Win a $40 Target Gift Card


Just in time for your back to school shopping………..enter for your chance to win a $40 Gift Card, sponsored by the amazing site – Simple Addiction!!!! And hosted by Africa’s Blog!!!!

August 3 through August 6 (11:59pm EST ONLY!!!!)

Target Gift Card Giveaway

Simple Addiction – what is that you ask…………..well; “Simple Addiction is committed to bring you the lowest prices on the hottest boutique items. Who said you couldn’t save money while spending money? Our vendors offer items 50-80% off retail prices because of the volume Simple Addiction provides. We offer our items for 36 hours to keep our inventory fresh and it’s just exciting to watch the clock countdown!”

Take a look at this super easy explanation:

Simple Addiction - How It Works

Simple Addiction Target Gift Card Giveaway

SO – The awesome people over at Simple Addiction are sponsoring this amazing giveaway – $40 Target Gift Card AND a bundle of super cute ‘goodies’ from their website!!!

Ok………so what are you waiting for?? Enter NOW via the Rafflecotper entries below – REMEMBER there will be daily options (vote, tweet) to get MORE entries and increase your chances to WIN, so make a note to come back everyday this runs!!!! And thanks to the awesome bloggers who are helping promote this amazing giveaway!!!


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  1. I would give it to my mom since there is no target near me and she deserves to be pampered

  2. I would give this to my mom

  3. I will use the gift card for new shoes and the goodies will be shared!

  4. I would purchase groceries from Target. I would give the goodies to my young adult daughter.

  5. My daughter is expecting her first baby and we really do not have to much for her so it would totally go toward the much needed things for the baby due in a month.. I am praying for the win!

  6. I would purchase groceries from Target. I would give the goodies bag to my young adult daughter.

  7. I would love to get this giftcard to do some shopping!!

  8. Oh and I would keep the goodies for myself.

  9. I would purchase groceries; & let my daughter have the bag

  10. I would get a couple pair of jeans for my daughter for her to use at college.

  11. I would give it to my sister so she could get her monster high collection dolls

  12. I’m a teacher, so I would use it for school supplies for my students that don’t have what they need. :)

  13. Get some stuff for my 1 1/2 year old :-)

  14. I would buy my son things he needs for starting college in the fall or save it to buy Christmas presents. good luck everyone :)

  15. love to buy a tablet that would be a good start

  16. I love target i would so use this for baby clothes

  17. Would use the giftcard to start earyl Christmas shopping. Would share some of the goodies with family members and keep some for myself.

  18. I would like to pick up some ground coffee and then browse for a few hours hoping to find some deals for Xmas.

  19. Id keep the goodies for myself and I’d spend the gift card on clothes.

  20. I would buy Swedish Fish and socks with the gift card and keep the goodies for myself.

  21. School clothes!!!

  22. I’d save it for Christmas shopping. Thanks!

  23. I’d use the gift card on stuff for my kitten! I would be tempted to keep those goodies for myself! :)

  24. I used the gift card to purchase a new house phone. The goodies? Probably go to my daughter,

  25. i would use it to buy school clothes and supplies :)

  26. I would spend the giftcard on college things and split the goodies between my roommate and I.

  27. school supplies for me

  28. I would keep it and buy things for the house.

  29. School books! The goodies, I’ll give to my sister!

  30. I would use the gift card for school clothes for my daughters. As for the other, probably share it withmy co-workers.

  31. I would use the gift card for shcool supplies and share the goodies with my family

  32. I would use the gift card when I go couponing, could you imagine all the stuff I could get with $40 + coupons

  33. I would keep the GC and give the bundle to my sister.

  34. I would use the gift card to buy some clothes and would give the goodies to my neice

  35. I would buy early Christmas presents and I would keep the goodies for myself. 😀

  36. I would buy new clothes for work and I would keep the goodies for myself lol 😛

  37. Oh, my daughters would like the goodies, especially the hairbands, and I would use the $40 target for food.

  38. I would get my son birthday presents that i cant afford right now and save the goodies to give for Christmas…

  39. i wouldgive the gift card to my niece for her little girl and i would share the bundle of goodies with my family.

  40. I would buy new bedding for the spare bedroom that is now for my two nieces.

  41. New workout clothes!

  42. I would use it for school supplies and give the goodies to my mom!

  43. I am so excited! I would buy cake supplies to make a cake for when my soldier gets home!

  44. New goodies for mommy (me) and school clothes for the kidlets!

  45. I would use the gift card to buy school supplies for my kids.

  46. I would use this towards my children since school is just around the corner.