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Thanks for stopping by for another awesome Giveaway on Jenns Blah Blah Blog, this time we will be giving away a SodaStream machine! These bad boy’s are fabulous! Not only can you make your own soda but it’s fun to use with the entire family! It’s a win, win situation. I was lucky enough to review one, it has really caused my two older daughters to bond, lol they have to get along if they want to use the soda machine. Yes, it’s not fair to let one use it without the other either, so its quality bonding time for two sisters that love to drive one another crazy.

Now don’t think that the girls are the only ones that mess with the SodaStream, mom and dad push the out-of-the-way often, yes we join in the fun as well. Not when there’s any type of arguing, the NOBODY touches the thing but mom and dad! Don’t you love being the adult lol, I remember when my mom and dad used to do that stuff to me, OH Man I hated it, yet I catch myself having fun picking on my kids and now I understand why they did it, lol. They really are wonderful machines, I feel extremely lucky to ahve one, not only are they fun but the soda is so much better for you than a normal soda!

I know, I know Blah Blah Blah get to the giveaway! Alright than!

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog was lucky enough to recently review an awesome SodaStream machine. Please feel free to read full Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog’s SodaStream Review.

One lucky person will receive the Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit.

Fountain Jet - Soda Starter Kit

This awesome kit is valued at $99.95, take a peak at it HERE

Kit includes:

  • Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)
  • 1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
  • Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
  • Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
  • 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Giveaway will start on August 20th at 12:01am EST and end on 9/15 at 11:59pm EST, must be 18 years or older to enter. Event is open to US residents only, I know I wish they would ship worldwide too, but SodaStream can only ship within the continental US.

Disclaimer: This blog received no payment for posting this event, nor is it responsible for shipment of prize. The prize will be shipped from the sponsor.
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Disclaimer: This blog received no payment for posting this event, nor is it responsible for shipment of prize. The prize will be shipped from the sponsor.


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  1. green tea citrus

  2. I would love to try the Root Beer

  3. Root beer!
    cozycreations07 at aol dot com

  4. My kids want to try the rootbeer. I’m excited about trying any of them!! If it really tastes as good as they say, it will save our family lots of money! Thankyou for the giveaway!!

  5. Cream soda is my favorite.

  6. i had a soda stream and sold it but the cola is the only one that tasted realistic out of them all. so i would love the cola

  7. Cherry soda sounds like it might be good. I’d like to try them all, really!

  8. Green tea citrus sounds yummy.

  9. I would love to try the cola!

  10. Gingerale

  11. Cream Soda!! Yummy!

  12. I would like to try Diet Dr. Pete!!!

  13. green tea berry

  14. Would love to try this product :)

  15. I would like to try Cherry Cola.

  16. This would come in very handy .I love rootbeer

  17. I would like to try the Root Beer

  18. ginger ale!

  19. Rootbeer

  20. diet cola

  21. cranberry raspberry

  22. I have wanted one of these for some time! I am an avid diet soda freak and would like to try them all LOL

  23. I want to try the Cola

  24. Sparkling Naturals
    Orange Pineapple

  25. I like Cola!

  26. Naturally Sweetened Cola sounds yummy right about now.

  27. beth weston says:

    would love to have this!

  28. green tea citrus!

  29. Orange and cherry cola sounds so good thanks for the chance at this awesome prize

  30. Root Beer for sure

  31. I think it would save one trash and help the earth if all people used one insted of buying bottles all the time

  32. I would like to try the Root beer, energy drink and colas!

  33. cream soda sounds good!

  34. cola

  35. green tea

  36. Dr. Pete or Cream Soda!!

  37. I want to try the root beer

  38. Diet green tea mixed berry

  39. I would like to try diet cola

  40. I believe they have a Cherry Soda flavor and that is my fav….

  41. Sodamix Variety Packs. I would love to try this.

  42. The Cream Soda flavor!

  43. Would love to try CREAM SODA!!!

  44. apple mango

  45. diet cola

  46. I would love to try Cola, Grape, Cream Soda and Root Beer.

  47. def root beer

  48. The diet pink grapefruit

  49. I’m not a picky person…and since this would be new to us in our home, we would welcome any flavor. :)

  50. pink grapefruit

  51. The flavors all sound so good but I’m a huge cream soda fan!

  52. cola

  53. I have to drink diet soda…i’m diabetic

  54. green tea mixed berry

  55. I am a grape soda junkie! so Grape Soda for sure

  56. Cream Soda!

  57. cherry cola!

  58. My boyfriend really wants this for the Energy drinks (Red Bull, etc.)

  59. Cherry cola

  60. I would love to try any of the flavors. This could save my family a ton of money.

  61. Orange Pineapple and MyWater Flavor Essence
    Variety 3 pack

  62. I would love the root beer or gingerale.

  63. Sparkling natural apple mango

  64. The cherry soda

  65. root beer would be the one i want to try first

  66. Cola

  67. half and half!

  68. Cream soda or pink grapefruit

  69. The Sparkling Naturals Root Beer sounds yummy!

  70. Peach Iced Tea

  71. I want to try the Energy Drink

  72. I want to try diet Dr. Pete.


  74. rootbeer!

  75. Cream Soda

  76. My daughters love rootbeer! This would be a great project to keep them entertained!

  77. Id like to try the Diet Fountain Mist to see how it compares with Diet Mt Dew.

  78. Cranberry raspberry! !!

  79. i would love to try the cherry cola.

  80. For me the diet flavors for the hubby cream sodas

  81. creamy soda or raspberry would be nice to try

  82. I am not usually a soda drinker but I think I would like to try the diet root beer. It is one of the few soda that are diet and don’t taste like it.

  83. I love Root Beer

  84. I’d love to try Diet Orange

  85. I would like to try the cola flavor, and then maybe the orange mango. I really want one of these machines.