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    If I win, I’ll choose the $50,000 cash. I will be starting school on the 4th of next month and I’m already over $58,000 in debt from school loans! My husband is the only source of income we have. I can’t work because I take care of my daughter during the day since we can’t afford day care. My major is nursing, it’s my passion to help people. I am also following in my mother’s footsteps as she was a nurse herself.

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    I have been without a Car for over 2 years now..I’m very ILL and having to stay a home every day is making me worse!! The Depression and Fatigue is Horrible..I haveover 16 Diseases,and 2 are Brain Diseases and i’m scared.My Life is just passing me by!! I only get out when i go to my Dr Appts…Life can really stink sometimes…

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