Monkey Balm


Monkey Balm is a 100% homemade, all-natural remedy for eczema and extremely dry skin and is formulated specifically for children and infants. This formula includes all-natural ingredients and features the amazing healing power of the sea buckthorn berry. Sea Buckthorn (seed and fruit) oil is time-tested and clinically proven to soothe irritation and heal dry, cracked, even abrasive skin resulting from eczema, rosacea, dry climates, seasonal changes, sunburn, rashes, and even minor burns and wounds. Sea buckthorn has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe to heal skin problems and is considered a “Holy Fruit” by ancient and modern Tibetans. Its been recommended by doctors (even Dr Oz) as the best natural cure for acne. Monkey Balm incorporates these oils from the sea buckthorn berry with other soothing botanicals like cocoa butter, and Vitamin E to create a truly remarkable product in an easy-to-use use “lotion-bar” – kind of like a super-sized lip balm for your whole body.

The balm is unscented and goes on smoothly.  It really is good for a ton of things.  I have used it on dry skin and it softens it right up.  It  also helped in soothing Lily’s (age 3) eczema.  It’s easy and convenient to throw in your purse or diaper bag.

It’s perfect for:

  • Soothing itchy, painful irritation immediately
  • Improves eczema and extreme dry-skin in 3 days
  • Reducing irritation/symptoms from dry climates
  • Soothing sunburn, minor scrapes and burns,
    and rashes
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  1. soothes sunburns

  2. FUN :)

  3. all natural… and many many uses.. LOVE it!

  4. An all natural product which is excellent.

  5. That it soothes sunburns

  6. The fact that you can use it on cracked heels. That’s too cool!

  7. contains all-natural ingredients

  8. All natural with many wonderful uses! Perfect balm.

  9. 100 percent natural

  10. Natural soothing botanical ingredients alleviate irritation and smooth rough skin.

  11. 100% natural and it has organic sea buckthorn oils :)

  12. Formulated specifically for children…….my son REALLY needs this!!!

  13. Works in 3 days

  14. I like that they say you can use on cracked heels. My hubby would love that.

  15. I learned that the No-sting formula and quick, no-mess application makes life just a little bit easier for kids and parents.

  16. It can help clear skin in 3 days!

  17. Is organic..

  18. I learned that Organic Sea Buckthorn oils are proven to improve symptoms of eczema, dryness, burns and wounds!
    Thank You!

  19. 90 day money back guarantee. Made from Sea Buckthorn Berries.

  20. Easy to use, kid friendly and uses Organic Sea Buckthorn oils.

  21. This sounds great. Hope it will work for my boy’s eczema

  22. Soothes sunburn, minor scrapes and burns,
    and rashes.

  23. Organic and unscented

  24. twitted this today, 15/8

  25. The balm is unscented and goes on smoothly.

  26. I would love to win this !!!

  27. Can be used on eczema and psoriasis. Sooths imflammation and is non stinging. Interesting that you can put an oil on acne. Buckthorn is harvested in the Himalayans. Love the reviews for products i have not heard of. Daughters and i get little eczema flair ups and would love to win and try this.