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We’re giving away a Vanilla Spice Body Scrub and Body Cream Set to one lucky reader!

You can read all about the products by Tree Hut HERE

All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter below.

Good luck!

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  1. Vanilla

  2. Vanilla of coarse…

  3. I love vanilla and mint scents!


  5. vanilla

  6. I like Vanilla and Musk scents.

  7. I am a fragrance junkie and don’t have one favorite scent. I do love jasmine, and patchouli that has been blended with other notes that complement it.

  8. I like vanilla and I also like peppermint.

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  10. I like all the “food” scents – so vanilla is good! :)

  11. vanilla

  12. I like warm scents like vanilla spice.

  13. Vanilla Spice…or Clean Linen scents.

  14. My personal fav scent is Patchouli, if you’re asking what my fav is scent is from TreeHut, I’d have to say Vanilla spice

  15. Vanilla anything is my favorite!

  16. Vanilla


  18. Jasmine and lavender

  19. I love anything with mango or a chocolate scent!

  20. Vanilla has always been my favorite scent.

  21. I like woodsy scents and citrus scents.

  22. I love Vanilla!!

  23. caramel, and vanilla!

  24. My favorite scent is anything fresh and clean, like Mountain Breeze or Spring Rain. Cinnamon
    and Vanilla are also wonderful!


  26. vanilla

  27. I love anything vanilla

  28. Jasmine and Amber

  29. i adore lavenders scents

  30. Vanilla anything! :)

  31. lol vanilla

  32. Vanilla!!!!

  33. I really love any musky or spicy scents

  34. Vanilla

  35. Vanilla, ocean, linen, coconut and some floral:)

  36. Vanilla Strawberry always.

  37. Vanilla is the best

  38. Vanillia

  39. I love Honeysuckle :)

  40. Oh, wow a new scent from Tree Hut, never seen this one until now!
    My favorite scent from Tree Hut is Brazilian Nut…but I love lots of scents, baked goods and fruity scents the most though!

  41. my favorite scent is vanilla or anything tropical! i love good smelling things!

  42. I like anything with a warm, sweet smelling scent.

  43. I like fresh scents like lemon

  44. I super love the Clean Linen scents!
    Thank You!

  45. I love vanilla and lavender scents

  46. Anything that smells like fall.

  47. My favorite scent is coconut

  48. Vanilla is my favorite :)

  49. i love the sweet smell of vanilla it reminds me of frosted cupcakes its so relaxing.

  50. Jasmine is my favorite scent and vanilla is 2nd!

  51. I like lavendar

  52. would love tis,anything vanilla just has to be good

  53. i love love vanilla scents

  54. anything vanila

  55. I love anything vanilla and also like honey almond. ty for the giveaway, gl everyone!

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  57. lemon verbena or linden

  58. I normally use their coconut lime. It smells so fresh & helps with my psoriasis.

  59. vanilla:)

  60. Lilac, lavender, honeysuckle, hyacinth.

  61. Sage and citrus, lavendar, or anything refreshing like spring scents.

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  63. Lilac, lavender, honeysuckle anything flowery

  64. Vanilla Spice!! yummy!

  65. Vanilla and spice. So putting them together will be great.

  66. Candace Williamson says:

    The Vanilla Spice sounds like it would smell great ! Thank you so much for an opportunity to win !

  67. Vanilla

  68. Vanilla

  69. winter – vanilla, cinnamon, spice – summer, fresh scents – clean cotton, ocean breeze

  70. Anything vanilla or cinnamon.

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  72. Vanilla Spice…sure sounds nice! lol.

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  74. Vanilla Spice :)

  75. Vanilla , Reminds me of Fall. My favorite season

  76. vanilla and anything that smells like it is from a bakery

  77. Coconut and vanilla together