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We’ve got another awesome Coach Sunglasses giveaway brought to you by Harman Eye Center and Donna’s Deals and More!

We’re giving away a pair of Vintage Style Coach Sunglasses in Olive Horn. $242 RV

All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below! Good luck!
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  1. This weekend I will be relaxing since college starts again on Monday!

  2. We are planning to soak up some sun this weekend!! RELAXATION ALL THE WAY!!

  3. I plan on shopping for new shirts this weekend! Much needed for a new job I start on Monday.

  4. Spending it with my family :-)

  5. wanting to go to the lake but will have to see if weather permits us to

  6. We plan on hangiung out at the pool this weekend!

  7. Gonna sit at home with the hubby this weekend 😉

  8. Sleeping in and visiting my aunt!

  9. hanging with my bestie

  10. I’d love to win these for my wife, she is a coach fanatic

  11. i will be working around the house

  12. This weekend I will b taking it easy due to an after surgery set back. Nothing to major

  13. Enjoying this as the last weekend before my son starts kindergarten on Monday.

  14. Helping our college freshman find a car.

  15. Taking care of my sick little girl…boo!!! I wish I had more fun plans, though. :)

  16. Cleaning up around the house

  17. Prepping for a new job, visiting a friend in the hosp, grocery shopping…

  18. We are going to a pool party on Saturday, then church in the evening, then church Sunday morning!

  19. After a crazy first week back to school, we are gonna RELAX!!!!!

  20. I will be attending an event put on by my husband and his business partners… and it will be a DATE NIGHT! No kids! :)

  21. this weekend i will be going to rib fest and i went to a bbq 2day!:) and thats about it.

  22. Relaxing at home with the kids before school starts in 2 weeks!!!!

  23. I plan on a relaxing weekend. I would love to have these great sunglasses.

  24. Just some quality family time.

  25. I will be clening house and spending time with my son

  26. Nothing planned this weekend.

  27. shopping

  28. to spend some time with my kids maybe rent a movie

  29. Relax!! It’s been a hectic week and I don’t want to get out of my pjs all weekend, even though I know that won’t happen lol

  30. I have a good friend’s birthday bbq to go to tomorrow :)

  31. Getting the yard mowed and some house cleaning done.

  32. Shopping for shoes for the kiddies (back to school)

  33. My family and I are going out on the boat. We are always so busy and working that we don’t always get to have family time, so I love when we do absolutely nothing spend the day together as a family :)

  34. Glamping!

  35. Shopping

  36. We will be bbq at the beach, enjoy last days of summer.

  37. Well, I was going to get my son a flu shot. He flipped out so that was a no go. I even went first so he could see how easy it was. I guess we will run errands and maybe clean up around here. Sigh!

  38. This is the last weekend of summer vacay, so I’m spending it with the kiddos before school starts on Monday!

  39. Yesterday my niece got married and today my sister and I are bring my brother back home to Eau Claire, WI. Tomorrow I am just going to relax and catch up on my facebook listings

  40. I will be spending the weekend enjoying my family!!!!

  41. Unfortunately, working. But, thanks for asking. :)

  42. cleaning my house and spending time with my husband!!!

  43. be super lazy

  44. Searching for our friends missing dog :(

  45. My plan is to relax this weekend.

  46. Enjoying my husband’s birthday! Made his favorite breakfast, enjoyed a movie and soon we’ll be cutting open a cheesecake I made for him! Another fun day tomorrow planned.

  47. BBQ today and lake on Sunday :)

  48. We are planning to go to the WEBN Fireworks if we are moved in our new place by then

  49. Cleaning cars sat relaxing sun!

  50. waiting for the hurricane

  51. First of all AMAZING giveaway. Coach is my MOST favorite brand ever. It is my birthday next friday but this weekend we will be spending it with family celebrating another year. Thanks so much. Terri of Two Pink Peas

  52. I am working.

  53. Working!!

  54. I’m cleaning, walking the dog, and reading. Good and relaxing until the work week starts!

  55. This weekend, my inlaws are in town, so we are spending time with them. Tonight we had a ‘fancy schmancy dinner party’ (son’s idea…every one dressed nice and we ate at home) and tomorrow we are going to the science museum.

  56. I’m sick so I’ll be watching Netflix all weekend.

  57. yard sale

  58. Just hanging w/the family.

  59. Just got a text that my SIL water broke. road trip to see my first niece or nephew.

  60. Washing and house cleaning! I have 3 little ones at home.

  61. Working!

  62. I had my Open For Business Wine Tasting for Wines for Humanity last night. It was awesome!

  63. watch tv

  64. relax!

  65. Spending time with my family.

  66. laundry and all the other “fun” things this weekend!!

  67. Been school shopping for kids.

  68. Just relaxing with my family!

  69. my plans this weekend ,is to relax,relax,relax!!!!!

  70. Studying all weekend for a test.

  71. Staying dry! or trying to lol

  72. Glorious nothing. Hopefully some family time

  73. Well I spent this weekend coped up indoors thanks to tropical storm/hurricane Issac…. so I hope to spend next weekend outside showing off my new sunglasses 😉

  74. I don’t have any weekend plans! I like it that way!

  75. I will be out on the lake, on the boat.

  76. Plan to go out with the girls this weekend!

  77. Labor day fireworks on the river!

  78. Hopefully just feeling good. That’s all I ask ?

  79. hopefuly working the bills dont give me a day off

  80. work work work!

  81. The pool with the family

  82. I’m going to visit family including my two month old niece!

  83. Don’t have any! Maybe stay home and enter you sweeps!

  84. spending quality time with the family……

  85. Sorry, i am too late :-(