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Now you can bake tasty traditional Spanish donuts right in your own kitchen! There’s no need for a deep fryer, which will save you time and calories. These delicious pastries bake up crispy and brown on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The Churros Maker cooks up to six churros in just 5-10 minutes. Make sugar and cinnamon coated churros and a variety of delicious dipping sauces. Enjoy them for breakfast, brunch, parties, holidays or any time you’re in the mood for a delightfully sweet snack.

We love our Churro Maker! Thankfully it came with recipes! We’ve had so much fun making different variations and different dipping sauces.  It’s a fun way to make dessert.  The munchkins love it!  It’s easy to use and clean up!  It makes perfect churros everytime that are much healthier than the fried ones!

One lucky reader will be winning a churro maker of their own! Just fill out the rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

*Open to US only

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  1. I seriously love!!! Churros. It was actually at an amusement park where i had my first one and o have to have one anytime we go to a ball game or the fair

  2. I love cotton candy!

  3. I love funnel cakes!

  4. I love funnel cakes.

  5. I hate to admit it but cotton candy is my favorite.

  6. Funnel cake!

  7. love cotton candy!

  8. favorite carnival/fair food?
    Indian fry bread,

  9. Funnel Cakes and I love the Lemonade and Corny Dogs!! Something about the atmosphere!!

  10. funnel cakes.

  11. Cotton Candy and funnel cakes!

  12. im torn between funnel cake and cotton candy, they both are so good

  13. Anything SWEET :)

  14. I love cotton candy.

  15. Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake and deep fried twinkies!

  16. Definitely funnel cakes….or maybe elephant ears!!!

  17. cotton candy…mmmmm…lots of cotton candy :)

  18. I just tried churros for the first time while I was in Mexico… I seriously LOVE them!

  19. fried dough

  20. sounds good

  21. churros

  22. love love love love love love love love love love love love funnel cake!! always have since i was little

  23. I like deep fried oreos

  24. elephant ears! So yummy and you gotta love the name! :)

  25. I love corn dogs!!!

  26. for food I like burgers with fried onions, for dessert I like Elephant ears.

  27. I love funnel cakes! I never leave without one.

  28. Funnel cake for sure…

  29. Funnel Cake…it doesnt get better then warm Funnel Cake with powdered sugar mmmmmmm

  30. My favorite is funnel cake, too.

  31. I love all of it!!!! But funnel cakes are my favorite!

  32. Funnel Cake, I love those things.

  33. Patti Wilder says:


  34. cotton candy and funnel cake

  35. Funnel cakes and candy apples for sure!!!

  36. funnel cake

  37. Cotton candy and funnel cakes! I’ve yet to be able to get a fresh corn dog or churro though. Could someone please tell me what elephant ears are? I’m very curious!

  38. I love elephant ears!

  39. I love funnel cakes and french fries–mmm

  40. ELEPHANT EARS!!!!!!!

  41. Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake!

  42. twitted this today, 16/8

  43. cotton candy

  44. fried snickers :p!