Win a Great Outdoor Space

Welcome to the GREAT OUTDOOR SPACE Giveaway brought to you by and Adventures of My Family of 8!
How exciting!! Enter to win this gorgeous outdoor set! Good luck!
You don’t want to miss this awesome giveaway sponsored by! They are giving away a patio furniture bundle worth $1,599.00 which includes a 3 piece Resin Wicker Sofa Set!!! Can you imagine this Reggio Collection all-weather wicker sofa set in your backyard?
It is made to last and constructed from high-quality materials, featuring a powder-coated, stainless aluminum caged frame built for high stability and strength. This all-weather, sunlight and water resistant 100% recyclable resin wicker will not fade, shrink, lose it’s strength or snap. It comes with polyester cushion covers that have been treated with a liquid resistant coating for an extended life which can easily be cleaned with mild dish soap and water.
Not only will the winner receive the awesome sofa, but they will also walk away with an ottoman and a coffee table with 10mm tempered glass top! Now that’s a prize pack that I don’t want to pass by!
Entering is super easy!!! Begin by filling out your name and email below in the entry form, then you MUST Like our wonderful Sponsor on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter. Once you do that, you will have the opportunity to follow them on Pinterest, as well as earn up to 50 additional entries for following other amazing Bloggers.
This giveaway is opened to US only and will run for four weeks or until reaches 10,000 Facebook Fans. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond with their full mailing address. Remember, all mandatory entries MUST be completed to be eligible to win this AWESOME Prize.
For full disclosures, click here!

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  1. I’d keep that for sure! Always wanted patio furniture that was nice

  2. I would keep it. I just bought a house and it will make my back yard look like heaven. Thank you for the giveaway would love to win it :)

  3. I would definitely keep it for myself. Our family could sure use a patio set.

  4. I would definitely keep it for myself. My family could sure use a patio set.

  5. Give it to my parents


  7. I would keep it. I need new and nice patio set.

  8. I would keep it! I have a huge deck and nothing on it!

  9. i would give this set to my mom.

  10. Ohhhhhh, that would be so wonderful!! I would love an outdoor room with that beautiful all weather wicker set. It is BEAUTIFUL!

  11. I would keep it. Hubby and I love to entertain


  13. I would have to be greedy on this one and keep it for myself.

  14. I don’t have any patio furniture so i would keep it because next years move will allow me to have a yard.

  15. Its a keeper!

  16. I would use it on my deck.

  17. myself

  18. I will most likely keep it!

  19. myself

  20. I would keep and enjoy……

  21. I would totally keep it, we just bought a house and don’t have much for the backyard.

  22. keep it….I love wicker

  23. We would def keep it!! We have an empty lanai & could use seating for our family!!

  24. I may be greedy but I would keep it for myself. 😉

  25. Myself

  26. I would keep it I love it???

  27. Ill keep it for sure.

  28. I’ll keep it for us to use!

  29. Keep it so we have it for our new house.

  30. Keep it for myself. I have no patio furniture!

  31. We need one bad! I would keep it.

  32. Keep it of course I have a patio that has no set to go on it (yet)

  33. I’m not sure if i would keep it or give it away.

  34. Never had one so def. keeping it!!

  35. I would keep it! Our family would use something like this on an almost daily basis! And there would be room for everyone!

  36. Keeping it for myself!

  37. I would keep it for myself.

  38. I would keep it for myself … we have a nice stamped concrete patio that it would compliment.

  39. This would be the most beautiful thing in my yard…Lol

  40. keep it

  41. Give it to my mama!!

  42. I MIGHT trade it for my parents patio set, Mom might like this.

  43. This is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway

  44. I would probably give it to my parents to place in their yard so they would have a place to sit out and relax.

  45. I will keep it! I’m getting ready to buy a house and this would be wonderful!

  46. I would keep it for myself and invite people over to enjoy it! Thank you!

  47. Greedy me,I would keep it. It would make me feel like a million dollars. All I would need after this is a Gin and Tonic and a Yard Boy.

  48. I’d keep it! Need patio set, BAD! :)

  49. if we get a townhouse keep it if not probably give to my parents

  50. I would keep it and give away my old one.

  51. I’d keep it and give away my old one.

  52. Keep it..

  53. I would definitely keep it for myself. This patio set is gorgeous!

  54. Keep it

  55. give it to my folks!

  56. I would keep it.

  57. Terri Carney says:

    i would put this on my front porch.

  58. i would give it to my daughter who is buyin a home with a large patio it would be just right for it

  59. I would keep it

  60. actually i will give it to my parents. they bought a house near my husband and i so they could come visit me in the US from Hong Kong, i would like them to have this comfy patio set to enjoy their new home

  61. I would keep it.

  62. My grandparents would love this for their anniversary!

  63. We would have to get a new deck, but I would definitely keep it!

  64. I just bought a really nice house! Would love to win this set! Wow! it’s a beautiful set! Thanks for a chance to win!

  65. I hate to admit I would keep it for myself, but we are closing on our new house next month and it would be wonderful to have this beautiful patio set to enjoy watching our 4 year old son swimming in the pool…happy, happy times!!

  66. If I win this gorgeous set I am going to give it to my mother-in-law who I live with and who has the most beautiful backyard but is missing a patio set 😀

  67. Keep it!!

  68. It would look perfect in my lanai! I would definitely keep it.

  69. I’d give it to my wonderful mom-in-law since we live with her

  70. I have no patio… so I will give it to a friend of mine… or use it indoors since I have no couch, hmm. :-)

  71. Hard to say! I’d probably keep it though 😉

  72. I entered this a month ago though their website curious as to why this is going though RC
    Does this increase my chance?
    I so need this, and i would use it inside because if you saw what i have now you would understand

  73. I may keep it for myself.

  74. Keep it!

  75. Keep it for myself

  76. I would definitely keep it for myself! Been lookin for this style, having a hard time affording it. Thanks for the chance!!!

  77. I would totally keep it!

  78. It would be for my parents and family to relax on, on a nice day like today!! :)

  79. I would definitely be keeping this for our yard!!! Beautiful.

  80. Thanks for the giveaway :)
    I would definitely be keeping the set for our family to enjoy.

  81. We would def. keep it for ourselves :) Just bought a new house and need new stuff :)

  82. Put it in my sunroom!!

  83. I have been wanting to give my backyard a makeover. This is the needed furniture to kick start that adventure.

  84. I love it i would have to keep it

  85. I would keep it for our family

  86. Keep it — Our place is tiny so our yard is like having another room!

  87. I would give it to my mother. She has had a rough couple of weeks and she loves being outside, sitting with her grand kids

  88. I would keep it so I could spend more time on my back porch! :)

  89. Definitely keep it for myself its gorgeous :)

  90. Definitely keeping it!!

  91. keep for myself! hope to be getting in a new house soon

  92. keep it for me. thanks

  93. Ashli DiPrete says:

    I would give i to my sister-in-law. They are starting a family and just got a new house, I think this would be a perfect wedding present for them.

  94. I would give it to my mother

  95. Keeping it for sure. I have always wanted a nice set of patio furniture but never had a patio. We are closing on our new house Nov.1st and I would LOVE to have a set of beautiful patio furniture to set on it. <3
    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  96. I would keep it as I will be moving in a few months and have an extra area that I could use this in… a fire pit will go nice with it… and drinks on the rocks… thank you for the chance to win

  97. I will keep it for myself. I do not have a patio set but I would invite everyone over to see!

  98. i’d keep it!

  99. I would keep it for myself :)

  100. I just moved and I really need a Patio set

  101. my son and his 4 lil ones only have a ripped up hand me down that they use as a family couch ….so i would gift it to them :)

  102. I would give it to my mother in law

  103. Why, I would keep it, of course!!!

  104. I would love it!!! And KEEP it!!!

  105. I’ll keep it, but will be sharing with friends and family. They will just have to bring some tribute drinks!

  106. If I am fortunate to win this beautiful set, I’ll be keeping for myself. :) But I would pay it forward by giving away my patio table and chairs set I currently own. Thank you for offering this contest and good luck to all, including myself. :)

  107. I would keep the set for sure!! I love the look as it is so elegant it is as nice as a real living room set but outside. Just stunning!!! If I don’t win will keep this company in mind for sure. Would be so thrilled to have something so nice.

  108. I would keep it for myself because I just moved into a new home and my patio is bare….

  109. I would keep it.

  110. i would give it to my sister who just bought a house!

  111. I would give it to my grandparents for grandparents day

  112. I would definitely keep it! We just moved and our deck was the space that got forgotten, even though it was a huge part of the decision for getting our house. :(

  113. Keep it!

  114. I would love to have this for my patio I would keep it

  115. This would be such a great gift to myself. I am a single mom who has had four back surgeries and four knee surgeries and this would be a blessing for me to have to sit on so that my 3 little girls could play outside!!! It looks so comfortable that I could see myself being able to let them stay outside and run off their energy all while doing it without having so much pain!!! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!

  116. i’d give it… to me, lol

  117. Our stuff has moved 1500 miles & is over 10 years old & looks it…M… (EVIL ZJ)

  118. I would keep it for myself. I’m ready to start building a patio, and this would be perfect!!!

  119. ME!!!! I need patio furniture desperately. I’ve been wanting a nice set for soooo long, but can’t afford to buy it. This would be an awesome treat! Thanks!

  120. This is beautiful patio furniture and it would look great on my patio. I could never afford something like this so Thank You for the giveaway!!!!

  121. I would love a modernized patio set to enjoy & entertain during the summer .

  122. We would love to have a comfy usable outdoor space!

  123. I would keep it. We have nothing at this time other than two rocking type chairs and a whole mess of kids stuff. Could really use a pick me up in our backyard!

  124. Mine is all tattered and torn so I would definately love to win it for myself. TY so much for this opportunity to win :)

  125. I would keep it. We are buying our first house and would LOVE to have some new furniture for our new backyard.

  126. nice set

  127. I would keep the patio furniture for my family. Thanks for the chance to win. KJones

  128. I would keep it!

  129. my sister would love this!

  130. It would be mine all mine.

  131. I plan on keeping it, need one.

  132. Keep it!

  133. I would so keep it. I have three kids and we have nothing to all sit on together.

  134. I would keep it because I have never had a patio set.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. Keep it. We have been using a very tiny hand me down set that is now falling apart & rusting.

  136. This is a perfect set for my mother! She deserves something nice! She has been so selfless!