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We love our fans and want to pay it forward

That’s why Emptynester Reviews, Couponing 4 You, Powered by Mom, Mom Does Reviews and Mommy & Baby Reviews & Giveaways decided to put together the Pay It Forward for Back to School Blog Hop!

We contacted companies and people we know and have secured some wonderful prizes for the GRAND PRIZE for all of you. In addition to that there’s all the prizes available in the blog hop, so start hopping on to the next blog using the links below!

Who could use some extra cash for back to school supplies? I know I could.
I am giving away a $15.00 staples card for back to school supplies.

In addition to the individual giveaways we have a HUGE GRAND PRIZE that is valued at over $300! So don’t forget to visit Emptynester Reviews (entry on the rafflecopter) for the grand prize!

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  1. Preschool age

  2. I have four kids in school. thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  3. I have two kids in school.

  4. yes

  5. yes girl 7, boy 10

  6. Yes, 2!

  7. No, but some of my nieces and nephews are, and friends kids too!

  8. a 1st grader!

  9. Yes, I have an 8th grader.

  10. YES

  11. Not biological, no!

  12. yes i have a 6 year old

  13. No but I am an elementary school teacher and need all the help I can get to get supplies for my classroom ~ Thanks for the chance!

  14. My son will be 3 in October, but I have a niece and nephew in elementary.

  15. no I do not

  16. I have a 7th and 8th grader.

  17. my grandson started school –kindergarten

  18. Ni kids of my own yet, but 26 in my classroom this year!

  19. my nieces live with me and yes they are school aged :)

  20. Every year my kids need more. This would be wonderful!

  21. yes

  22. Yes, have a 10 year old and a 4 year old! Love Staples deals!

  23. my sons 5 ans starts full day Sk this year

  24. My son is starting kindergarten this year.

  25. Yes, I have a son who’s entering into a trade school nursing program next week! So proud of him!! :)

  26. I’ve got 3 in school…and 1 more at home! :)

  27. Yes i have a few niece and nephew

  28. grand children that live with me

  29. Nope, no kids of my own. But I am in college so I could really use this gift card.

  30. No, but I am in the teaching profession.

  31. nope no children, but i’m a nanny

  32. My son starts college Aug. 27th.

  33. yep 4 in bm (brick and mortar school) and 1 k4 homeschooled :-)

  34. No I don’t. But would love to win this

  35. Yes I have one school aged and two preschool aged.

  36. No, but my friend does and this will be for her.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  37. I do have school age kids and I had to like Free Item Giveaways with The rest I did with my profile page

  38. I have a school-aged stepchild

  39. No.

  40. I do not yet have any school aged children.

  41. Not quite… My children are 4 1/2, 17 months and 3 months. Hoping to get my oldest in preschool or head start soon.

  42. My own kids are grown but I’ve got 4 grandkids from K through 4th.

  43. no I don’t.

  44. Not yet!

  45. Yes I do

  46. Two school aged girls- 6th and 8th grade.

  47. Yes, 3, 7, & 8th graders.

  48. I have growm Chidren with one still in College and I also have a Grandson.:)

  49. My daughter is starting college this year.

  50. Yes I have one going into 3rd

  51. yes- I have a 7, 11 and 14 year old

  52. Yep! 3 of them ages 15, 8, 10

  53. My daughter will be a senior in high school this year.

  54. We have 2.

  55. Yes, I have TWO teenagers both going into High School this year. This GC would REALLY come in handy ?

  56. Grandchildren!

  57. yes several

  58. Yes I have school age children.

  59. I do not,but 12 year old grand daughter leaves w/me

  60. yes i have 2

  61. Yes, 2 of them!

  62. YES and we have a Staples right down the street from u.

  63. No, I do not. I’m a sophomore in college. :)

  64. Yes I have two school aged children.

  65. Yes, I have two school aged children.

  66. I don’t have school age children, but I do have a neice and nephew.

  67. we have.

  68. No.

  69. no but i am in college

  70. No I don’t.

  71. nop no kids of my own, step kids, step grand kids, step step kids, cousins, first cousins, necies nephews. ect.

  72. All of my children are grown but I do have grandchildren and a daughter who teaches pre-k.

  73. Yes