Win a Partylite Candle


The Savings Wife and PartyLite by Tiffany have teamed up with a group other bloggers to bring you this giveaway.  


Our Prize:  $25 Retail Value Glolite jar- whole jar Candle!! 

Brand new and exclusive to Partylite. This pink jar is strawberry rhubarb, for our annual breast cancer candle. Partylite has donated over 14 million to ACS.

Partylite By Tiffany also sells a large variety of candles, candle holders, scent holders, and illuminating gifts for your home and outdoors.     Visit the online store  by clicking here:

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    Speak Your Mind


  1. I want a pink candle

  2. Would love a blue candle.Thanks.

  3. Definately PINK…please

  4. pink or burgundy

  5. I want a purple candle!!

  6. pink looks nice

  7. I would love something in a deep purple color.

  8. Pink

  9. purple!

  10. I want the strawberry rhubarb one!

  11. The pink one is really pretty.

  12. pink or cream

  13. Pink :)

  14. pink

  15. I like Strawberry Rhubarb

  16. purple.thanks!;)

  17. I would love a blue candle :)

  18. I like the white one.

  19. i would want the pink strawberry ruhbarb it is actually my favorite scent by parylite! that and grape are my 2 favorite scents by theM!

  20. i would choose the pink cause strawberry ruhbard is my favorite scent that party lite offeres and grape is also one of my favorites!

  21. Purple or turquoises.

  22. A white candle would be nice if I wn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. The pink one is pretty.

  24. any color would e nice hope i win!

  25. Cream colored of Burgundy. :)
    cozycreations07 at aol dot com

  26. would LOVE any color

  27. Any color would go good with the things in my house!

  28. i would love a purple one.;)

  29. I would like the pink :) thank you

  30. any color would be great, but i love the purple one the best

  31. white candle, love the coconut and vanilla scents

  32. I would love a pink candle.

  33. pink

  34. white candle

  35. I would love to win any color! I love partylite candles!!

  36. Any color, pink would be cute, we raised alot of money for the ACS recently in a Benefit Beauty Pageant!!!!

  37. To go with my cause, I would go with pink! :)

  38. pink for my wife

  39. Pink

  40. I would love this pink one, I would gift it to a lady i have never met online on ustream who is a recent servivor

  41. Purple or Pink

  42. I would like a pink one!!! Thanks for the chance…

  43. RUBY WORKMAN says:

    Id LOVE a deep purple or navy blue candle! I love this giveaway & am thankful for it! ;))

  44. I would like a purple candle. Or maybe green!

  45. Blue please

  46. green


  48. I’d love the pink please!

  49. I would love black, red or purple. But the pink is great as well!! ? much love

  50. I’d love the Green please~TY for the give away/chance!

  51. Purple, my fav color.

  52. I’d love one in my fav color purple!!

  53. pink