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ME! Bath originated from the basic principle to do simple things exceedingly well. The idea for ME! Bath first started while Lisa was attending Stanford Business School for her MBA. According to Lisa, “I love taking baths at home but I was getting tired of the same routine every night. I envisioned a decadent bath and body line that could transform a mundane bath at home into a lavish spa-like experience.” Benjamin, a MBA graduate with an advertising and finance background, decided to turn his wife’s vision into a reality. Ten months later, ME! Bath was born.

After carefully researching various scents, oils and minerals, Benjamin and Lisa developed a unique proprietary formula resulting in their signature product, Bath Ice Cream. According to Benjamin, “I had worked in product development before, and I knew that I had to create something for people that would really stand out.” Instead of the typical monotonous manufacturing process, each Bath Ice Cream is individually handmade with meticulous preparation and comprised of the highest quality ingredients.

Now for my personal experience :) First of all, I was very pleasantly surprised at the size of the sugar scrub I received!

I am a sucker for vanilla fragrance so of course I loved the smell as soon as I opened it! Even before taking the top off of the sugar scrub, I could smell the amazing aroma!! When I opened the product, the smell was so intoxicating I had to jump in the shower right away to use it!

When I opened it and started to use it, I noticed how the quality of this sugar scrub was so much better than others. I have used many sugar scrubs in my past, and they are all very runny and water.. I feel like I use the whole tub of it in 5 uses! NOT WITH ME! BATH! The sugar scrub is so dense and thick you only need just a small amount per body part! (Make sure you have soaked in the shower for a minute so you don’t scrape yourself lol) I would also suggest you use before shaving to make your legs EXTRA smooth!

When I got out of the shower, I could still smell the vanilla lingering! I loved that! Alot of bath soaps and scrubs do not have a lasting effect, but ME! Bath sure does! My fiance even could smell the vanilla from the bedroom!!(The bathroom I used was the Master Bath.)He thought I lit a candle in the bathroom. lol

I have used this product ALL week long and look how much I have left!

This product is definitely worth EVERY PENNY! If you would like to try ME! Bath go HERE to check out their amazing bath products, especially their sugar scrubs!

Also Check out ME! Bath on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE !!

NOW for the BEST part! ME! Bath has graciously offered one of YOU lucky fans to win this!!! This giveaway will last from 8/24-8/31

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  1. I love the Shower Sherbet because Vanilla is my favorite scent..

  2. Strawberry Kiwi Shower soap!! Thank’s so much Donna!! You have the BEST Giveaway’s Ever!!

  3. Strawberry Kiwi Shower Sherbert…I Luv Strawberries too!!

  4. Vanilla purity shower scrub

  5. Any would be fine. I love them all.

  6. lavender lullaby

  7. I want to try the Gotta Have it Pomagranite Shower Sherbet!

  8. Vanilla Lullaby is my fave scent…yum!!!

  9. I would like to try Strawberry Kiwi Body Wash.

  10. Land of Milk & Honey Sherbet

  11. tri functional sugar scrub

  12. Pomegranate Shower Sherbet

  13. strawberry kiwi please

  14. any body scrubs and a scent i would like to try would be the milk and honey or the choc.

  15. I would love to try the Strawberry Kiwi Body Wash.

  16. I have never tried these. Would love to win!

  17. I would love to try any one of them.

  18. I love vanilla too!

  19. Vanilla Purity Signature Collection..the sounds of it sounds so yummy. I love vanilla..its my most favorite scent even though id love to try any of them. They all sound so delish!

  20. Lavender Lullaby Shower Sherbet

  21. Vanilla Purity Body Wash

  22. strawberry kiwi body icing yum

  23. strawberry kiwi fav scent

  24. hawaiian lei shower serbert, i think would smell really good =]

  25. The ice cream sandwich pumice soap looks interesting since i take showers.

  26. Lavender lullaby would be my favorite scent.

  27. Land of Milk and Honey!

  28. Hawaiian Lei sounds intriguing!

  29. 50 years on this earth and you know I’ve never bathed with ice ream. Would love to try the night falls on neroli bath ice ream.

  30. I also love lavender. the lavender sherbet looks great. dang dinner time

  31. Would love to try…

  32. Honey and Milk *___*

  33. They all sound wonderful but I think I would like to try the Strawberry Kiwi Shower Sherbert, ty so much for this opportunity to win :)

  34. Have never tried one of your bath scents so have no clue what my favorite is, but would love to win :)

  35. I love vanilla and would love to have this

  36. For ME from ME! bath. . . . lavender lullaby followed by sweet dreams … .zzzzzzzzz

  37. The Hawaiian Lei fragrance sounds nice.

  38. vanilla scented

  39. I would like to try the strawberry kiwi shower sherbet and the Ice Cream Sandwich. Really, I want to try all of it, it looks so neat (and sweet)!!!

  40. I like vanilla

  41. Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite bath scent!!

  42. I love the name! I also love vanilla scented products and I use a scrub several times a week — when I come across an absolute “awesome” new product either by buying it or “winning”, I have a large friend and family base that will hear the goods news quickly… I hope I win.

  43. Vanilla Purity Shower sherbet

  44. Love to try new products!!

  45. Strawberry Kiwi shower sherbet

  46. The milk and honey one looks ah-may-zing!

  47. Vanilla Purity Shower sherbet

  48. vanilla is always at the top of my list

  49. vanilla purity body wash

  50. lavender lullaby

  51. Strawberry Kiwi Sherbet!

  52. hawaiian lei shower sherbet.

  53. pumpkin pie bath ice cream…

  54. I would love to try the Love ME! Mini Bath Ice Cream! It looks like real ice cream

  55. Milk and honey would be my favorite scent

  56. milk and honey shower sherbert!!

  57. Vanilla Purity Shower Sherbet

  58. Vanilla Purity

  59. Strawberry kiwi shower sherbert

  60. Lavender is my favorite scent

  61. I would love to try the Summer Rain Shower Sherbert!

  62. My favorite scent is the Land of Milk n Honey!

  63. Hawaiian Lei Shower Sherbet

  64. Summer rain sounds like a refreshing scent

  65. I would love to try this!!

  66. milk and honey

  67. Bath Ice Cream, so cool :)

  68. Strawberry Kiwi for smell!

  69. Vanilla purity shower scrub