for my kids and probably a new car seat for my 1 1/2 year old. Keeping my fingers crossed

  34. i’ll spend it on clothes

  35. Groceries. LOL.

  36. i would spend on my children

  37. School clothes

  38. I’d get an early start on Christmas shopping!

  39. I would buy my kids some more clothes.Target has some cute kid clothes!

  40. Just moved into a new apartment this would really help,

  41. groceries and back to school things!

  42. My husband just lost his job and our son desperately needs some clothes for school, so I would buy him clothes and use any leftover for groceries!

  43. Buy a new vacuum cleaner! Ours kicked the bucket!

  44. I would buy some stuff for my pets (can’t forget them)

  45. Get my 4 girls some clothes :)

  46. I could SO use either one of these right now. Everyone in this household is out of work and with ALL the medical bills for my husband…Everything else gets put on hold…..I would use for Necessary incidentals……..Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity to winone!!!

  47. I’d go on a couponing trip and make that money worth even more to get food and other basics!

  48. I will buy some fall school clothes for my 2 growing daughters.

  49. a shopping spree!!

  50. Mary L Cottingham says:

    My niece and nephew both have birthdays at the end of the month… winning GCs mean bigger presents from their favorite auntie au pair.

  51. This would help this broke student get groceries for a couple of weeks!

  52. I would go an buy new outfits for me! i really really need some new clothes!

  53. I’d use it on groceries!

  54. I would use it towards my 2 nieces that l have custody of & my daughter!

  55. If I win I am buying random stuff I never get to buy!

  56. I would buy Christmas presents and birthday presents. Busy time of year coming up. Thank you!