Win a Partylite Candle

The Savings Wife and PartyLite by Tiffany have teamed up with a group other bloggers to bring you this giveaway.  


Our Prize:  $25 Retail Value Glolite jar- whole jar Candle!! 

Brand new and exclusive to Partylite. This pink jar is strawberry rhubarb, for our annual breast cancer candle. Partylite has donated over 14 million to ACS.

Partylite By Tiffany also sells a large variety of candles, candle holders, scent holders, and illuminating gifts for your home and outdoors.     Visit the online store  by clicking here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. says

    i would choose the pink cause strawberry ruhbard is my favorite scent that party lite offeres and grape is also one of my favorites!

  2. says

    i would want the pink strawberry ruhbarb it is actually my favorite scent by parylite! that and grape are my 2 favorite scents by theM!

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