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About Miche

Miche has beautiful handbags in a variety of colors and sizes but what makes them extra special is that you can change the look of your handbag in a minute or less! If you don’t know about Miche handbags you might be wondering how is that possible?

Well with your Miche Purse you get a “base” bag and from there you can choose your “shells” which are the covers of your handbag. So the shells are what your handbag looks like just like the pictures of the ones below. Spill something on your handbag no problem take off the shell clean it and put it back on or put on another shell for a whole different look!

You can read Powered by Mom Blog’s full review HERE as well as my own review HERE

Miche has wonderful work from home opportunities available to anyone who loves handbags and wants to share the love!

Now for the fun part enter for your chance at Miche Prima Handbag with 2 shells (the Morgan & Parker shells) a value of $140! Do only the entries you want but remember the more you do the better your chances.

Our thanks to these fabulous bloggers for sharing this giveaway, stop by and check out their sites it’s worth a visit!

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Giveaway is open to US & Canada and closes on August 13 @ 11:59pm EST
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  1. says

    The Prima Base Bag with the following shells:

    I love this bag. Im excited to have learned about it through this giveaway. Im convinced that even if I dont win, I will be getting this bag either way!!

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